Chapter 387 The Phone’s First Mission

Chapter 387 – The Phone’s First Mission

All of the Yama Kings bowed and greeted Ksitigarbha. Ye Zichen could tell that Ksitigarbha had a rather high status in the Underworld.

He also glanced towards King Ksitigarbha, only to find Ksitigarbha looking back at him.

King Chujiang smiled, then moved aside. King Ksitigarbha directly flew above the throne in the hall. All of a sudden, the space around him bent, a strange animal with a tiger head, a horn, dog ears, a dragon’s body, a lion’s tail and qilin feet appeared.

This should be Diting, King Ksitgarbha’s ride.

Rumour has it that out of the rides of the four bodhisattvas, Diting was the only one that did not turn into a monster and harm Tang Zeng and his disciples. However, there were also others stating that during the events of the true and false Sun Wukong, although Diting could tell who was the real one from their sound, since it did not dare to offend the fake one, it did not point out the fake one.

However, none of that was of much importance. The main thing was that…

For some reason, Ye Zichen felt like Diting was rather similar to Lil’ White.

“King Ksitigarbha, why did you come over here!” King Qinguang, who was wearing a red robe, smiled.

King Ksitigarbha who sat on the throne, touched Diting’s head and smiled, “I heard that a very important person came to the Underworld, so I came over to have a look.”

He came for me?

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but wonder.

King Ksitigarbha smiled, then glanced at Ye Zichen, “This is the very important person who came to the Underworld, right?”

“Mhmm!” the Yama Kings nodded in response.

“You are the first mortal to step into the Underworld,” King Ksitigarbha smiled, then turned to look at Liu Qing, who asleep as she was slowly getting reborn in the Reincarnation Pool. “Reviving a person who died before their time. You’re very capable.”

Why is he speaking so strangely…?

Ye Zichen felt like the way King Ksitigarbha spoke was a bit strange. It was as if he was mocking Ye Zichen. Logically speaking, bodhisattvas shouldn’t speak like that.

Didn’t Sakyamuni say that everyone is equal? If he keeps speaking like that, then I’ll definitely report him if I meet Sakyamuni in the future.

“All you of can leave, I have some things that I want to say to this young man in private.”

King Ksitigarbha waved his hand. The Yama Kings instantly looked at each other, then silently left the Yama Hall.

Thus, only King Ksitigarbha and Ye Zichen were left in the hall.

Only then did he speak up, “Young man, what do you think about our Underworld?”

“The Underworld… is rather amazing. You are in charge of the cycle of life of the mortals in the mortal realm, that’s pretty amazing!” Ye Zichen did not know why Ksitigarbha asked him that, so he replied with the mindset of “it was fine as long as don’t say any bad things”.

“Then what do you think about me?” King Ksitigarbha smiled with a warm gaze. “Do you think I have any chance of returning to the Buddhist Region?”


Ye Zichen shook his head indifferently. However, he was immediately stunned after saying that. That wasn’t what he had intended to say at all, since he had intended to kiss ass. However, his mouth somehow still spoke those words uncontrollably.

“Is that really the case?” King Ksigitahba’s expression saddened. When he had chose to go to the Underworld, Sakyamuni had once told him that if he wanted to know when he would be able to return to the Buddhist Region, then ask a mortal that  had journeyed to the Underworld.

You’ll be able to return if he says you can.

You won’t be able to if he says you can’t.

King Ksitigarbha had remembered those words for several tens of thousands of years. However, as time passed on, he gradually got used to the life in the Underworld, so returning to the Buddhist Region begun to turn less important to him.

However, he was still a bit sad when he heard the reply.

“Can you tell me the reason?

“The reason you came here was to help deceased souls in the Underworld to move on. Back then, you said it yourself that you will not return to the Buddhist Region until there are no more deceased souls in the Underworld. However, people will eventually die, since the cycle of life is destined. You will never be able to help all deceased souls move on!” Ye Zichen spoke indifferently once again. However, he was once again shocked by what he said…

What’s wrong with me today!? Did something happen? Why isn’t my mouth listening to my brain!

As Ye Zichen watch King Ksigitahba’s expression sadden, he wanted to explain himself, but he was unsure of how.

I said it so confidently just now, was I supposed to refute what I just said?

“Never mind, it isn’t bad staying in the Underworld,” after a long time, King Ksitigarbha shook his head wryly, then flew beside Ye Zichen on his straw cushion.

He patted Ye Zichen’s shoulder with his stark white hand, then left the Yama Hall once again silently.

My god, this King Ksitigarbha is definitely pissed to no end!

Ye Zichen watched his leaving figure carefully. Then, at that moment, his phone suddenly buzzed.


System Mission Issued: Steal a qilin leg belonging to Diting, who is always by King Ksigitahba’s side.

Mission Duration: 7 days.

Mission Reward: Activation of the second tier products in the Treasure Store. Chances of getting rare items from the Lucky Roulette increased.

Failure Punishment: Death!

Ye Zichen was completely shocked.

He rubbed his eyes with force as he looked at the information on the screen.

The phone actually issued a mission for me. The mission is actually still so strange, it actually wants one of Diting’s legs.

What’s even more f*cking speechless is that I’m going to get killed if I die?

Doesn’t that mean that I have to steal that leg? Otherwise, I’ll die?

“Laozi’s done with this shit!” Ye Zichen threw his phone onto the floor. He really didn’t want to care about anyone anymore. It was whatever that people were trying to assassinate him, and now, even the damn phone started to plot against him.

Diting is a primordial divine beast, and King Ksigitahba’s ride…

I’m just a small False Earth Immortal fry. Stealing Diting’s leg… Isn’t that just f*cking seeking death?

“Since I’m going to die either way, then kill me now! Laozi’s done!” Ye Zichen howled in the hall, but nobody replied in the empty hall. The phone he threw onto the floor did not have any broken places at all. What made him even more speechless was that the phone actually directly flew up from the floor and into his pocket.

“You’re messing with me, aren’t you!”

After screaming out for a while, Ye Zichen felt a bit tired, so he collapsed on the floor, and took out his phone to read the notification…

System Notification: Due to your attempt at destroying this machine, you have been deducted cultivation experience x500000. If you repeat this offense, then all of your gains will be wiped.

“Someone’s definitely controlling this phone,” Ye Zichen licked his lips as he looked at the notification on the phone. “Who exactly are you? Can we actually meet… I really can’t take you always messing with me!”

Nobody answered.

“Bro, stop pretending. I’ve suspected someone manipulating this phone since ages ago, can you come out for a chat? Say, issuing this mission for me, and telling me to steal a leg from Diting… Aren’t you pushing me into the fire pit? Even if we’re playing a game, the system would at least give me a hint, or something like a guide!”

Ye Zichen sighed helplessly…


System Notification: You received the guide for gaining Diting’s leg.

Who exactly are you!?

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