Chapter 381 Black Stockings

Chapter 381 – Black Stockings

Old Lord Taishang was rather surprised when he saw the message.

He knew how amazing Sky Sovereign Nameless was. Although his strength was unknown, and Old Lord Taishang had never met him in the Heavenly Court, this master’s endless number of creative treasures were very popular among the people in the Heavenly court.

Ignore the food, even when he just thought about the Landlord game that Sky Sovereign introduced…

Isn’t that being played by everyone in the Heavenly Court in their free time?

“I wonder does Sky Sovereign want to give me a treasure to play with, or is it food? Or an even more amazing treasure!?”

Old Lord Taishang replied with anticipation.

Ye Zichen smiled, “It definitely is a new thing. It is also a great treasure that the Queen Mother will love.”

“Then quickly send it over, Sky Sovereign!”

Old Lord Taishang was already in deep suffering due to trying to prepare a present. Although he had been refining pills, he had already gifted pills for a hundred thousand years. Even though his pills were worth a fortune, even if the Queen Mother wasn’t sick of getting pills, he was already sick of giving them.

He had tried to think of a new treasure to give a few days ago, but he didn’t know how to do anything except refining pills…

That was why he started up the fire furnace to refine a pill to deal with it.

“Ha, I don’t have the treasure here right now, but I promise that I definitely won’t screw you over. I’ll send it to you tomorrow. Of course, the quality might be kind of bad, but you can get a female craftsman in the Heavenly Court to make one that’s exactly the same!”

Ye Zichen smiled.

Old Lord Taishang raised his eyebrows after a brief hesitation, then typed out his response. “Are you for real?”

“Do you think that I’d trick you?” Ye Zichen smiled.

Old Lord Taishang hesitated once again, then replied. “Alright, I’ll believe Sky Sovereign’s words… I’ll immediately start refining the pills Sky Sovereign needs. Give me the treasure tomorrow, and I’ll give you the pills!”

“You’re understanding,” Ye Zichen said quickly to himself with a smile. Then, he responded to Old Lord Taishang’s message.

“Sure, then let’s chat tomorrow.”

Ye Zichen put his phone to the side. Since he was able to gain Old Lord Taishang’s promise, Ye Zichen was able to relax quite a bit.

It was also the same for Old Lord Taishang, who chucked his phone to the side, and called his aides standing beside the pill furnace over, “Stop watching it. We aren’t refining this pill anymore!”

“We aren’t? Esteemed master, they will finish refining in a few days!” One of the aides frowned.

Old Lord Taishang chuckled, “Refining this stuff takes too long. From now on… You guys are going to refine these pills with me.”


Old Lord Taishang threw several pill formulas over, all of which stunned the aides.

“Esteemed Master!”

“Don’t ask so much. I’m telling you to refine this, so do it. Just listen to me!” Old Lord Taishang looked at the two aides.

The two aides immediately lowered their heads, “Understood!”

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen bought a pair of black silk stockings from a department store, then went directly to the teahouse which served as Tribulation’s base. When he entered, he was rather surprised that the beautiful middle-aged woman, who was not part of Tribulation, was actually still working there.

“Boss Ye, I haven’t seen you come over for a long time,” the beautiful woman smiled. “Mr. Wei Chen is on the third floor. Just directly go up to find him.”

Ye Zichen nodded towards her. Even though he had not seen her in so long, when he looked at the woman once again, he could still feel that she was not simple person.

When he arrived on the third floor, he was not surprised to see Wei Chen play cards with his subordinates at all.

“Boss Ye.”

Everyone on the third floor put down the cards and mahjong in their hands. Ye Zichen swept his gaze over the members and noticed that there seemed to be a few new members…

“Come with me for a moment.”

Ye Zichen pushed open the door to a room on the third floor.

Not long later, Wei Chen also followed him in. “Boss Ye, didn’t you go over to the capital? Why didn’t you say anything after coming back?”

“If I told you, then I wouldn’t have seen this scene!” Ye Zichen smiled.

Wei Chen revealed a troubled expressions, “Those brats are all tired, so I just took the lead in telling them to relax.”

“I have no intention of criticizing you guys, but the situation is rather unusual right now… Do you know of the demon race?” Ye Zichen sighed.

Wei Chen opened his eyes wide, “Demon race?”

“It seems like you do know,” Ye Zichen smiled. “The demon race has already infiltrated into Bingcheng. I cannot be certain whether they came for me or not, but since I protect this land, I cannot allow the demons to do as they wish here. Of course, my own prowess is limited, so I will need your help.”

However, Wei Chen continued to frown in silence for a long time.

Why did the demons appear in the Modern Realm?

If they truly appeared, then these organized soldiers are not going to be able to stop them at all.

“Boss Ye, I’m not trying to discourage you, but if the demons really came, then even the lowest level of demon warriors cannot be stopped by the people in our organization.”

“I know that of course,” Ye Zichen nodded. “From today onwards, I will provide them with things that can speed up their strengthening process. Of course, it’s not like everyone can use it. You have to make them get it through achievements. Then again, you can directly give them to those you find more trustworthy.”

With that, Ye Zichen picked up the pair of black silk stockings from the table.

Wei Chen had already noticed the black stockings since a while ago, so he couldn’t help but ask, “Does this pair of black stockings have any sort of special ability?”

“What are you thinking!?” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes speechlessly at Wei Chen, then went and found Old Lord Taishang, who he had contacted the previous day.

“Old Lord!”

Old Lord Taishang, who was sitting near the pill furnace, picked up his phone as fast as possible when he heard it buzz.

Meanwhile, a pile of vials and canisters sat in front of him, all of which contained pills that he and his disciples refined the previous night.

“I’m here!”

He had already prepared the pills, and all he awaited was Sky Sovereign Nameless’s miraculous treasure.


The moment he sent the message, a red packet appeared on Old Lord Taishang’s screen.

You received Sky Sovereign Nameless’s red packet.

When Old Lord Taishang picked up the treasure, he blanked out for a while as he looked at the packaging. He was able to see a black silk product through the transparent packaging, but he did not know what it was.

He carefully placed it aside, then directly sent all his vials and canisters over.

You received Old Lord Taishang’s red packet.

Body Enhancement Pill x300.

Body Strengthening Pill x300

Spirit Gathering Pill x300.

“Sky Sovereign, the Spirit Gathering Pill is suitable for people of the Spiritual Body and Earth Immortal levels. Taking two per day, one in the morning and one during nighttime can greatly improve the intimacy between immortals and celestial spiritual energy. Body Enhancement Pill and Body Strengthening Pills are to strengthen a person’s body and remove the impurities within one’s body.”

Old Lord Taishang explained carefully. Then he picked up the black silk stocking Ye Zichen sent over and asked with a look of curiosity.

“I wonder what treasure did Sky Sovereign send me? And how should I reply when the Queen Mother asks?”

Ye Zichen chuckled, then imagined the Queen Mother with black stockings on…

“This treasure is called black silk stockings. Just open it and see.”

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