Chapter 386 Reincarnation Pool

Chapter 386 – Reincarnation Pool

The Yama Hall was decorated like a manor from the ancient times. Two stone lions with fierce eyes sat in front of the hall. When Ye zichen walked over, the two stone lions suddenly spoke.

“Mortal, this is not a place that you can come to. Hurry up and leave!”

The sudden words shocked Ye Zichen, causing him to quickly look around.

Meng Xiang immediately jumped in front of the stone lion with a giggle and patted its head, “This is Uncle King Chujiang’s important guest, don’t randomly scare him.”

“Girlie, you are showing less and less respect for you elders,” another stone lion sighed.


A man in a long robe appeared forth from the stone lion. He shook his head with a smile, then looked at Ye Zichen closely, before speaking up, “Please!”


The black metal gate slowly pushed open. What entered their sites was a huge heated pool with ten men wearing ancient governmental uniforms standing around it.

“Your Majesties, this person proclaimed himself to be an important guest of yours!”

The stone lion, who took the form of a man, took a step back, and revealed Ye Zichen.

The Yama Kings looked at him, but when they saw Ye Zichen, they couldn’t help but frown.

He’s actually so weak…

Before they met, they had thought extremely highly of this master’s strength. The fact that he was brothers with the Great Sage, the fact that he was the Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation, and the fact that he was on good terms with the people in the Heavenly Court, they naturally thought that even if he wasn’t a complete rank Sky Immortal, he would at be a Sky Immortal at the very least!

But now… He hasn’t even reached the Earth Immortal level?

Everyone looked at Ye Zichen with a puzzled gaze.

At that moment, a man in black robes and a wearing a red hat walked over and bowed underneath the gazes of the rest of the Yama Kings.

“You-You are that master, right?”

They were extremely curious about the master, so they couldn’t help but to look at him some more.

“King Chujiang?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

The man instantly nodded, “Yes, yes, I am King Chujiang. These are my various brothers, and we are the Yama Kings of the Ten Halls!”

The other Yama Kings also nodded.

At that moment, Meng Xiang giggled, “I brought the person over. Remember to send me a red packet later. I can’t have done this for you for nothing!”

“Sure sure sure!” King Chujiang nodded his head with a wry smile.

Only then did Meng Xiang giggled, then skipped out of the Yama Hall.

Ye Zichen set his gaze upon the huge pool in the hall. The water within the pool was as red as water, while heat radiated from it.

Noticing Ye Zichen’s gaze, King Chujiang nodded with  a smile, “Master, this is the Reincarnation Pool. Is this girl the one you need to revive?”


Ye Zichen already felt the weird gazes of the surrounding Yama Kings. It was clear that they had already noticed how weak he was.

That was why he had to pretend to be colder and more indifferent. Speaking less might actually cause them to worry more.

King Chujiang was also rather stunned by the indifferent reaction. However, since he had talked with Ye Zichen a lot before, he did not mind. He would have been confused if the master was too passionate, but now…

He felt like this was normal!

Although this master truly looks too weak, but his identity is amazing…

No matter what, we Yama Kings would not dare to make a move on him.

“Master, we don’t take up your precious time any longer. The Reincarnation Pool is right here. Give those items needed for revival over to me, then tell that ghost girl… Hmm? A virgin ghost girl?” King Chujiang raised his eyebrows. No wonder this master wants to revive her so much. Although it takes up a lot of treasure to revive this kind of female ghost, but what he gains in return would probably be worth far more than these materials?

“Is there any issue?” Ye Zichen’s expression darkened.

King Chujiang instantly shook his head with a smile, “There isn’t. Give me the items used for revival and tell this ghost girl to get into the pool…”

“Don’t try anything,” Ye Zichen warned.

King Chujiang smiled coyly, “What are you saying? How would I dare to try anything in front of you.”

“That’s for the best,” Ye Zichen glanced at him indifferently, then took out his phone.

The symbol for his 4G had already disappeared, and it was replaced by a small wave. Ye Zichen opened up WeChat, only to find it rather strange, since he actually managed to connect to the servers.

Ye Zichen knitted his eyebrows, but did not mind it so much, he merely opened up the Treasure Chest and took out all the items used for revival.


Even the Yama Kings gulped after seeing the treasures. Those were all extremely valuable and rare treasures. If they had any of them, they might even be able to increase their strength further.

However, they did not dare to have any thoughts about taking them. Ignoring the fact that their big brother King Qinguang would not allow them to, they could not afford to offend the monkey, who supported Ye Zichen.

“Start quickly!” Ye Zichen knitted his eyebrows once more.

King Chujiang instantly nodded with a smile, “Sure…”

He pointed towards the pile of treasures, causing them to fly into his hands. He then poured the Holy Water of Yiyuan into the Reincarnation Pool before dropping Thousand Year Dragon Eye and Nine-Heart Lotus Root into the pool as well.


A stream of bubbles suddenly arose from the blood red Reincarnation Pool, while the temperature of the pool itself seemed to rise a lot as well.

“Liu Qing, just promptly tell me if you feel any discomfort.”

“Nah, it is really comfortable here,” Liu Qing giggled, as she swam around in the pool.

King Chujiang also smiled wryly, “Master, you still seem to be vigilant against us. Let me tell you the truth, it isn’t that easy to get reborn. The treasures I told you about were just the ones that the Underworld does not have. We didn’t tell you the other treasures that can be found here. To put it bluntly, this pool of reincarnating water is worth as much as a Sky Immortal!”


Ye Zichen was shocked. He instantly activated the Fiery Eyes of Truth to glance at the pool, and saw that there were indeed plenty of treasures inside.

“Ahh, I’m so tired. I’m going to sleep for a while,” the eyelids of Liu Qing, who was playing happily in the pool, suddenly drooped. She immediately found a place she could lean against to close her eyes and sleep.

“What’s going on!?” Ye Zichen frowned upon watching her fall asleep.

King Chujiang quickly explained, “There is too much energy within the pool. This girl needs a while to absorb it all, so it is a normal situation!”

“Then how long is she going to take to awaken?”

“That would depend on how much she absorbs. But either way, her waking up will mean that the construction of her body has succeeded. Then, she will be completely reborn after taking this Heaven-Returning Pill!” King Chujiang smiled.

Ye Zichen also nodded silently. Since he felt that he could not completely trust the people around him yet, he took out his phone stealthily, then sent a few messages to Yang Jian and the monkey.

If these people dares to have any ill intentions, then I’ll get my two bros to take the Underworld apart.

However, at that moment, the metal gates of the Yama Hall were pushed open. A monk sitting cross-legged on a straw cushion floated in.

At the same time, King Chujiang, who was smiling before Ye Zichen, quickly bowed. “I offer my greetings to King Ksitigarbha!”

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