Chapter 391 Various Movements

Chapter 391 – Various Movements

The pig-headed fatty smiled in a mocking manner, while the fighters also closed in on Ye Zichen.

“My lord, run… I can take a beating very well. Come and save me after you get reinforcements,” the little beggar pushed Ye Zichen away.

This simple action caused Ye Zichen to be truly moved.

He rubbed the little beggar’s head with a smile, then stepped forward, “Are you sure you’re going to make a move on me?”

“Grandson, stop pretending with me. A mere mortal being in the Underworld is a huge sin. After I beat you up, I’ll chuck you to the Yama Kings. Hehe… Let’s see what happens to you then,” the pig-head fatty’s expression was covered in disdain.

Ye Zichen nodded, and took out his phone…

“Help me! I’m at the Central Street of the Ghost Region. A pig-head fatty blocked me off. He wants to hit me…”


Ye Zichen instantly sent the message to several people. Then, he returned his phone back into his pocket with a smile, “If you stop now, then we might still have a room for negotiation!”

“Stop pretending,” the pig head fatty snorted with a smile. “Do it!”

Ye Zichen did indeed send the message, but he could not be sure that they would immediately receive the news. Ye Zichen must protect himself and the little beggar before those people arrive.

These people around me don’t look like they’re easily bullied. Ye Zichen clenched his teeth…

Capture the commander first!

Ye Zichen kicked the ghosts near him, then reached towards the pig head fatty.

“Hmmph, you want to deal with me? I, Lord Fatty, have trained before!” the pig head fatty snorted then took a step back, then two ghosts instantly appeared in his original position, both of whom punched towards Ye Zichen.


When Ye Zichen carelessly took a punch, he raised his hand to touch where he was hit.

They really can hit me!

“My lord, run…”

The little beggar’s face was covered in anxiety. He had wanted to help several times, but he was sent flying by a single kick every single time.

“F*ck, I've never been beaten in the Modern Realm, so how can I get beaten here in the Underworld?”


Ye Zichen instantly allowed his spiritual energy to circulate through his body.

The faint aura of spiritual pressure radiated out from Ye Zichen’s body. Everyone was shocked by the huge spiritual energy fluctuation, but after sensing the true strength of the person that released it...

“False Earth Immortal. Who cares, go!”

“Hehe, are you looking down on False Earth Immortal? I'm going to teach you guys a lesson!”

With that, Ye Zichen charged towards those people. At that moment, he already stopped trying to put up any defenses, since Unbreakable Body would mean that he would never get too injured…

What he had to do was beat the ghosts until they were scared, and endure everything until the people he sent messages to arrive.


Ox-Head, who had only just finished wandering around from the outside, rolled his neck and took out his phone, only to find a message on it.

“Help me! I’m at the Central Street of the Ghost Region. A pig-head fatty blocked me off. He wants to hit me…”


Brother Beanbun’s getting beaten up!

Ox-Head immediately pocketed his phone and shouted towards Horse-face, “Bring our people and come with me to Central Street of the Ghost Region.”

At the Xie Manor.

Xie Lei’s status in the Xie family rose a lot after presenting Ye Zichen’s tin of tea leaves. At that moment, he was playing Go with Xie Bian. Then, his phone, which he placed on the side, buzzed. What’s more, it wasn’t only his, as Xie Bian’s phone also buzzed.

Both of them took a look at the message.

Then, Xie Bian raised his eyebrows and smiled, “That’s your guy, right? He actually sent me the message as well. But, let’s go over and take a look. I do want to see how dares to bully someone of our Xie manor!”

“Hurry up. Watch me take care of you if you guys walk slowly.”

The White Impermanence Intern also hurried over to the Central Street of the Ghost Region with seventy to eighty ghosts behind her. She was the first one to see Ye Zichen’s message, but she was truly too far…

All of a sudden, countless people moved…

The ignorant bystanders all followed with a look of curiosity behind them when they saw so many angry people.

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen truly couldn’t take it anymore…

All of the people the pig-head fatty brought were probably of the Earth Immortal level. Ye Zichen might have been able to deal with one or two, but several tens of them truly tired Ye Zichen out.

Ye Zichen panted heavily, but the fighters were not in a much better condition as they also panted around him.

The pig head fatty, who was watching the show, twitched his mouth and walked over.

“Grandson, want to keep pretending with grandpa?” the pig faced fatty raised his foot to kick Ye Zichen, but the latter did not have any strength to dodge it anymore.

At that very moment…

A white chain suddenly wrapped itself around the pig-headed fatty’s neck. Bai Rou[1] levitated in the air as she held the end of the chain, which she then used to fling the fatty onto a nearby wall.

“Are you alright?” Bai Rou descended from the air worriedly.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but smile when he saw her, “You were actually the one who came first.”

“Sorry, I was a bit far, so I came rather slowly,” Bai Rou knitted her eyebrows slightly worriedly when she saw the injuries on Ye Zichen’s face.

At that moment, she was not in her uniform, so her actual form was exposed in front of everyone.

Even Ye Zichen couldn’t help but be shocked again when he took another look at her beauty. I really don’t understand why that Black Impermanence would cheat on her!

“Bai Rou!” the pig head fatty frowned, then touched his neck, which had been wrapped with the chain. “You’ve truly got guts. You actually dared to use a Soul Reaping Chain to touch Lord Fatty’s neck.”

“Bao Tan[2], hurry up and f*ck off. I’m annoyed just from seeing your piggy face,” Bai Rou stood up with her hands on her waist, then turned to the ghosts she brought over. “Watch all of them carefully. If they dare to make any move, go and beat them up. We’ve got more people, so three on one is definitely fine… If you get hurt, then I'll compensate you guys later. If you beat them until they get disabled, then you’ll get a bonus!”

“Hehe, Bai Rou… You care about this brat pretty much. Is he your new sugar baby?”

“F*ck you!” Bai Rou squinted her eyes and cursed. “It really is strange, how did Marshal Leopard end up with a grandson like you. You’re a crossbreed aren’t you? Pig head… Zezeze…”

“Say that again!?” Bao Tan frowned.

Then, a playful laughter sounded out, “So what, did she say it? Stop losing face for your grandpa. Hurry up and f*ck off back home, okay?”

Xie Lei walked out form the side with a faintly smile with Xie Bian, who was in casual clothes, by his side.

“Esteemed Master,” Bai Rou cupped her hands towards Xie Bian. Xie Bian nodded plainly, then glanced towards Ye Zichen.

When he saw the ring on Ye Zichen’s finger, he began to smile, “We finally meet.”

“Marshal Xie!” Ye Zichen also cupped his hands.

Xie Bian maintained his soft smile, then turned towards Bao Tan, “Go back. Since I’m here, even Old Leopard has to leave with me here!”

“Is that so? Xie Bian, can you not be so shameless when I’m absent?”

  1. The name of the White Impermanence Intern.
  2. Bao (豹) is the first character of the word "leopard" (豹子).

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