Chapter 379 Plan A Succeeded

Chapter 379 – Plan A Succeeded

“What did you say?” Song An’s expression immediately turned cold as he snorted with a mocking smile. “Little fellow, this is not a place for you to act out of line!”

“Then is this a place for you to act out of line?” Ye Zichen smiled. “I was merely telling Gramps to choose doctors properly. What? You aren’t letting people speak their mind now?”

At that moment, Deng Cheng suddenly reached his hand out towards Song An…

“Sorry, Mr. Song. I feel like you are unable to work with our hospital anymore. I hope you will find a way out in other hospitals.”

Elder Deng’s words completely shocked Song An.

“Elder Deng, are you kidding? Just because of what this brat said, you…”

“I believe in Lil’ Ye’s words,” Deng Cheng smiled.

Hearing that, Song An couldn’t help but cursed with a frown, “Foolish old man!”

“Can I interpret that as you cursing me?” Deng Cheng’s expression suddenly turned cold.

Xiao Yumei also snickered on the side, “Mr. Song, your words just now have caused huge troubles for me. I will tell my lawyer to send you a lawyer letter later.”

“Zeze, lawyer letter? Sorry, I’m American!” Song An sneered with a snort, as he said with a tone full of disdain. “Just a bunch like you want to sue me? Do you even dare?”

“So cocky!”


Ye Zichen directly kicked Song An to the ground. Then, he squinted his eyes with a snort, “We’re not only going to sue you, we even beat you up. So what? You gonna find the American Consulate to punish me? Seriously, instead of being a good Huaxia citizen, you started to act cocky just because you’re an American now. Don’t forget, this is Huaxia!”

“Mr. Ye,” the waiter was unsure of what to do, and the restaurant owner also gulped after he rushed over.

The people that are fighting are important figures. I can’t afford to offend any of them!

“Don’t mind too much, if he really dares to sue anyone, tell him to sue me. I am Ye Zichen, the Chairman of Maintaining Beauty Corporation. I await your lawyer letter. I will accompany you until the very end no matter what saw of lawsuit you want to get into!” Ye Zichen smiled, then sneered at Song An, who was lying on the ground. “Remember, I’m called Ye Zichen. Come, punish me!”

Then, before leaving, he couldn’t help but to kick Song An once again.

However, nobody noticed the smile on Song An’s face when Ye Zichen did that.

After getting up from the ground, he acted furiously as if he was going to go to the consulate, but the moment he left the restaurant, he took out his phone and smiled sinisterly, “Master, Plan A has succeeded!”

After leaving that restaurant, Ye Zichen and co. went to another one nearby.

After they sat down, Deng Cheng finally raised his eyebrows, “Lil’ Ye, why did you tell me not to use Song An earlier? It seems like you two have a bit of a grudge?”

The fact that Deng Cheng supported him without any conditions made Ye Zichen very happy. I guess helping this Gramps deal with all those troubles wasn’t a waste after all.

“It isn’t really a grudge…” Ye Zichen let out a sigh, then spoke about the incident on the plane, and told Deng Cheng about what had occurred in the restaurant.

“It’s lucky that I didn’t let him work in the hospital. Otherwise, someone like that definitely would have a bad effect on our hospital,” Deng Cheng replied.

Meanwhile, Liu Qianqian, who sat beside him did not say anything, and merely played with her chopsticks.

“Lucy, why aren’t you speaking?” Ye Zichen teased when he saw Liu Qianqian’s quite appearance.

Liu Qianqian immediately rolled her eyes, “Seriously!”

Deng Cheng couldn’t help but chuckle when he saw them. Then he turned towards Ye Zichen once again, “Lil’ Ye, do you remember what I promised you when we went to help take a look at Old Lin?”

“Huh?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrow in confusion.

Deng Cheng chuckled, “Didn’t I say that I’ll introduce you to my granddaughter? This is my granddaughter Liu Qianqian… How is she, the two of you…”

“Ahem!” Ye Zichen suddenly coughed intensely, while Liu Qianqian also blushed.

“Grandpa!” Liu Qianqian hammered Deng Cheng’s shoulders.

However, he merely chuckled once more, “Lil’ Ye’s medical abilities definitely make him worthy of you. What? Are you not satisfied?”

Xiao Yumei maintained a faint smile as she stood on the side. She did not reveal any sense of displeasure or acceptance. Ye Zichen’s heart jumped. This Gramps…

He’s screwing me over!

Ye Zichen doubted that someone as old as Deng Cheng would be unable tell his relationship with Xiao Yumei. What’s more, he also had that Huang Shengmei in the hospital…

This Gramps probably knows, but why is he still doing this?

He’s definitely trying to screw me over.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but retort in his heart.

Meanwhile, Deng Cheng’s face was covered with a faint smile, “Lil’ Ye, how about it…”

“Then… Can we talk about this topic some other time?" Ye Zichen smiled wryly.

Deng Cheng nodded, “Sure, my granddaughter just gets embarrassed easily. Make sure to keep in contact in private!”

“Grandpa!” Liu Qianqian called out again.

Only then did Deng Cheng grab a pork knuckle and raise his eyebrows, “Mm, this restaurant’s pork knuckle is pretty good.”

When Ye Zichen and Xiao Yumei got into the car once again, Ye Zichen focused on her expression, and wondered about how he was supposed to explain it to her.

“No need to explain to me. I will be by your side regardless of how many women you have.”

“Yumei, that Gramps was just screwing me over. That geezer’s really crafty, god only knows what ploy he’s crafting,” Ye Zichen smiled coyly.

“Perhaps, but don’t mind so much. I’ll send you back to the mansion. Since Tiantian wants to stay with me these two days, I’ll stay at your place as well,” Xiao Yumei nodded. Then suddenly said. “Actually, never mind, I’ll take Tiantian back to my place. What if I affect you picking up girls!”

“Please stop teasing me!” Ye Zichen shrugged.

Xiao Yumei also giggled and stopped talking.

When they arrived back in the mansion, Mother Ye immediately grabbed Xiao Yumei away to chat, while Ye Zichen sat down on the sofa and hooked his fingers at Lil’ White.

Lil’ White immediately glanced over at the second floor, then shot over.


“How’s it going?”

For the past few days, Ye Zichen had been waiting for Lil’ White to finish. The moment Lil’ White confirms the location, then he’ll charge over…

The demons must be killed in their cradle!

“I’ve already located them,” Lil’ White smiled proudly.

Ye Zichen immediately lifted Lil’ White up by his two front legs, “Lil’ White, I will remember this achievement. Tell me, where are they!”

“I can’t tell you!” Lil’ White suddenly shook his head.

Ye Zichen immediately revealed a confused expression. “Why not!?”

“Because I don’t want you to go and die!”

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