Chapter 383 Di Zun

Chapter 383 – Di Zun

At the apartment.

Di Tian, who was wearing green clothes, stood beside a man with a similar appearance to him, who also had a long braid.

The Hou brother stood on either side of the room flanking the man, while Third Fatty Jin stood opposite Di Tian and the other man with a frown.

“Great Emperor Qingming has already told the Di family, do not come and mind Di Tian…”

“I don’t care about so much. Move aside, or fall!” The man beside Di Tian snorted coldly. He had been in closed cultivation earlier, and when he came out of it the previous day to find his little brother, he had found out that his little brother was actually being detained.

As the older brother, there was no way that he could tolerate it, so he promptly bought a plane ticket to Bingcheng against his family’s objections.

“Brat, you really are cocky. Wait a moment if you dare!” Third Fatty Yin snorted with a laugh, and put his hands on his hips.

However, Di Tian’s older brother merely shrugged, “What can you do even if I wait here for a year?”

Even since his closed cultivation ended, he was already half a step into the level of Earth Immortals. He truly did not think highly of the people present in the room at all.

“Fine, brat… You really are cocky enough!” Third Fatty Jin gulped silently, then turned to Di Tian. “Di Tian, we’ve treated you rather nicely these days!”

“Hehe…” Di Tian’s expression suddenly turned cold. It wasn’t too big of a deal if it wasn’t mentioned, but getting reminded of it really made Di Tian angry. “You really dare to say that. All I’ve been doing here is wash toilets and clean up the apartment. I’m essentially your maid, and you still say that you treated me nicely?”

“What?” Di Tian’s older brother raised his eyebrows. “You guys actually made my little brother do that sort of dirty work!?”


He kicked off the floor with force, and punched towards Third Fatty Jin.

“Have you asked me whether you can hit my people?’


Faint laughter sounded out as Di Tian’s older brother was thrown to the side. He subconsciously looked up and saw Ye Zichen had appeared beside Third Fatty Jin without him even noticing.

“Boss Ye,” Third Fatty Jin’s face was filled with joy. Then, he put his hands on his hips and cursed at Di Tian. “Grandson, try acting cocky now? Look, your dumb older brother was completely hit and shocked by Boss Ye. Hehe… Keep acting cocky!”

“Big Brother… It’s this brat!” Di Tian pointed at Ye Zichen and cursed. “He’s the one who turned me into a Transformer, then forced me to clean the toilet and stuff!”

Ye Zichen merely maintained an indifferent smile in response.

He looked at Di Tian, who was voicing out his troubles indifferently, then set his gaze upon the man beside Di Tian.

“What are you called?”

“Di Zun[1]!” Di Tian’s brother answered sullenly.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. Wow, this Di family really names their children such bossy names. What’s more, Ye Zichen was able to feel that Di Zun was very powerful.

Similarly, Di Zun also felt that Ye Zichen was equally troublesome.

“Let my little brother go. We won’t cross each other!” Di Zun broke the oppressive silence first.

“Give me a reason!” Ye Zichen pursed his lips and smiled.

“I won’t pursue the matter of you guys making my little brother be a maid!” Di Tian answered forcefully.

Ye Zichen merely shook his head and smiled, “So what if you did pursue it? Do you think that I’m scared of you? Young man, don’t be so naïve, your little brother has to work here for me in order to repent for his crimes!”

“What crimes?” Di Zun asked.

“You’re going to have to ask him,” Ye Zichen said meaningfully.

Di Zun looked over at Di Tian, causing Di Tian’s expression to stiffen when he felt the interrogating gaze.

I definitely can’t tell him. The Di family rules are very strict, hidden families were not allowed to deal with people from the Modern Realm. What’s more, they weren’t allowed to hurt the people form the Modern Realm either…

If I tell the truth, then wouldn’t I end up being skinned by my older brother?

“Big Brother? How about I stay here to keep working? They are pretty nice to me here,” Di Tian answered with a coy smile.

Di Zun immediately shook his head solemnly, “No.”

“You really are hilarious. Di Tian himself said that he’s not leaving, and you want to forcefully take him away? In front of me?” As he spoke, Ye Zichen radiated a hint of spiritual pressure from his body. The heavy spiritual pressure caused everyone to feel fear in their hearts.

It also made Fatty Jin raise his eyebrows in shock. Out of everyone, he was the one who knew the most about Ye Zichen’s change in strength.

He actually achieved this sort of strength in less than two short months.

The Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation is truly not normal.

Di Zun was also able to feel the heaviness of the spiritual pressure. After thinking about it for a while, he relaxed his clenched fist, then stepped forward defenselessly and said, “I don’t want to fight you. We can actually strike a deal.”

“Do tell!” Ye Zichen smiled.

“I noticed several people spying on your place. I didn’t pay too much attention then, but now that I think about it, they should be your enemies. I’ll tell you their position. Let me take Di Tian away,” Di Tian called out softly.

Ye Zichen twitched his mouth and scratched his chin, “How strong are they?”

“The ones I can detect are naturally weaker than the Earth Immortal level. My guess is that they are of the Spiritual Body level at most,” Di Zun smiled. “If you don’t believe me, I can go and capture them!”

“Please!” Ye Zichen smiled towards Di Zun.

The other party clearly did not expect Ye Zichen to answer like that either, but he did not say anything else, and instead left the room with a nod.

“Ahem…” After Di Zun left, a look of nervousness blatantly surfaced on Di Tian’s face. The reason he acted so cockily earlier was only because his brother was supporting him.

Now that his older brother left, he was truly afraid of getting beaten up before his brother returned.

“Big brothers, let’s chat properly. My older brother is going to come back soon.”

“You’re still talking about your brother?” Third Fatty Jin raised his hands up as if he was about to hit Di Tian.

Di Tian quickly took a defensive posture, “Fatty, I’m telling you. If you truly dare to hit me, then my older brother won’t let you off.”

“Ha, I, Lord Fatty, will definitely try today…” Third Fatty Jin prepared to walk over as he rolled up his sleeves.

Seeing that, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but knit his eyebrows, “Enough!”


At that very moment, the door of the room was pushed open once again, while Di Zun walked in from the outside with two people in his hands.


He chucked the two men onto the floor. Both of them held binoculars, Bluetooth earpieces and other equipment of the sort, making it obvious that they were planning to commit a crime.

“I’ve brought the people over to you,” Di Tian clapped with a chuckle.

Ye Zichen nodded, then squatted on the floor with a smile, “Why are you guys spying on me?”

“What are you saying? We’re filming a celebrity in secret. Why did you guys capture us? We’ll call the police,” the thinner man immediately answered.

Ye Zichen nodded with a raise of his eyebrows, “Which celebrity? Tell me. But if you can’t…”


Three silver needles appeared in his hands…

“I will definitely make you guys very happy!”

  1. Di Zun (帝尊) basically translates to Emperor Supreme if you were to translate it literally.

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