Chapter 397 - Attributeless

Chapter 397 - Attributeless

The sky was still pale blue.

However, the rainbow-colored light had disappeared, and the cute girl was also gone.

A breeze swept across Ye Zichen’s face like a pair of warm hands, but… all Ye Zichen could do was sit limply on the ground as he looked up into the sky.

“Laddie, did you meet with robbers?”

As Ye Zichen sat within a civilian’s cart, he looked at the sky without moving as if he lost his soul regardless of what the old man driving the cart said.

“Ai… So much harm was done!” the old man driving the cart shook his head with a sigh, and finally stopped speaking.

When Ye Zichen crashed back into the mansion both Mother Ye and Xiao Yumei ran over worriedly when they saw him like that.


“Hehe… I’m fine. Just keep doing what you guys were doing. I’m a bit tired!”

He avoided everyone’s touch, and returned to the bedroom to lock himself inside. Then, he squatted down in the corner as he continuously replayed what had happened.

“Six Realms Patroller…”


He clenched his fist tightly. He thought about his helplessness, and the tears in Liu Qing’s eyes as she left…

“Power… In this world, the one with power is the boss. I… am still too weak!” Ye Zichen said softly.

He took off his bloodstained clothes indifferently. It really is funny. The attack I put everything into didn’t even do as much as touch Youmuu, and instead, I ended up like this.

He collapsed onto the bed and habitually looked towards his left hand side….

Previously, Liu Qing would lay here and kick her legs as she argued with me. She would snatch my phone… to read doujinshis secretly at night.

But she’s gone now.


As Ye Zichen was lost in reminiscence, the scene in front of him suddenly changed. When he came back to his senses, he noticed the huge Dragon God coiling on the ground and staring at him with his ancient eyes.

“Kid, your spiritual energy fluctuation is very intense… If this continues, then you might die,” the Dragon God squinted his eyes and smiled.

Ye Zichen merely smiled sadly in response and did not mind.

“Zeze… Did you reach some sort of trouble?”

“How strong do you think one has to be in order to protect those one wants to protect?” Ye Zichen sat down and asked.

The Dragon God suddenly smiled wryly, “There isn’t a “how strong”. You can only make yourself stronger…. And stronger. If you want to protect, then you have to continuously walk forward, and look forward…”

“Is that so!”

Ye Zichen subconsciously looked down at his hands. False Earth Immortal…

If I was being compared to normal people, then I’m already outrageously strong, and even comparable to something like a mutant. But I am still merely a joke in front of the demons.

And that Six Realms Patroller…

He… is an Immortal King, right?

“Kid, you have to see the other side of things. A strong person has to the heart of one. You can feel pain, but you cannot show it. After lions get injured after a fight, they would lick their wounds in secret. However, a lion will still act like a mighty king in front of other beasts. Do you understand?” the Dragon God squinted his eyes.

Ye Zichen nodded, then smiled. “Mhmm. Understood! I was too weak just now… But I am a mere mortal. I have just been strengthening myself by luck. Senior… Do you want to give me some pointers?”

“Hehe, kid, I pulled you in out of goodwill in order to comfort you a bit, and you actually got ideas about me?” the Dragon God shook his head with a wry smile. However, he was still rather happy to see the little fellow regain his vigor.

“Hehe, I can’t help it. I only have you as a senior around me. Say, you steal my spiritual energy every day, but I haven’t said anything about it…. How about giving me some secret scriptures and treat it as rent?” Ye Zichen chuckled, while he cursed himself for being an idiot.

I actually didn’t make use of such a huge treasure trove that I have on me. If I came to find the Dragon God earlier, then I might not be as pitifully weak as I am now.

“You brat,” the Dragon God shook his head, then turned into a white-haired old man. “Come over here and let me check out your attributes.”

“Heh?” Ye Zichen was a bit confused.

The Dragon God rolled his eyes, “I’m telling you, people would have one of the five attributes from the moment they are born. Choosing suitable techniques would increase the affinity between oneself and the attributes, and increase the strength of those techniques… But ever since the Great War of Gods and Demons, it seems like the method of checking one’s attribute has been lost. Ai, they actually randomly use techniques and arts! However, if someone managed to luck out and choose the right one, then he will become very strong.”

“Oh oh oh!” Ye Zichen didn’t understand a single word the Dragon God said, but it sounded rather amazing to him…

It should be quite strong.

The Dragon God tapped the middle of Ye Zichen’s eyebrows tightly, causing a glow of warm energy to flow through his meridian. Now long later, the Dragon God removed his hand.

“How is it?”

When he saw how strange the Dragon God’s gaze was, Ye Zichen begun to feel a bit of worry, “What happened? Tell me.”

“Kid, how exactly did you cultivate until you became a False Earth Immortal?” the Dragon God’s eyes were filled with incomprehensible shock. “You were born without an attribute. Logically speaking, you would be unable to absorb the spiritual energy in the world. How did you cultivate and become a False Earth Immortal… What’s more, I can feel that you actually cultivated rather quickly.”


Ye Zichen was stunned. He blinked his eyes, “Then you’re saying I should be useless?”

The Dragon God nodded, “You can take it like that. Natural spiritual energy is based on attributes. You would absorb the spiritual energy with an attribute that corresponds to yours. You lack any attributes, so you can’t cultivate, but yet, you cultivate at such a fast pace…”

“Then perhaps I am of all five attributes? Isn’t that what all the novels say? Having all five attributes is undetectable, and what they will detect is the lack of any attribute. A piece of trash would cultivate extremely quickly and face-smack everyone. In the end, he will find out that he has all five attributes, and learn all the techniques without anyone teaching him, causing an instant climax,” Ye ZIchen smiled. He was merely joking, since he did not think that the Dragon God would have detected it incorrectly.

As for why I can cultivate so fast…

Immortal Heart of Pure Yang!

Yet, contrary to his expectations, the Dragon God actually nodded, as if he agreed with Ye Zichen’s explanation. “That is very possible. I have never seen anyone with all five attributes, then again, I have never seen anyone without any attributes… Although I don’t really get what is the ‘novel’ thing you are talking about, but what you said is very possible!”


Ye Zichen was instantly stunned.

This old Dragon God is too unreliable. I just said it randomly, and he’s actually agreeing with me!

“I have no secret scriptures suitable for someone without any attributes to cultivate, but the lack of any of the five attributes might mean that you can cultivate the secret scripture of all attributes. Since it’s like this… I’ll give you one for each of metal, wood, water, fire and earth. Try and cultivate using them!”


Five secret scriptures instantly appeared in front of Ye Zichen’s eyes, causing Ye Zichen’s gaze to heat up intensely.

After getting into this for so long, I finally secret scriptures that I can use to cultivate.

“Just cultivate here. I will adjust time flow for you. Begin… You can just directly ask me if you have any questions!”

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