Chapter 396 Six Realms Patroller

Chapter 396 – Six Realms Patroller

Could it be that she really has to ascend to the Three Realms after becoming a Sky Immortal?

Ye Zichen’s initial look of fear as he knitted his eyebrows slowly softened as he looked in surprise while Liu Qing continuously flew up towards the sky in the rainbow-colored pillar of light…

“What’s going on!” Liu Qing called out, while she opened her eyes…


The pillar of light instantly shattered and she stopped in the air. When Ye Zichen saw that, he was shouted for a brief moment, before he spoke up, “Why did you come out? Weren’t you going to ascend!?”

“That’s not it,” Liu Qing frowned angrily, then looked up into the sky. “Who exactly are you. Hurry up and come out. You actually dare to create a dream for me, I think you are sick of living. Come out quickly to apologize to this lady, otherwise, I’m going to hit you!”

Someone was controlling it?

Ye Zichen also looked around vigilantly. At that very moment, a man in a policeman-like uniform appeared in the sky. He had a monocle on his right eye, while he smiled, “Not bad, you truly are a good seedling.”


That man appeared in front of Liu Qing and Ye Zichen in the blink of an eye. He squinted his eyes and smiled towards them, “Feel honored that I am notifying you that you can enter my dimension with your talent. Now… Come with me!”

“There’s something wrong with you!” Liu Qing snorted angrily like an enraged lion cub. “What do you mean by enter your dimension? Hurry up and f*ck off. Laoniang’s really annoyed by you!”

“Hehe… Are you rejecting me?” the man’s smile suddenly turned cold as he snorted. “Allow me to introduce myself. I am Youmuu, a Six Realms Patroller. I have been searching for a talented seed. You… have achieved the standards. Now, I am informing you to come with me!”

“Six Realms Patroller?” Ye Zichen frowned. What the hell is that? I’ve never heard of it before.

Youmuu looked towards Ye Zichen. When he saw the wings behind Ye Zichen’s back…

“Demon!” Youmuu’s pitch dark irides turned cold, while he smiled fiercely. “Kill the demons and defend the righteous. Die!”


When the man reached his hand towards Ye Zichen’s chest, Liu Qing suddenly grabbed him with her hand.

“I will get angry if you want to bully Ye Zichen.”

“You want to stop me? Hehe… But you are still a bit too naïve,” Youmuu squinted her eyes with a smile, causing Liu Qing’s hands to uncontrollably let go of his arm, while she became bound and unable to move.

“Demon, you actually dared to appear within my surveillance area. You are definitely unlucky,” Youmuu grabbed Ye Zichen’s head, and just as he was about to pierce Ye zichen’s head…

“So it’s like that. I understand,” with that, he lifted Ye Zichen up by the neck, and squeezed Ye Zichen’s throat tightly while laughing coldly towards Liu Qing. “Stop struggling. A complete stage Sky Immortal might be very strong in the Six Realms, but it is nothing before me. I don’t want to destroy someone of your talent. Now, let me give you a choice. Either come with me… Or, you watch him die, and I forcefully take you with me!”

“Don’t!” Liu Qing shook her head with force.

After getting the reply, Youmuu smiled in satisfaction, then let go of Ye Zichen, “Brat, your woman saved your life!”

He patted Ye Zichen’s shoulder, then returned in front of Liu Qing and unbound her.

“Can you give me some time?” A depressed smile flashed across Liu Qing’s face.

Youmuu nodded, “Sure.”

Liu Qing forced herself to smile, then walked in front of Ye Zichen heavily.

At that moment, she no longer had the naughtiness and cheerfulness she had in the past. Her eyes were filled with her reluctance to part with Ye Zichen as she slid her fingers across his cheek.

“I thought that I could stay by your side forever after getting reborn. I thought after getting such a strong power, I would be able to share your burden, so you don’t need to always be so troubled. I thought I could always stand by you, then when you’re tired, I would tell you to… Lean on me. Hehe… Everything is so close, yet so far!” Liu Qing’s lips trembled.

Ye Zichen clenched his fist tightly when he saw her tears, “Die!”

Ye Zichen focused all of the celestial spiritual energy in his fist and punched towards Youmuu’s back.

“A surprise attack?” Youmuu smiled coldly, then pointed with his finger…


Ye Zichen immediately dropped towards the ground like a ragdoll.

Liu Qing frantically caught him and shook her head, “What are you doing!?”

“I won’t let you go. Believe me…” His breathing instantly became heavier, while his skin began to turn dark bronze.

Youmuu, who was standing in the sky, frowned, “I don’t like the aura of demons.”


He pointed his finger at Ye Zichen’s shoulder, causing a bloody hole to appear.

“I won’t let you go!”

Ye Zichen disregarded his injuries, then reached into the sky using his right hand with bloodshot eyes…


An azure colored pearl instantly arrived. Ye Zichen also smiled coldly.

“Water blade…”


All of the humidity begun to furiously gather towards Ye Zichen, instantly forcing several hundred blades made out of water around his body.


Ye Zichen sent the water blades towards Youmuu, while he flew closely behind them.


A mirror appeared in front of Youmuu, which reflected all of the water blades when they reached the space in front of him.


Ye Zichen instantly formed several hundred water blades around him in order to deflect the reflected ones, but Youmuu had already appeared in front of him.

“Too weak.”


He stomped Ye Zichen’s on his chest, and onto the ground.

“Brat, the way you’re acting is not called brave. It can only be called ignorant.”

He then took his foot off Ye Zichen’s body with a cold smile, then walked in front of Liu Qing, who was sobbing, and grabbed her shoulder.

“Alright, I gave you guys enough time, but he didn’t cherish it. Sorry!”

“Liu Qing!”

“Ye Zichen!”

Liu Qing struggled out of Youmuu’s grasp and ran towards Ye Zichen. The two of them hugged each other tightly, but Youmuu appeared once again.

“I have no time for you two to act all gooey with each other. Come with me!”

He forced the two apart, but they still continued to hold each other tightly…

Until, they gradually… let go!

“Ye Zichen!” Liu Qing, who slowly flew into the sky, continuously shouted out Ye Zichen’s name while her tear drops fell onto the ground like jewels. “Ye Zichen, I like you…. I really like you so much!”

“Liu Qing!”

Ye Zichen wanted to use his wings to chase after her, but they had already been broken during the battle just moments earlier…

“Ye Zichen, I’ll wait for you to go there to find me. You have to come… You have to! I will always wait for you!”

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