Chapter 388 Leg-Stealing Guide

Chapter 388 – Leg-Stealing Guide

Ye Zichen smiled when he saw the system notification.

I got a guide right after asking for it, and they still want to pretend as if nobody’s behind this phone? This guy might even be nearby, or else, there was no way he could have heard what I said.

“Do you dare to come out? We’ll have a good chat!”

There was still no reply.

After Ye Zichen yelled out a few times in the hall, he couldn’t be bothered about it anymore. Since he now knew for sure that someone was manipulating his phone in secret, then he’d definitely meet that person in the future.

I’ll increase my strength well, then when I am strong, I’ll definitely teach this brat a lesson when I meet him.

He clicked on the system notification…

Diting loves wine. The qilin legs will fall off by themselves after Diting gets drunk. You can use that time to place the legs within the Treasure Chest. Even if someone in the Underworld looks into the incident, they would not investigate you.

You will be informed of the reason for stealing the four legs later.

There is no need for you to worry about Diting, as a sacred beast, his lost legs will grow out once again after a while.

Hurry up, your time is limited.

Just look at how human-like this system notification is, it’s as if we’re chatting. The wry smile on Ye Zichen’s lips became increasingly obvious. Seriously, the guy behind this…

What exactly does he want!

“Master, did King Ksitigarbha leave already?”

King Chujian and King Qinguang walked in front the outside. The situation in the Underworld was rather troublesome, and the other Yama Kings needed to go and finish their own work using the time King Ksitigarbha is out of closed cultivation.

“He left,” Ye Zichen said plainly, while wondering how he was going to treat Diting to drink wine with him.

The system’s mission guide was already very straightforward, but he needed to create the opportunity of drinking with Diting.

“Master, master…” King Chujiang pushed Ye Zichen’s shoulders carefully.

Ye Zichen looked up, and saw King Qinguang and King Chujiang looking at him in confusion. “What is it?”

“Master, your friend will take awhile to get reborn. How about we organize a place for you to stay?” King Chujiang replied with a smile.

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes and replied, “Hmmm, send me back to the Modern Realm once. I’ll talk to you guys through WeChat later, and when I do, open the gate for me again. Oh yeah, don’t get any ideas about Liu Qing while I’m gone.”

“No problem!”


After Ye Zichen returned to the Modern Realm from the Underworld, he ran straight to shops that sold famous liquors nearby.

He immediately chose the ones with the highest alcohol concentration, including red wine, white wine, yellow wine and beer. He was already determined to get Diting drunk in order to steal its legs, so he needed to prepare all of the necessary items.

“Open the gate, open the gate!”

After he finished buying liquor, Ye Zichen sent a message to King Chujiang. Not long later, a spatial crack appeared in front of him. Ye Zichen glanced around to ensure that nobody was present before he quickly entered.

“Master, what did you go to the Modern realm to do?” King Chujiang asked passionately immediately after Ye Zichen returned.

Ye Zichen glanced at him and King QInguang, then took out a bottle of red wine, which he placed in front of them, “Don’t say that I don’t take care of you guys. This is a good wine from the Modern Realm… Here, it’s for you.”

“This…” Both King Chujiang and King Qinguang licked their lips. Both of them loved alcohol, and thirsted after the good beverages from the Modern Realm. However, they had no way to taste them.

The fact that the master actually gifted it to them caused them to instantly feel excited.

“This is too valuable!”

“Mm, it’s good that you know it's valuable. I didn’t give it to you guys for nothing. When you find a place for me to stay, can you try to find a place near King Ksigitahba’s place? If Diting lives alone, then send me to Diting’s place is fine as well.”

“What for?” King Qinguang asked in confusion.

Ye Zichen immediately replied with the excuse he had already come up with, “I also have a white dog like King Ksitigarbha does, and he had a pretty good intelligence. I do want to try and turn him into a beast of the level of a divine beast or sacred beast, so… I want to exchange dog-raising experiences!”

Both King Chujiang and King Qinguang revealed a troubled expression.

After a while, they finally replied, “Master, it’s not that we’re not helping you. The main problem is that we can just randomly settle you at King Ksigitahba’s place. If you truly want to exchange experiences, then you can walk around more in the Underworld. King Ksitigarbha and Diting both often wander around the Ghost Region, and that is especially true for Diting, since he loves wandering around.”

“That’s fine as well. Then find a place for me in the Ghost Region… A place close to here, since I’ll come over to see her often.”

If I stay too close to them, then it might increase my suspicions. So, instead, I’ll just drag Diting over to drink a few glasses when I bump into him in the Ghost Region.

Then I’ll steal his legs…


King Qinguang instantly nodded after getting Ye Zichen’s agreement, “Naturally. King Chujiang, go and find a place for master to stay at.”

The place King Chujiang found for Ye Zichen was rather similar to a courtyard for the military commanders in the Modern realm. All of those who stayed within were officials in the Underworld.

However, something worthy of retorting was how bad the actual environment was.

The room had a very simple setup. There were no entertainment facilities within. The only thing within was a single bed…

Ye Zichen laid down on the bed with a soft sigh. He took out his phone and saw that both the monkey and Yang Jiang had sent him plenty of messages. Most of it asked him how the situation was and whether the two of them needed to make a move.

Ye Zichen was rather happy with his two brothers. The two of them were the only ones who he had met out of the deities in the Heavenly Realm.

After meeting, they also got closer to one another.

Ye Zichen gave them simple replies, telling them that he was fine, before he set his gaze upon his chat with Old Lord Taishang.


He subconsciously skimmed through what Old Lord Taishang had sent him. Most of the messages basically asked him whether he was kidding, while the rest of it told him to quickly reply.

Why have I ever joked with him? I’m so busy!

“Why are you in such a hurry to find me? This sovereign is so terribly busy!”

Ye Zichen typed out his reply with a frown.

Old Lord Taishang immediately grabbed his phone with bloodshot eyes and a dark expression. He definitely did not dare to give the Queen Mother those silk stockings, and since Ye Zichen had not replied for a long time, he could only start up another furnace of pills helplessly.

Due to the lack of time, he felt like he was about to break down.

Old Lord Taishang suddenly smiled coldly when he saw Ye Zichen’s message on the screen of his phone.

“Sky Sovereign, are you messing with me?”

“How am I messing with you? Didn’t I send the treasure over to you already?”

Ye Zichen immediately replied with a scratch of his head.

Old Lord Taishang directly responded with an image.

It was a thick leg in black silk stockings, and even the person’s leg hair could be seen from the photo.

“That’s a dude, right?” Ye Zichen blinked. “Who is the one inside the photo? The Queen Mother?”

“Queen Mother my ass!’

Old Lord Taishang was furious. His quickly responded with rage on his ancient face.

“This is me. This is me…”

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