Chapter 374 Completely Ruined


A crazed looked flashed across Yao Yue’s face. There is no way that I’ll stop now.

I have no other choice, I can only continue making this mistake.

“Hehe… What do you mean by this? What, since she served you well, and you’ve become successful, do you think that I am unworthy of you? Ye Zichen, don’t forget who was with you in your darkest hours,” Yao Yue’s passionate appearance caused the surrounding girls to all voice their support.

However, Ye Zichen merely looked at Yao Yue as if she was a pitiful child.

Yao Yue felt very uncomfortable due to Ye Zichen’s gaze, so she raised her hand and slapped, “You traitor, screw off… I don’t want to see you. Screw off!”

“Speak out the truth. I can pretend that nothing happened. We’ll just end it at this if you apologize to Xia Keke, okay?”

“Apologize to her? Neither of you are anything good. F*ck off!” Yao Yue grabbed the pillow on her bed and threw it.

However, Ye Zichen did not allow her to just let off steam like before. He raised his hand to grab the incoming pillow, then walked coldly beside Yao Yue’s bed to put it down.

Then, he turned around.

He had been forgiving enough, but… she didn’t want to turn back.

Under everyone’s criticism, Ye Zichen held Xia Keke’s trembling hands and left.

The moment they walked out of the room, Yao Yue fell down onto the floor, while her eyes twitched. She grabbed her hair with her right hand.

Just what was I doing!?

“Yao Yue, don’t cry, it’s that unfaithful jerked who wronged you.”

All of Yao Yue’s roommates surrounded her, while the bystanding students outside their room walked in to comfort her. In the fight between truth and lies, Yao Yue had gained everybody’s support using her superior acting skills.

I won.

“Yes, that bastard wronged me!” Yao Yue stood up with red eyes. She walked in front of her computer, and opened the school’s forums, then posted a thread in her own name…

The thread was filled with intimate photos of her and Ye Zichen, while the text following those photos insulted Ye Zichen, Xia Keke and all of his women.

At that moment, she had already gone mad. She had made up a dream for herself not so long ago. She had understood very clearly that all of that was a mere dream a few moments ago, and she had to wake up from the dream one day.

However, now, she was already submerged in it, and was no longer able to wake up.

People already paid huge attention to Xia Keke in Polytechnic University, and with the thread calling her a mistress, and the fact that someone her called her out with their real name, the number of replies shot up to new heights.

Xia Keke was not the only one involved it in. Even Su Yan, Lu Lu and the other school beauties, and even Xiao Yumei was included.


The phone on Yao Yue’s desk buzzed. She looked at the message on her screen with bloodshot eyes.

“Are you really going to continue on with your mistake?”

The person who sent the message was Ye Zichen.

“Stop shitting me. You wronged me, so don’t blame me for this! Wait till you are completely ruined!”

Yao Yue replied with a cold laugh, then chunked the phone onto the bed, while beginning to post threads in all the major forums she could think of.

She wasn’t going to make only the entire school know, she was going to make the entire world know that Ye Zichen was an unfaithful bastard, and all of the women around him were shameless mistresses.

She was going to ruin all those people completely.

Ye Zichen smiled wryly within the dorm as he looked at Yao Yue’s reply. Until that moment, he had still wanted to give that pitiful woman, Yao Yue, a chance, but… She refused to realize her own error.

“Ye-zi, since she has already done this, then there is no need to worry anymore!”

“F*ck, she really is shameless to a new level. If this happened to me, I would definitely slap that dumb bitch to death!”

“She’s so shameless. Wow, I’ve never seen anyone this shameless in my entire life!”

All of Ye Zichen’s roommates also paid attention to the situation of the threads in the different forums, while they transformed into keyboard warriors to help Ye Zichen and co. come clean.

“Never mind, since you want to be ruined completely, then I… will let you have it!” Ye Zichen let out a sad sigh. I clearly didn’t want things to come to this. But why did she not listen?

Ye Zichen dialed the number of his phone, then said coldly, “Begin!’

In a short ten-odd minutes, threads talking about the truth begun to appear in the school’s forum and all the other major forums. All of these threads clearly stated the relationship between Ye Zichen and Yao Yue, as well as their conflict…

What’s more, they even contained powerful proof of Yao Yue cheating on Ye Zichen.

In three hours, the number of searches Ye Zichen, Yao Yue and co. shot up. As both sides continuously revealed more evidence, the truth became rather confusing.

All of a sudden, the viewpoints in the different forums came into conflict.

Yao Yue, who was paying attention to all that smiled, “You are forcing me.”

With that, she contacted the water army leader that she had called a while before…

“It’s time for your debut!”

“Ye-zi, that bitch hired a water army!” Zhang Rui raised his eyebrows. “I already told my friends to refuse this job, but she is already dead set on it. She hired an astronomical number of them, and now all of the discussion within the forums are against your side…”

“The price of Maintaining Beauty Corporation’s is also wavering,” Su Yiyun said with a frown.

Since Ye Zichen was the true owner of Maintaining Beauty Corporation, the fact that the internet was flooded with negative news towards him impacted Maintaining Beauty Corporation as well.

“She truly did everything she could. I didn’t actually want to use this evidence at all, since it will truly impact her too much,” Ye Zichen let out a sigh.

Su Yiyun snorted coldly, “It’s already come to this, so why do you mind at all. My little sister is also involved, even if you don’t want it to get out of hand, I can’t possibly let it go just like this.”

“Mhmm,” Ye Zichen nodded, then took out his phone once again to dial a number. “You can release it now.”

At that moment, Yao Yue was sitting proudly on her chair. Taking the first move was of use in any situation.

Right now, the internet is filled with criticism against Ye Zichen and co., while I’m the victim…

Not only did I not lose this? It has turned me into an internet celebrity.

Just as a smug appeared on her face, a bunch of videos appeared on the various forums. The moment she clicked open the videos…

Yao Yue’s expression stiffened.

All of the videos were security video camera recordings. It displayed her… with Guo Qiang as they mocked Ye Zichen, alongside… evidence of her getting a room with Guo Qiang.

At the same time, words from a man claiming to be Guo Qiang also appeared on the internet.


Yao Yue fell limply onto the floor. Her face turned stark white, while she begun to tremble.

At the same time, Ye Zichen, who saw the stream of Guo Qiang’s words, shook his head as he looked at Yao Yue’s message on his screen.

“You’ve been completely ruined. Yao Yue! Is this what you really wanted?”

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