Chapter 375 Makeup Spokesperson

Chapter 375 – Makeup Spokesperson

Since this event affected a lot of things, and a lot of people, the names within the threads became heated topics that people searched for. Out of these names, Yao Yue and Ye Zichen’s name were the most searched.

Yao Yue’s actions caused the situation to develop to a point that there was no space for any negotiation any longer. As the different sites continued to play Guo Qiang’s video, the clicks on the videos captured by the security cameras exceeded ten million.

In the end…

Yao Yue lost.

Yao Yue held her head with her hands and trembled. After her roommates saw the security clip, and Guo Qiang’s stream, the way they looked towards Yao Yue completely changed.

“I seem to have seen this man by Yao Yue’s side before.”

“Yao Yue, was it fun?” the rich girl also stood up from her bed. She tilted her head and looked at Yao Yue with a sneer. “Was it worth tricking us for so long just for the clothes and bags? Have you no shame? Should I say that you hid it well, or should we call ourselves foolish. I’ve actually never doubted you!’

“Would you have gotten tricked by me if it wasn’t because you wanted to gain something from me? Actually, since it was a willing thing, you can’t blame me for it,” Yao Yue stood up from the floor with a cold smile.

The rich girl shrugged with a nod, “Indeed. There is no doubt that I did want to get something from you, but it seems like I’m unable to get anything. Of course, since I gifted those to you, then so be it. This lady doesn’t care about that trash anyways. But, now you’re notorious. Also, I do have to pay you back for tricking me!”

With that, the rich girl took out her phone and dialed a number under Yao Yue’s slightly terrified gaze.

“Ye-zi. Wow. Your move was basically a killer move!” Su Yiyuan put his hand on Ye Zichen’s shoulder with a smile, then glanced at the changes in the stock market. “If there is no surprise, then our corporation’s stock will definitely start to rise. The impact of this incident will cause you to be a controversial topic for half a month at the very least… Seriously, this woman, Yao Yue probably never would have dreamed that all her actions merely helped us out!”

Everyone in the dorm nodded with smiles as if they just won a war. However, Ye Zichen could not feel any sense of joy.

Was this result really what I wanted to see?

I clearly didn’t want it to end up like this, but why didn’t she listen to me.


Your intimacy level with Stone Fairy increased by 200. Current intimacy level: 400.

Ye Zichen’s phone vibrated. He took out his phone to look at the system notification. Then, after a short while, a small “one” popped by on his chat with Stone Fairy.

“Kid, you really didn’t trick me.”

Stone Fairy was beyond happy. She never expected that the stuff that she thought was trash actually helped her become pretty.

Even though she spent her entire afternoon figuring out how to put on makeup, and didn’t walk outdoors to let others see her.

She was certain that as long as she wandered around the Southern Heaven’s Gate, the stinky men would definitely be shocked.


Due to the incident with Yao Yue, Ye Zichen felt rather sad the entire time, so he merely replied indifferently.

Then, Stone Fairy spoke up once again.

“Say it, what do you want me to help you with? I will definitely do what I can as long as I can do it!”

“No need for so much trouble, just walk around more in the Heavenly Court. Also, when you chat with the other deities in the Heavenly Court, just unintentionally reveal that I am going to start makeup lessons. If they are interested, then drag them into the group!”

With that, Ye Zichen dragged both Erlang Shen and Stone Fairy into a new group.

Erlang Shen: Bro, this group… Oh, Heavenly Court Makeup Lesson.

Stone Fairy: Little Brother Yang Jian, come out with Big Sis later.

Erlang Shen: Let’s not! <insert a roll of emojis with sweat drops as they smile>

Stone Fairy: Don’t come if you want to die.

Erlang Shen ignored the pair’s conversation within the group. He merely clicked back to his chat with Stone Fairy and typed out another message.

“The group just now was the Makeup Group. If they’re interested, then invite them in. The lesson will start when there is 20 people in the group.”

“No problem, I can do something as simple as this,” Stone Fairy replied without any hesitation. “Is there anything else you need my help with?”

At that moment, Ye Zichen did not walk to think too much into it. He shook his head as he replied, “There doesn’t seem to be anything right now. I’ll tell you when I think of it! Of yeah, remember to use the massage cream. It will help your skin and physique a lot.”

“No problem!”

After Stone Fairy ended her chat with Ye Zichen, she mentioned Yang Jian in the group and told him to prepare to go out with her.

Yang Jian merely sat onto his vine chair with a troubled expression. He felt extremely troubled after seeing Stone Fairy’s message!

Going out with this sis is definitely a miraculous experience.

Yang Jian licked his lips, then spammed in his chat with Ye Zichen.

“Bro, bro!”

“What is it?”

Ye Zichen had already gotten ready to put his phone down and rest, but when he saw Yang Jian’s message, he had already guessed what Yang Jian wanted to ask him about.

“Stone Fairy succeeded with putting on makeup. You can try and go out with her. It won’t make you lose face.”

“Bro, you do get me.”

Yang Jian immediately replied with a smile.

After seeing the response, Ye Zichen shook his head speechlessly before he chucked his phone to the side of his bed, rolled over, and stared blankly at the ceiling.

“Mom, I don’t want to go to school anymore,” Yao Yue shrunk her body as she squatted in the corner of a room. At that moment, her clothes were already in shambles, while plenty of palm marks covered her face and body…

As she mumbled to her mother on the phone, the door to the room was pushed open. The person who walked in was a thin man with a smile on his face.

“You… You…” Yao Yue subconsciously hung up the call, and looked at the man in terror.

“Zeze, truly a pitiful girl,” the man walked over with a pitiful gaze. He lifted Yao Yue’s chin with his right hand. “You look pretty good too…”

“What do you want?”

“Don’t be nervous!” the man caressed her cheeks, then smiled. “According to what I know, you ended up like this because of Ye Zichen, right?”

“No… it was due to me!” Yao Yue shook her head with force.

However, the man shook his head and refuted her, “No, it was Ye Zichen’s fault. If he still cared for you ever so slightly, then he wouldn’t have done it to such an extreme, and you wouldn’t have turned into someone that everybody detests.”


“Stop denying it. Actually, you already know in your heart, right? Do you not want to make those people who bullied you pay? Don’t you want to see Ye Zichen and the women around him be completely ruined, then make them experience what you feel right now?”

“I-I do!” Yao Yue suddenly looked up. She bit her lips, and clenched her fist.

“That’s right, isn’t it?” the man touched Yao Yue’s face with a chuckle, then reached below her neck.

Yao Yue subconsciously wanted to refuse.

However, the man also spoke up at the same time, “Listen to me properly. I can help you get revenge!”

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