Chapter 373 The Guilty Party Complains First

Chapter 373 – The Guilty Party Complains First

The face of Xia Keke, who was gripping her phone, was pale. Ye Zichen yanked the phone over in confusion, but when he saw the thread on the screen, he clenched his fist tightly.

Ye Zichen took out his phone and directly called Su Yiyun.


“Who is in charge of the school’s forums? Hurry up and get that person to delete the thread about Xia Keke, then help me find out the IP of the thread starter!”

Ye Zichen’s tone contained immeasurable rage. The original poster did way too much, that person was intentionally harming Xia Keke…

“What happened?” Su Yiyun was slightly stunned on the other end of the call.

“A thread about Xia Keke was posted on the school’s forums. Everything in it was intentionally harming her. Right now, there are tons of replies, so the thread is right at the top!”

“That happened? I’ll immediately go and deal with it.”

When Ye Zichen hung up the call, he looked up and saw Xia Keke’s icy face as she clenched her fist tightly.

No wonder she’s so angry, the contents of the thread were way too outrageous.

“Keke, I already got Su Yiyun to delete the threads. Calm down, I’ll definitely help you get even after finding out who did it,” Ye Zichen handed Xia Keke’s phone over.

Xia Keke took it, then directly smashed it onto the floor.

This scene caused the customers within the store to look over at them.

At that moment, Xia Keke also squinted her eyes with a snort, “I really am a bit mad now.”

A faint mirage of a golden dragon appeared from her body. All of the customers within the store couldn’t help but shrink their necks, then hurriedly turned around without daring to look over.

“Don’t mind it so much!” Ye Zichen comforted her.

“I don’t mind!” Xia Keke smiled, while the coldness on her delicate face caused people to tremble. “I submit when they said that I’m a mistress! But the poster said that I was being paid good money by a rich man. Zeze… I really am curious, just which rich man is it? Why have I never received any money!?”

Xia Keke was truly angry. Not only her, even Ye Zichen was furious about the thread.


At that moment, Ye Zichen’s phone rang, while the caller ID revealed that it was Su Yiyun.

“How is it?”

“I already got someone to delete the thread, and I’ve also found the IP of the original poster.”

“Tell me the location!”

The girl, who posted the thread, covered her face and didn’t even dared to move as she stood in the room. Yao Yue sat on the bed opposite her with an ice-cold gaze, while her heart beat quickly.

It really is all over now.

She had already told the girl to delete the thread immediately, but just as they were about to do so, the system already gave them a notification saying that it was already deleted.

Ever since Yao Yue received the news, her heart sank further and further.

“Yao Yue, don’t be so angry! That woman stole your boyfriend, so it’s good to teach her a bit of a lesson!” the rich girl comforted.

Yao Yue bit her lips and shook her head, “You don’t understand.”

She gripped her phone tightly in her hand, while the screen displayed Ye Zichen’s phone number. It was clear that she had been hesitating whether to dial the number or not…


At that moment, the door to the dorm was kicked open. Xia Keke walked in with a cold and indifferent smile as she swept her gaze over the girls in the room.

“Who posted it?”

Ye Zichen stood behind her with a slightly awkward expression, while the dorm manager stood behind them.

“No fighting. That’s the school’s rules. Do you youngsters not want to stay in Polytechnic University anymore?” the dorm manager scolded them.

Xia Keke looked at everyone in the dorm with an indifferent gaze as if she didn’t hear what the dorm manager said, “Let me ask you again. Who sent it? Stand forward!”

“Who are you trying to scare? I posted the thread, so what?” the girl who posted the thread straightened her neck. “You seduced someone else’s boyfriend, and you’re not letting anyone talk about it?”

“So it’s you!” Xia Keke nodded with a squint of her eyes. “Who’s boyfriend did I seduce? Tell me!”


“Enough!” Just as the girl was about to speak, Yao Yue, who sat on the bed, suddenly stood up and quickly walked in front of Xia Keke. She lowered her head and apologized. “Sorry, this is my roommate's fault. Allow me to apologize to you on her behalf. Can we just leave it at this?”

“It has nothing to do with you, go away,” Xia Keke squinted her eyes. “The reason I came here is to find out just which rich man is paying me with be with him! Please tell me so I can go and ask him for money!”

“Can you stop asking!?” Yao Yue roared at Xia Keke. Her heart was in a mess. She subconsciously glanced towards Ye Zichen and her roommates, then she made up her mind. “You seduced my boyfriend and actually came over to calmly to interrogate my roommate. Do you still care about face!? I gave you face and wanted to settle everything like this. Why did you take a mile when given an inch? Do you really think that I won’t get angry?”

“Yeah, Yao Yue, the legal wife should be like this,” Yao Yue’s roommates immediately supported her, while they started to cursed at Xia Keke, calling her names and saying that she was shameless etc.

“Seduce your boyfriend?” Xia Keke suddenly laughed.

“You actually dare to continue smiling?”

When Yao Yue did not reveal everything at the very beginning, she had already lost her other choices. She could only continuously use lie after lie to cover up which was a lie in the first place.

She could have come clean just moments ago, but she was afraid of being criticized by her roommates…

Since more and more bystanders began to watch, she began to worry about being called shameless, and worried about how she would never be able to lift up her head in front of other people once again. Thus, she had no other choice, she could only continue on with her wrongs, and complain first.

“Ye Zichen is clearly my boyfriend. I can tolerate a man for being fickle in love, I can turn a blind eye to him courting you outside. My roommates merely helped me let off some steam, and now that the thread has already been deleted, you actually still dared to cause trouble for me!” Yao Yue’s words completely stunned Xia Keke and Ye Zichen…

“Have you no shame?” Xia Keke nearly laughed when she said that. She had never seen a woman as shameless as Yao Yue.

“You clearly know who’s the shameless one here,” Yao Yue made up her mind. Now, even if Ye Zichen spoke up, she would not back down.

Several days ago, she had gone over to a phone store to recover all of her past photos with Ye Zichen in order for her roommates to completely believe that Ye Zichen was her boyfriend.

“You were clearly the one who cheated. You and Ye Zichen have already been broken up for nearly two months and you actually still dare to say that he’s your boyfriend?”

“Bullshit!” Yao Yue said darkly. “Don’t try to accuse me, just look at who you are…”

Xia Keke trembled in anger. All of a suddenly Xia Keke moved her lips, but wasn’t sure of what to say.

“You can’t say anything now? Hehe… A mistress is a mistress!” With that, Yao Yue looked up at Ye Zichen with a cold life. “Manage your mistress. I’ve given you enough face outside, but don’t be too outrageous as to let her disturb my peace!”

Meanwhile, the suddenly discussions got louder and louder, most of which talked negatively about Ye Zichen and Xia Keke.

Xia Keke was a girl, so there was no way she was able to endure all the insults.


At that moment, Ye Zichen, who had stayed silent until that point, patted Xia Keke’s shoulders, then walked forward and glanced at Yao Yue speechlessly, “Yao Yue, does it actually have to go this way? You still have the chance to stop!”

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