Chapter 390 Getting a Subordinate in the Underworld

Chapter 390 – Getting a Subordinate in the Underworld

As Ye Zichen and the young beggar walked on an endlessly meandering road, the young beggar would often turn around and wait for Ye Zichen, then only begin to run forward once again when he saw that Ye Zichen is about to catch up.

“Little fellow, Diting is really over here?”

After walking for two hours, Ye Zichen begun to wonder how he was supposed to return later.

“He’s just in front, we’re about to be there soon.”

The little beggar giggled. Then, after walking for ten-odd minutes, Ye Zichen saw a white robed man sitting at a cliff.

He raised his wine glass, and looked at a distant place in front of him.

“Lord Diting,” the young beggar ran over with a giggle.

Diting smiled when he saw him, “Why did you come here?”

“This lord said that he wants to see you,” the young beggar pointed towards Ye Zichen.

Diting nodded, then smiled, “It’s you… I’ve seen you before at the Reincarnation Hall.”

Since the Diting was not in beast form, Ye Zichen had thought that the young beggar was talking about a different person.

However, the moment the white-robed man talked about the Reincarnation Hall, Ye Zichen was certain that the man was his mission target, Diting.

“What did you come to find me for?” Diting looked up with a smile

Ye Zichen licked his lips, then withdrew all of the liquor he had in his Treasure Chest.

“This…” Diting twitched his nose, while his eyes revealed a hint of passion.

Even though the cork was not unscrewed yet, Diting was still able to smell its fragrance.

Meanwhile, when Ye Zichen saw Diting’s expression, he finally stopped worrying.

That guide truly did not trick me. This Diting is a true alcoholic.

“You came to treat me to liquor?” Diting squinted his eyes and rubbed his hands with a smile. At that moment, he did not seem like a holy beast at all, while he stared at the liquor. However, he proceeded to sigh softly. “What a shame!”

“What is it? Lord Diting doesn’t like them?” Ye Zichen quickly asked. He had planned way too long for that moment. If Diting didn’t like them, then he was still able to buy some other liquor in the Modern Realm while there was still time…

“It is good liquor, but the Bodhisattva is going to ride me to a secret place later. Drinking is going to affect things, and the Bodhisattva doesn’t allow me to drink either,” Diting said as he stared at the liquor. “How about drinking it after I come back?”

“I wonder how long Lord Diting is going to take in order to return from that secret location?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. He did not have too much time to wait for Diting. He only had seven days to complete the mission, and he would be killed if he doesn’t.

Three days had already passed, so at that moment, there was only four days left for him to complete the mission.

“I’m not sure either. If we’re quick, then I’ll return in a day. If we’re slow, then it’ll take ten days to half a month!” Diting answered thoughtfully.

However, Ye Zichen put on an extremely troubled expression.

Ten days to half a month, then when he comes back, he can only drink with my ghost. Thus, Ye Zichen scratched his head anxiously.

Seeing that, Diting raised his eyebrows, “You seem to be in a hurry?”

“No, I just feel sad for not being able to taste liquor with Lord Diting. I’m a liquor lover as well, and I feel very tempted with the liquor here. However, I feel like I would not be doing Lord Diting right by stealing a bit to drink by myself,” Ye Zichen answered with a coy smile.

Diting immediately displayed an understanding smile, “I get it, we’re the same! You can drink some yourself, but don’t drink all of it, just save some for me. Of course, I will come back from the secret location as soon as possible in order to share a drink with you!”


With that, Diting turned into his beast form and spoke, “Wait for me to return.”


Diting leaped into the air, then disappeared from Ye Zichen’s eyes. Ye Zichen put away all the beverages from the table, while his heart felt extremely nervous.

His very life was in Diting’s hands. It would be good if Diting returns earlier, but if he returns too late…

I suppose if it really doesn’t work, then I’ll talk with that mysterious person to try and delay it for a few days. I can’t just lose my life like this!

Ye Zichen thought quietly to himself as he put away the liquor. Just as he was about to leave, the little beggar suddenly ran in front of him and grabbed his trousers.

“What? You like liquor as well…? Then I’ll give you a few bottles!” Ye Zichen did not act stingy at all, and instead took out several bottles and placed them onto the table.

The little beggar shook his head, then raised his eyebrows, “My lord, can I follow you?”

“Follow me?” Ye Zichen was stunned.

The little beggar nodded, “Mhm, you are a good person. No one has ever helped someone like me in the Underworld. I want to follow you. I will definitely not eat your food for nothing. I have a lot of skills…”

Ye Zichen sighed when he saw the little beggar’s pitiful look.

He could understand the little beggar fairly well. The little beggar had no backing in the Underworld, so he wanted to follow a good-willed person like him. Ye Zichen did not actually mind this little fellow too much, but he was a mortal…

He couldn’t possibly continuously stay in the Underworld. Would this little fellow have noone again after I leave the Underworld?

“But I can’t stay in the Underworld for the long term.”

“Are you saying that you’re going to go on an adventure in a secret location?” the little fellow’s eyes lit up. “I can go with you. If I say that I’m the second in the Underworld at wilderness survival skills, nobody would claim that they are number one!”

The little beggar had completely misunderstood, but Ye Zichen didn’t want to explain so much. Thus, he shook his head with a sigh, “Oh well, then follow me!”

“Thank you, my lord,” the little beggar stood up from the ground with a giggle. “My lord, I still don’t know what you’re called.”

“Ye Zichen!”

“Ye Zichen,” the little beggar muttered to himself, then blinked. “I seem to have heard of this name somewhere before.”

When they returned to the capital and the little beggar walked in the center of the roads, there were many times that someone had wanted to shoo him away. However, when they noticed Ye Zichen, who was beside him, they all swallowed their words, then walked to the side of the road.

“My lord, I could never walk in the center of the road before,” the little beggar laughed with self-mockery. “But I have always believed that I would be able to stand at the center of the Ghost Region. Although I’m not using my own powers now, at least I’m a step closer to my dream!”

Ye Zichen nodded with a soft smile. For some reason, he could understand the little beggar’s feelings very well.

For some reason, he was able to feel some sort of synergy between them despite it being the first time they met…

“Hehe, you are truly easy to find.”

At that moment a group of people suddenly appeared around Ye Zichen and the little beggar, completely blocking them off.

Not long later, the beaten-up pig-faced man walked out from the crowd and squinted his eyes with a smile, “No wonder my subordinates couldn’t hit you. You… are a mortal, right! But you are unlucky. Lord Pig coincidentally has a bunch of brothers that did not sign any kind of agreement. Since you beat me up so happily, then you have to allow me, Lord Pig, to have my fun!”

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