Chapter 39 The little dragon slayer entered the group

Chapter 39 – The little dragon slayer entered the group

Taibai Jinxing invited Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li and Nezha into the chat group.

Zhu Bajie: Old Li actually came.

God of Thunder: There’s new members again.

Barefoot Immortal: The Third Prince entered the group, it seems like this group will be very heated up in the future.

Nezha: Hello, everyone, did you miss me?

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li: No wonder we haven’t seen you recently, so you have all been gathering here.

God of Thunder: New people that entered the group, please give out red packets.

Nezha: Give red packets?

God of Thunder: Hurry up and educate the new people @Taibai Jinxing.

The group flared up immediately, while Ye Zichen also was dazed. There were actually people who are not in the group yet.

Ye Zichen sneaked a peek at the name of the people in the group. He had heard that Nezha had a vengeance against the dragon kings. They might even start fighting.

Ye Zichen glanced around and saw that there was no trace of the dragon kings in the group.

Nezha: Haha, so interesting. So that’s what sending red packets is. I coincidentally just slayed a dragon the day before yesterday, I’ll send it to you guys for fun.



Thankfully the dragon kings aren’t here, otherwise, they’d really get into a fight.

However, all the stuff from a dragon should be good stuff, right?

Ye Zichen focused his attention onto the screen.



Too slow, all of the red packets had been taken.

Zhu Bajie: Third Prince, you’re too generous. Directly sending a dragon?

God of Thunder: What’s going on? You just sent one packet?

Nezha: Aiya, it’s my first time, I didn’t understand. Canopy Marshal, hurry up and split the dragon up for everyone.

Zhu Bajie: No!

Chang’e: Are you going to or not! <insert three angry emojis>

The moment Chang’e appeared, Ye Zichen chuckled. Zhu Bajie could dare to be shameless with other people, but when Chang’e spoke up, he definitely didn’t dare to take everything for himself.

Zhu Bajie: Wait a moment, I’ll send it immediately.

After five minutes had past, just when the deities were about to relax, Zhu Bajie’s red packet appeared.

However, Ye Zichen had been continuously vigilant. The moment the red packet appeared, he directly clicked on it.

You received Canopy Marshal’s red packet.

Dragon Eye x1

What the heck was a Dragon Eye.?

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, but then saw the chatter of the people in the group.

God of Thunder: Bajie, why did you become Canopy Marshal once again?

Nezha: Yeah, if Monkey Bro finds out, he’ll beat you.

Canopy Marshal: Why can monkey be called the Handsome Monkey King, but I can’t change it back. Furthermore…

Barefoot Immortal: That’s not right, why doesn’t this dragon have genitals?

Canopy Marshal: Hehehe <insert three smirk emojis>

Nezha: So shameless.

Canopy Marshal: @ Little Sister Chang’e, see you at the Moon Palace later.

God of Thunder: Something’s going on here.

Nezha: +1

The group instantly burst into conversation. What Zha Bajie had said just then was too ambiguous, especially since he @Chang’e.

Originally, Zhu Bajie had a thing going on with Chang’e before he was exiled into the mortal realm, and now…

 He had even specifically took out the dragon's genitals.

Chang’e: Zhu Bajie, don’t ruin my reputation.

Zhu Bajie: <insert a row of smirk emojis>

Ye Zichen was not that interested in the gossip between deities.

He quit the WeChat group and clicked on the Dragon Eye in the Treasure Chest.

To be fair, the Dragon Eye was huge. It looked rather clear on both its front and back, just like a cymophane[1].

Dragon Eye: Special Item, usage unknown.

F*ck you!

Ye Zichen swore. He thought he got something good, but in the end, it was a piece of trash that he couldn’t use.

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes and lost interest in the Dragon Eye.

Meanwhile, sleepiness overcame him, causing him to fall asleep after chucking away his phone.

Ye Zichen had a really great sleep. He even dreamed of having a date with Chang’e.

Just as he was about to hold Chang’e’s hand, someone pushed him and woke him up.

“Fifth Bro!”

“Ol’ Five, stop sleeping.”

They all say people are cranky when they just get woken up. Ye Zichen was no exception to this.

After having his dream ruined by someone, he was so angry that he wanted to curse.

“What, if the teacher is calling, then help me say present. I don’t want to eat lunch either. What are you calling me for!”

“Go downstairs and have a look, someone is cursing you with a megaphone.”

“Cursing me?”

Ye Zichen was confused. Seeing that, Zhu Yunbai promptly opened the window. Once it was opened, they heard someone shout downstairs with a megaphone.

“Ye Zichen, you cowardly bastard, shitty grandson, f*cking get down here.”

“He really is cursing me,” Ye Zichen rubbed his head, then lit a cigarette for himself. “Let’s go downstairs to have a look.”

A huge crowd of students surrounded the male dormitory of Polytechnic University.

Ye Zichen’s name was too huge in Polytechnic University, so someone cursing him was definitely huge news.

The moment that the news was known, people immediately spread it to each other, resulting in such a crowd.

“Ye Zichen, stop f*cking playing dead, I know you can hear me. Hurry up and come down…”

The curses continued downstairs. Then, Ye Zichen took a glance at his Porsche 918.

The car had already been sprayed with the phrase “monster with a human’s face”.

Then, he looked at the spray can in the hands of the man with the megaphone. It was clearly him who did it.

Ye Zichen scratched his head and walked towards the man. The man looked to be twenty-something. He was rather thin, and looked rather proper with the glasses.

Ye Zichen did admire his perseverance, he had shouted for ten odd minutes, causing his entire neck to be red, yet he was still pressing on.

However, from the looks of it, he didn’t know Ye Zichen personally.

“Bro, stop shouting, the security is going to come soon.”

Ye Zichen patted that young man’s shoulders, while that young man hit his hand away.

“Whatever, I have to curse that bastard, Ye Zichen.”

“Alright, I’m the grandson you’re talking about, stop cursing, wait a moment. Look at how tired you are, do you need me to buy you a bottle of water?”

Ye Zichen found this brat rather funny, he could actually curse him for ten odd minutes without even knowing him.

Just who gave him this unwavering determination!?

“You are Ye Zichen?”

The young man glared at him, but it was not threatening at all with his physique.

Ye Zichen nodded, then took the megaphone from him,

“That’s right, there seems to be only me that’s called Ye Zichen in Polytechnic University.

“Oh wow, I was looking for you!”

“I know you’re looking for me, otherwise, you wouldn’t be shouting here with the megaphone, right?” Ye Zichen smiled helplessly. “However, you have to tell me what exactly you are looking for me for. Say, you don’t know me and I don’t think I’ve seen you before. We have no grudge with each other, why are you cursing me like that!?”

“Also…” Ye Zichen pointed at his treasured car. “Do you know what kind of car this is? Porsche 918, I haven’t even driven it for a day and you already sprayed it. Do you know how much it would cost to get it sprayed again?”

“Stop pretending with me, do you think you’re amazing being rich? Can you casually play with a girl’s feelings when you’re rich?”

The young man revealed a cold smile as he pointed at Ye Zichen and cursed him again.

Ye Zichen shook his head helplessly after hearing that.

“You can’t just say stuff. Say, who’s feeling did I play with?”

Right at this moment, a taxi stopped in front of the dorm. Li Jiayi got out of the car and immediately dragged the young man’s hands towards the car.

“Ge, who told you to cause trouble here?”


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