Chapter 393 Sky Immortal Liu Qing

Chapter 393 – Sky Immortal Liu Qing

The cold words sounded rather cute to everyone’s ears, while the two blades of energy also made contact with the ground, causing a huge crackling sound.

Despite that being the only thing that happened, the power of that attack still chilled people.

“Oops, I missed,” a cute voice rang out in the sky once again.

Leopard Tail and the others quickly retreated to their original position and frowned, “Who!?”

“Hehehe, why should I tell you?”

A saintess-like figure with white boots slowly descended from the sky with a giggle, while flower petals danced occasionally around her, making her seem all the more beautiful.

“Liu Qing!” Ye Zichen exclaimed.

The girl ran to his side with a giggle, “Did you miss me?”

When she got closer, Ye Zichen was even able to feel the tremendous of spiritual energy surrounding her body. It was as if it flowed out of her body…

No, it’s not flowing out of her body.

It’s because her affinity with the spiritual energy in the world itself was too great, so spiritual energy would gather towards her wherever she was.

Ye Zichen merely wanted to revive her, but… He had actually revived her into a genius.

“Hey, why are you looking at me like that!” Liu Qing twitched her mouth and rolled her eyes at him.

“N-No!” Ye Zichen stuttered.

Leopard Tail, who stood at a place not far from them, snorted with a frown, “Who are you? Did you not hear what this marshal said!?”

“So annoying…” Liu Qing suddenly pouted unhappily. She looked around and stared at Leopard Tail…


Leopard Tail, who was standing on the ground, suddenly flew backwards and fell to the ground, creating a huge crater.

“I’m talking to Ye Zichen. Don’t interrupt. If anyone dares to speak, then I’ll hit you,” Liu Qing raised her small fists threateningly, with her cute voice saying such threatening words, caused everyone to not dare to even utter a single sound.

She was able to use the spiritual energy of the heavens and earth so that a single glare from her could cause a late-stage Human Immortal expert was heavily injured without being able to react!

This is strength that only someone of a cultivation level above Sky Immortal could have. This cute girl who looked to be seventeen or eighteen years old was actually a…

Sky Immortal!

After Leopard Tail got out of the crater with the help of his brothers, the way he looked towards Liu Qing had completely changed.

It became full of wariness.

Intense wariness flashed across his eyes. That hit earlier was more than enough to make him understand the huge difference between the two of them.

“Ye Zichen, why aren’t you speaking… Did you get shocked senseless? I’m amazing, aren’t I!?” Liu Qing smiled proudly like a young girl. All of the surrounding Yin Marshals were stunned. A Sky Immortal level expert was actually so close with the brat.

“A-Amazing!” Ye Zichen could no longer hide the shock in his heart. This wasn’t just amazing, alright…

She’s strong enough to completely destroy a Human Immortal level expert, so even the monkey would find trouble with her!

If this girl went to the Heavenly Court, then wouldn’t she be equal to Old Lord Taishang and co.? More importantly, Liu Qing was definitely someone who wouldn’t leave my side.

Doesn’t that mean I am going to have a super strong helper by my side from now on?

This is a bug, right?

The system will definitely punish me for getting a late-game legendary item during mid-game.

“Hehe, it’s good that you feel like it’s amazing.”

Liu Qing shook her head with a sweet smile, then hooked her fingers towards Bao Tan, causing him, who was originally trembling in the corner, to fly over uncontrollably.

“Grandpa, save me!” Bao Tan kicked and struggled as he screamed.

Leopard Tail wanted to speak up, but he could only choose to remain silent when he noticed Liu Qing’s gaze.

“Hmm, that’s more like it!” Liu Qing snorted towards Leopard Tail, then smashed Bao Tan down heavily in front of Ye Zichen. “Did this fatty make you unhappy? I’ll leave you to deal with him. Just bully him however you want. If anyone dares to object, hmph…”

Liu Qing was truly an overlord at that moment. It was no exaggeration to say that even if all the Ghost Marshals attacked her together, they would not be able to defeat her.

Bao Tan laid on the ground while trembling. Currently, he was truly terrified to no end.

“My lord, why did you come over here?” King Chujiang hurried over helplessly.. He had wanted to talk with Liu Qing in the Reincarnation pool, and she had agreed to it, but that lord had disappeared within the time needed to drink a mouthful of water.

King Chujiang looked at the injuries on Leopard Tail, and Bao Tan, who was lying on the ground…

This lord definitely made a move.

“Why not? Someone bullied Ye Zichen, so I have to protect him!” Liu Qing rolled her eyes and snorted. None of you here are good people, all of you like to use plots and ploys. The hearts of all plotters are dirty. I don’t like you guys.”

“Oh my lord!” King Chujiang was about to go crazy, and since he had no other choice, he could only beg Ye Zichen. “Master, say some good words to this lord. She was revived in our Underworld, so be merciful. You are a great person, so don’t take offense about this. Just leave this at that!”

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but silently sigh when he saw King Chujiang’s pitiful look and was reminded about all those times that he had troubled King Chujiang previously. He looked towards Liu Qing, then spoke up, “Never mind…”

King Chujiang was extremely happy, causing him to silently comment on how this master was easy to talk to.

However, Liu Qing twitched her mouth in displeasure, then snapped her fingers…


Bao Tan let out a terrible scream, while a bloody mist surrounded him as if his body had exploded.

“This will make you remember. If you make Ye Zichen unhappy from now on… Then I’ll make your entire family unhappy!” Liu Qing twitched her mouth and left while holding Ye Zichen’s hand. King Chujiang looked towards Leopard Tail and co. to indicate them to clean Bao Tan up a bit, before he left behind Ye Zichen and Liu Qing.

Then, the rest of the people also left in shock.

However, right before leaving, Leopard Tail hammered the ground.

“Big Brother!”

“That woman…” Leopard Tail squinted his eyes and snorted. “We’ll endure it. Since we have managed to become connected with those people, it is just a matter of time before we breakthrough to the Sky Immortal level. I'll make them pay for this sooner or later.”

As Ye Zichen and Liu Qing returned, the little beggar followed carefully behind them.

Liu Qing pouted and looked behind her, “Who is that little fella?”

The little beggar instantly shrunk his neck back when he was named. He had seen how amazing the big sis was.

“My new subordinate. We’ll all on the same boat now,” Ye Zichen replied.

Liu Qing indicated that she understood before asking, “Then are we going back to the Modern Realm now? I’ve already been revived, can we not stay here anymore? I don’t like this place…”

“We’ll definitely go back, but we have to wait a bit,” Ye Zichen smiled wryly. I haven’t stolen Diting’s leg yet. If I return, then aren’t I just seeking death?

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