Chapter 380 The Queen Mother’s Birthday Feast

Chapter 380 – The Queen Mother’s Birthday Feast


Ye Zichen couldn’t help but shudder when he saw the seriousness in Lil’ White’s eyes.

“Little kid has learnt how to joke with Boss now huh? The demonic energy is clearly very faint, so how is it possible for me to die there. I am of the False Earth Immortal level, alright?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and chuckled, then patted Lil’ White’s head. “If you joke randomly with Boss like this again, then I’ll cut you off dog food!”

“Do you really think that I’m kidding?” Lil’ White did not care, while he continued with a tone filled with sincerity. “The density of demonic energy does not determine their strength. I already calculated your chances of victory, the result was…”

“How much!?”

“One in ten thousand!” Lil’ White said with a faint smile. “of course, I’m talking about you and the two stronger ones. There are two weaker ones as well, but I don’t suggest you going over. They might be together.”

Lil’ White’s words had already surprised Ye Zichen, but his following words caused Ye Zichen to be even more worried.

Two stronger ones, two weaker ones…

Four demons have already infiltrated into Bingcheng. Ever since he had returned from the capital, he had paid close attention to the presence of demons, and Mother Ye had done the same.

However, four of them actually hid themselves from Mother Ye and Ye Zichen’s detection.

“Are you certain?” Ye Zichen asked.

Lil’ White nodded with a smile, “I’m ten thousand percent sure. I’m a male dog that’s going to become a beast god. If I can’t even detect a puny demon, then how am I supposed to become a beast god?”


A merciless five finger mountain was the response he got…

“Stop bragging in front of me. If you are truly amazing, then go and bite those demons all to death.”

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes at Lil’ White.

At the same time, Lil’ White also said in a troubled manner that was no less prideful, “Tsk, give me some time to grow. When I truly become a beast god, then I can scare them to death with a sneeze. Of course… the current me cannot beat them.”

Even Lil’ White got slightly embarrassed when he said so.

As Lil’ White scratched his head with a coy smile, Ye Zichen rubbed his head and said sadly, “You… I want you to hurry up and become a beast god as well. Then I wouldn’t be so tired out.”

Ye Zichen let out another long sigh, “Tell me just what level of strength do the two weaker ones have!”

“You can’t be wanting to deal with them, right? I told you not to already,” Lil’ White said worriedly.

Ye Zichen knocked him on the head, then chuckled, “Is your boss such an idiot? I just want to know their strength to figure out how to defend against them. The demons have already come to Bingcheng, so I can’t just stay idle, right?”

“That’s alright then,” only then did Lil’ White stop worrying, then closed his eyes to sense the demons, before he spoke up again. “The two stronger ones are stronger than Sky Immortals. As for the weaker ones, one of them is about the strength of an Earth Immortal, while the other has the strength of the Spiritual Body level!”

Ye Zichen nodded, then bought a few packets of dog food from the Treasure Shop for Lil’ White before returning to his own room.

While he was in his room, Mother Ye brought some fruits over. Ye Zichen considered telling her about the information he got from Lil’ White, only to resist that impulse.

I can’t let mom get involved.

Ye Zichen’s gaze turned more resolute as he hand an apple in his hand.

Those demons might very well have come for me…

Damn reincarnation.

Ye Zichen grabbed his hair. If I wasn’t the Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation, then I wouldn’t get in so much trouble. What’s more annoying is that those Rogue Immortal guys didn’t send me some helpers either.

God knows how many people the demons will send over later to deal with me. What’s more, it isn’t just the demon race, the half-beastmen also have me as their target.

I only have “Tribulation”, and its members are not particularly strong. But, I can’t find any strong people right now, so I can only try and develop the current members quickly.

Ye Zichen clenched his teeth, then took out his phone to find Old Lord Taishang on WeChat.

“Old Lord, come out and chat a bit.”

At that moment, Old Lord Taishang was focusing on refining pills. The Queen Mother’s birthday feast was soon, and as the head of the Three Pure Ones, he couldn’t go empty handed, so…

He stayed in the Pill Refining Room for several days, and didn’t even go out to play cards.

When his phone near the furnace buzzed, he raised his eyebrows and picked it up. After seeing the sender of the message, he immediately turned to the two aides within the room, “Pay attention to the flames. I’m going to rest for a bit!”

“Understood, esteemed master!”

The two aides focused on the fire of the furnace.

At the same time, Old Lord Taishang also walked to his chair and typed out his response.

“How is Sky Sovereign Nameless so free as to come out talk to this old man?”

The two of them did have a small grudge between them, but due to Yue Lao’s advice, they had already put it past them.

At that moment, Ye Zichen and him were not very close, but they were not enemies either.

“Old Lord, it’s not like I came to you for nothing. I just want to ask whether you have any treasures that can raise a person’s strength.”

Old Lord Taishang raised his eyebrows and replied, “Sky Sovereign is funny. How could I possibly have treasures that can help you raise your strength? Even Level Nine Celestial Pills are of no use to use! If I can truly refine something like that, then I would have become a True Immortal already.”

The moment Ye Zichen saw Old Lord Taishang’s reply, he immediately knew that the old man misunderstood, so he quickly explained himself.

“It’s not for me. I want to train a bunch of disciples. They are mostly at the Spiritual Body level, while the highest level is an Earth Immortal.”

“Sky Sovereign is actually training disciples, they are truly lucky,” Old Lord Taishang flattered. “This old man is able to refine pills of that level, but I can’t do so currently!”

“Old Lord is busy?”

“Sky Sovereign should know, right?” Old Lord Taishang smiled helplessly. “The Queen Mother’s birthday feast is soon. I’ve been refining pills for her these few days. Although I have plenty of furnaces here, but there cannot be any mistakes when refining pills for her. I’m telling you, if anyone else talked to me… I would just ignore them!”

The Queen Mother’s birthday feast?

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

“Then your pills are your presents for the Queen Mother?”

“Naturally!” Old Lord Taishang revealed a wryly smile. “This old man is only talented at refining pills. If I was to try and give anything else… I don’t have anything else to give!”

A small gradually appeared on Ye Zichen’s lips.

At the same time, Old Lord Taishang also raised his eyebrows.

“Sky Sovereign is coming back soon, right? What present did you prepare for the Queen Mother? If it’s Sky Sovereign, then you will definitely present an amazing treasure that surprises everyone!”

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but shake his head with a smile when he read the message.

“Hehe, I might not be free, but… I do have a treasure that’s so much better than your pills. Do you want it?”

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