Chapter 389 Advocating Justice

Chapter 389 – Advocating Justice


Seeing that news, Ye Zichen nearly fell over laughing. Old Lord Taishang actually wore silk stockings.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but click open the photo after a while to save the photo. This is Old Lord Taishang’s dark history, I might even be able to get something from him with this in the future.

“Why are you wearing the silk stockings?”

Ye Zichen replied as he held back his laughter. Old Lord Taishang instantly responded with a cold expression.

“If I don’t try it, then I wouldn’t even know how I die! Say, just what trashy thing is this? Is this something for people to wear? You actually told me to give it to the Queen Mother… You truly wanted to screw me over!?”

It’s pretty obvious that Old Lord Taishang misunderstood. Silk stockings were able to show off a woman’s beauty, and that’s why a dude like him looked extremely humorous in it.

“Don’t think so much. Giving silk stockings to the Queen Mother is definitely fine… If you don’t believe me, then you can get a fairy to wear it. It’ll definitely surprise you!”

Ye Zichen replied in good will.

However, Old Lord Taishang merely replied coldly.

“Hehe… Telling me to find a fairy? This old man is already really old, so what am I finding a fairy for? I think that you don’t only want to screw me over, you want my chastity of my older years to be gone!”

What the hell?

Just what the hell is in this geezer’s brain? Ye Zichen couldn’t help but feel speechless when he raised the news.

“I can’t help you if you don’t believe me!”

“Fine, you want to admit it now, right? Fine, this old man will remember this grudge!”


Old Lord Taishang chucked his phone off to the side, while his furious look shocked his disciples.

“What are you looking at. Hurry up and refine pills!”


Ye Zichen had wanted to explain himself, but when he sent the message, he noticed that the old man had already deleted him. I really don’t understand why that old man is so angry. If it really doesn’t work, then I’ll just change a treasure for him.

The Modern Realm doesn’t have a lot of things, but it does have plenty of good treasures.

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes speechlessly, then sent another friend request after letting out a long sigh.

I’ll do what I can and let fate take its course. If that old man doesn’t add me, then I really can’t help him.

Three days passed by in the blink of an eye. To Ye Zichen’s expectations, Old Lord Taishang did not accept his friend request, and instead rejected it several times with curses…

Ye Zichen wasn’t someone that didn’t care about all that. Since that old man doesn’t want to add me… Then I won’t bother.

Was King Chujiang messing with me? I’ve been watching around the Ghost Region every day for these three days, but why have I never seen Diting come over?

“What are you doing? Let me go!” A childish shout sounded out beside his ear. That voice caused Ye Zichen to turn around.

A young looking kid entered his view. Judging from his tattered clothes and his face, he should be a young beggar.

“What’s going on?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. Then, he saw a pig-like man patting the child’s head continuously with his hand.

“Little tramp, you should open your eyes wider when you walk. Can’t you see that grandpa is walking on this road? Say, you dirtied grandpa’s clothes, how are you going to compensate… Can you even afford to compensate grandpa?”


It is very obvious that it’s the daily actions of a rich person bullying a small fry. Ye Zichen hated seeing these kind of incidents.

I thought these situations would only happen in the Modern realm, but so the Underworld was not free of that either!

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes, then walked towards the pig-faced man.

“Hey… Bro!’

“Who?” The pig-faced man frowned. Then, when he saw Ye Zichen, who was behind him. “Brat, go and stay where you should? Did you die not long ago? In the Underworld… Wait till you are a ghost servant before you try being a hero!”

The pig-faced man pushed Ye Zichen. Only then did Ye Zichen know that plenty of ghosts passed by, but even when they saw what happened, they pretended like they didn’t see it.

“You aren’t letting me advocating justice since I’m in the Underworld?” Ye Zichen frowned, then straightened his neck and nodded. “I am minding this business. What can you do?”

“There truly are people who doesn’t know death even when it’s in front of them!” the pig-faced man squinted his eyes. Then, ten-odd muscular ghosts appeared around him. “Hitting people when doing official duty is not illegal. Treat this beating as a lesson to you!”

The pig-faced man laughed coldly, while the buff ghosts around him walked over. However, just as they were about to make a move, they noticed that they couldn’t possibly make a move against Ye Zichen at all.

“C’mon, hit me!”

Ye Zichen stuck his neck in front of the pig-faced man’s face. He had not stayed in the Underworld doing nothing the past few days.

He read up on some laws in the Underworld. The law clearly stated that they cannot attack living people. They were allowed to trick and tease, but they were not allowed to threaten or harm living people…

It could be said that Ye Zichen was a lord in the Underworld, since the little bastards were unable to do anything to him.


Ye Zichen kicked the pig-faced man. The man held his crotch and shouted towards the buff ghosts, but there was nothing they could do.

“Little bastard, I'm going to advocate justice. Come and hit me. Hurry up and teach me a lesson!”

Ye Zichen kicked the man once more, causing the pig-face man to instantly stop talking.

“Look at your grandson look.”

Ye Zichen snorted towards the pig-faced man, then turned his head towards the child, “Alright, it’s none of your business now. Hurry up and leave. If you get oppressed, then resist. He is definitely going to bully you if you just endure it.”

Then, after he gave a bit of advice to the boy, Ye Zichen turned around to leave.

“Please wait,” at that moment, the boy he had saved suddenly stopped Ye Zichen, then ran over. “Uhm… Thank you very much for helping me. I’ve seen you in the Ghost Region for several times. You seems to be searching for someone. If you don’t mind, then you can tell me. I might be able to help you find the person you’re looking for.”

“You?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

Hearing the question, the boy nodded with a firm smile, “I’m not very powerful in the Underworld, but I do have my ways of finding people.”

Ye Zichen smiled, then when he saw the boy’s certain gaze, he decided to just try and ask the boy, since he couldn’t find Diting just by waiting for him.

“I’m looking for Diting, can you tell me where he is?”

“Diting? Is it Lord Diting, King Ksitigarbha’s ride?” the boy revealed a look of confusion.

Ye Zichen smiled, “That’s him. What? Is that too difficult for you”

“How’s that difficult,” the boy snorted happily with pride. “What’s hard about that? I’ll take you there directly!”

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