Chapter 376 Murder in School

Chapter 376 – Murder in School

Deep in the night.

Yao Yue returned to her dorm with a cold smile. When she returned her roommates were still sitting together talking about her.

“I really didn’t expect it. How can someone be that shameless!”

“Yeah, she actually tricked so many of us. She even slapped me… I’m angry just thinking about him!”

“What’s there to get angry about?” the rich girl smiled meaningfully, then twirled her fingers, while a look of disdain could be seen on her face. “I already helped you guys teach her a lesson. Didn’t you she slap you once? I got her slapped ten times!”

“Jing-jie is still the most amazing one,” all of the girls in the dorm smiled in flattery…


At that moment, the door to the dorm was suddenly kicked open. When everybody looked back, they saw Yao Yue walk in, her clothes in shambles.

“You still have face to return?” the rich girl smiled meaningfully, then raised her eyebrows at Yao Yue’s messed up clothing. “Zeze, it seems like they screwed you up pretty nicely. It truly is a shame that I didn’t go and record it!”

“Hehe…” Yao Yue suddenly smiled coldly. Seeing that, the rich girl immediately raised her hand to hit Yao Yue.

“Cutie, you can’t hit my darling!”

The hand the rich girl raised was suddenly grabbed by a man. All of the girls within the dorm looked at the man in shock, because they did not see anyone behind Yao Yue before.

“Who are you? Let go of me!” the rich girl struggled.

Yao Yue suddenly raised her hand and slapped the rich girl repeatedly.

“Yao Yue!” the rich girl felt as if she was going crazy. She had never once been bullied like that.

“Hehe…” Yao Yue merely laughed sinisterly in response. Then, a sharp dagger suddenly appeared in her hands.

The rich girl suddenly stopped daring to speak. She trembled and spoke with a forced smile, “Yao Yue, don’t act impulsively. Didn’t you say that you like Maserati Quattroporte last time? I’ll give one to you!’

“Hehe, do you think that… I need it?” Yao Yue suddenly laughed coldly, then stabbed the dagger in her hands towards the rich girl’s neck without any hesitation. Blood immediately began to spurt out.

Seeing that, the surrounding girls also tried to run outside the room frantically…

However, when they reached the door, they noticed that they were unable to run out no matter how much they tried.


Yao Yue casually pushed the rich girl, causing the girl to fall limply towards the floor. The, she also turned around with the dagger and walked towards the other girls.


Six o’clock the next morning.

As the sky just started to turn bright, a screeching siren sounded out within Polytechnic University. Many students were awoken by this siren, including Ye Zichen.

He opened his eyes blurrily, and subconsciously took out his phone to look at WeChat, and saw that White Impermanence had sent him a message.

“I’m going out to work at Polytechnic University. Is that anywhere close to your place?”

Work at Polytechnic University? Could someone have died here?

Ye Zichen put his phone to the side with a confused expression and looked up, only to see that everyone else had already gotten up from their beds.

This is too unusual…

“No, what happened? Why did you guys wake up so early? What’s the siren outside for?”

“A murder happened at our girls’ dorms. When Yao Yue came back during midnight, she killed all the girls in her room. The bailiffs, and people from the police department and Department of Education are all here! Our school’s in a complete mess right now!” Zhang Rui pushed up his glasses and replied with a frown.

Hearing that news, Ye Zichen immediately sat up from his bed.

“What? Murder!?”

Ye Zichen quickly got dressed, then hurried to the girls’ dormitory as fast as he could without even washing up.

Ten-odd police cars parked outside the dorm, while police and bailiffs continuously walked around the scene.

Plenty of girls in pajamas and slippers were being questioned, but all of them said that they did not hear any unusual sound the previous night.

“Zichen-gege!” Su Yan and her roommates were also there, and when they saw Ye Zichen, they immediately ran over.

“Murder. Yao Yue… killed everyone in her room?” Ye Zichen could not even imagine Yao Yue doing something like that.

Su Yan nodded, while her twitching eyes revealed the terror in her heart, “All of them. When we passed by her room just now, we saw that their room was covered in blood.”

“Who called the police?” Ye Zichen frowned.

Su Yan raised her eyebrows and spoke up, “It seems to be Guo Jing, who lives in that room. She didn’t stay in the dorm the previous night. When she returned and noticed this, she immediately called the police…”

“Guo Jing?”

“It’s the rich girl in their room,” Xia Keke also frowned. “You’ve seen her. She stood beside Yao Yue when we went to their room yesterday.”

“That girl…” Ye Zichen nodded blankly. However, his heart was still completely shocked.

I don’t understand why Yao Yue would actually go and kill people? Did I force her to do this!?

“It’s him…” At that moment, a loud yell sounded out beside Ye Zichen.

He turned back and saw Guo Jing, who had bloodshot eyes, walk over with a few police officers, “It’s this person. If it wasn’t for him, then Yao Yue wouldn’t have done something this crazy.”

“Guo Jing, shut your damn mouth!” Xia Keke cursed. “What did Ye Zichen do? What does Yao Yue killing people have anything to do with him!”

“Yes, not just him, it’s you guys as well!” Guo Jing pointed her fingers in sadness and cursed. “If it wasn’t for you guys, would Yao Yue had been forced into that situation? You mistresses who stole Yao Yue’s boyfriend. Also, you, Ye Zichen, isn’t any good shit. Unfaithful bastard, you started to mess around just after getting rich!”

At that moment, white-cloth covered stretchers were carried out. Seeing that, Guo Jing immediately leaped over and started to sob.

“Yao Yue… Why did you act so foolishly!”

At the same time, a few police officers also walked over, “Captain, we have surveyed the place thoroughly. The reason of death is initially judged to be due to the wounds by a sharp object. We will need to wait for the forensic reports for the details.”

“Mhmm, understood. We’re heading back!” the police officer with a hat on waved towards his team members. Then, he turned around to Ye Zichen and co. “Sorry, you guys also need to come with us to the police station for investigation.”

“Okay,” Ye Zichen answered without thinking, while his gaze remained on the stretchers.

He really could not understand why the situation turned out like this. Could it be that everything was really my fault?

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