Chapter 377 Substitution

Chapter 377 – Substitution

Within the interrogation room.

Ye Zichen sat on the chair with a despondent look on his face. The police officer from the scene walked over and placed his notebook on the desk.

“I got a brief understanding of the situation from Guo Jing. I feel like we can’t press any charges against you.”

Ye Zichen nodded silently, then after a long while he finally spoke up, “Did… they all die?”

“They’re all dead,” the police officer nodded in confirmation. “The murderer committed suicide after killing all the victims. The situation of the case is definite now, there is nothing else to truly investigate. You are safe now.”

“Is that so!” Ye Zichen smiled wryly as he stood up from his chair. When he walked of the interrogation room, he saw that people he knew were all waiting from him outside the door. Not only Su Yan and co. were there, even Liu Jing’s father, Commissioner Liu was there.

“You also came!” Ye Zichen smiled wryly once again.

Commissioner Liu nodded, “I heard that you got into some trouble from Lil’ Zhang, so I came over to take a look. How is the situation?”

“I’m fine,” Ye Zichen shook his head with a smile. “You should receive the report from your subordinates very soon…”

At that moment, the officer who chatted with Ye Zichen walked out. When he saw Commissioner Liu, he quickly walked over.

“Commissioner Liu, why did you come? That being said, I do have a case I want to talk with you about, could you…”

“Let’s go!”

After Commissioner Liu and the police officer left, Ye Zichen and co. also exited the police station. During their journey back, Ye Zichen was in a very foul mood…



Why did she do something like that?


Ye Zichen’s phone buzzed. When he took out his phone, he saw that it was a message from White Impermanence.

“Where are you? Let’s meet. We haven’t met up in so long!”

“Where are you now?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and asked.

“I’m still at Polytechnic University. I’ve only just now caught the ghosts….” White Impermanence replied.

“Then wait there for me. I’ll come back immediately!”


Approximately some ten-odd minutes later, Ye Zichen immediately raced to the girls’ dormitory after returning back to school. There, White Impermanence waited for him as she wandered around while yanking four spiritual bodies along.

“Hey, you came!”

When she saw Ye Zichen, she immediately ran over.

Ye Zichen took a glance at the ghosts in her hands. Those ghosts were the girls in Yao Yue’s room, but what was strange was that all of them had a blank look on their face. Even when they saw Ye Zichen, they did not act like they recognized him at all.


Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, then suddenly noticed that Yao Yue’s spirit was not present.

“You only caught four ghosts here? Didn’t five die?”

“When I came out, they did say that five died, but I only found the four of them here. These little fellows are rather pitiful, they had a spiritual and a physical soul taken away from them. Even if they go through the cycle of reincarnation, they will only be idiots!”

A spiritual and a physical soul taken away!

Ye Zichen was shocked. King Qinguang had told him before that many of the ghosts entering the Underworld lacked a spiritual and a physical soul…

He had once suspected that to be the work of the demons. Did the demon race already stretch their claws over here?

But, where did Yao Yue’s soul go?

“Strange, too strange.”

Ye Zichen knitted his eyebrows tightly…

Fiery Eyes of Truth, activate!

A faint golden light surfaced from his eyes. When he looked towards the girls’ dormitory, he noticed that there was no demonic energy in the dormitory at all.

If a demon actually came, then the demonic energy here should be intense.

Even if a long time has passed, there should still be traces of it.

But, I can’t feel any demonic energy here at all.

“Hey, what are you thinking?” White Impermanence waved.

Only then did Ye Zichen return to his senses with a smile, “It’s nothing.”

“Mm, I just wanted to come and see you. The Underworld is rather busy, so I have to hurry back.”

“Alright, then keep doing your thing!”

White Impermanence then disappeared with the female ghosts instantly. After that, Ye Zichen gazed at the girls’ dormitory… For a long time.

At the same time, in a room inside a commercial hotel.

Guo Jing sat on the sofa within the room in a bathrobe, while a smiling man was beside her.

“How is it? Are you used to this body?”

“It’s alright,” Guo Jing nodded indifferently. “But using someone else’s body is still troublesome. When her parents called just now, I was rather worried.”

“What’s there to worry about? Just use her body calmly!” the man smiled darkly and took out a small glass vial from his pocket. “Guo Jing’s soul is inside this vial. If you don’t understand anything, then ask her.”


“Don’t try to know too much. We’re just cooperating,” the man smiled darkly once again. “From now on, you’re Guo Jing. I will tell you what you need to do in the future.”

“Actually-Actually, I feel like this is enough, I don’t want to do anymore!”

“It’s no longer an issue of whether you want to, my darling!” the man patted Guo Jing’s cheek with a smile. “From the moment you agreed to my terms of exchanging bodies, you’re already in on this. It’s impossible for you to give up halfway! Now, just calmly work for me, I… will not treat you badly!”

“Then when can I return to my own body!” Guo Jing frowned.

“That would depend on how obedient you are,” with that, the man opened his bathrobe and spread his legs. “Come, my darling!”

After Ye Zichen left the girls’ dormitory, he did not return to his own dorm, and instead returned to his mansion.

“Why did you rush back in such a hurry?” Ye Rong couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows when she saw how desperate Ye Zichen looked. “Wait a moment, Mom will go and wash some fruits for you.”

“No need!” Ye Zichen quickly stopped his mother. “I came here because there is something I want to trouble you with.”

“What is it?”

“Can you feel the existence of demons in Bingcheng?”

With that, Mother Ye immediately closed her eyes, while her body shimmered with a holy light. Not long later, she opened her eyes once more and shook her head, “No. What is it? Did the demons stretch their claws to Bingcheng?”

Rage flashed across Mother Ye’s eyes. She had no affable feeling towards any of the demon race at all.

“N-No, I’m just asking,” Ye Zichen shook his head with a coy smile. “There really isn’t anything, keep doing what you were going to do!”

“Ai, then mom will go and wash some fruits for you,” Ye Rong turned around and left without thinking too much into it.

At that moment, Lil’ White ran over with his tongue out.

“Boss, you’re looking for demons?”

“Mhm,” Ye Zichen nodded.

Lil’ White immediately replied, “I can sense where the demons are!”

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