Chapter 371 The Nervous Yao Yue

Chapter 371 – The Nervous Yao Yue

After a long time…

King Qinguang still did not give any reply, since he was wondering just what benefits should he offer to ask for an expert who can peek into the Laws of the World to help.

“No need to make your promise so quickly. It’s fine to talk about it when I actually manage to help the Underworld solve the problem.”

Ye Zichen smiled.

Happiness instantly surfaced on King Qinguang’s face when he saw the message, “Thank you, Master!”

“No need to thank me so quickly. I might not be able to help you. Just tell me briefly about the situation over at your place!”

Approximately half an hour later, King Qinguang managed to tell Ye Zichen the entire situation.

Coincidentally, the increase in workload for the Underworld was during the time Ye Zichen met the demons in the capital. What’s more, the location with the largest workload was the area around the capital, which was under King Yanluo’s jurisdiction.

All of these coincidences might not mean much when taken out of context, but when they were linked together, it truly intrigued people.

“Alright, this sovereign has gotten the gist of it. That’s that!”

“Master, thank you for helping!”

King Qinguang bowed once again.

Ye Zichen merely smiled, then exited the chat screen, while he laid on his bed and stared at the ceiling.

“What happened? Your chat was so strange,” Liu Qing flew over and leaned on Ye Zichen’s shoulder.

Ye Zichen nodded with a smile. Even he begun to wonder why he actually agreed to King Qinguang’s request.

“The Underworld is in some trouble, so it looks like your time of revival is going to be delayed,” Ye Zichen patted Liu Qing’s head.

She shrugged without any displeasure, “Oh well, I’m fine as long as you bring me along by your side.”


The following morning arrived into the blink of an eye. Ye Zichen called Xia Keke out to buy cosmetics. She had originally wanted to call Su Yan as well, but Su Yan told her that she wasn’t free.

“What are you buying cosmetics for? You need to put on makeup as well?” Xia Keke tilted her head and blinked.

Ye Zichen knocked on her head with a dark look, “What are you thinking? Why do I need to put on makeup? Hurry up and choose a set of cosmetics, I need an entire set…”

“So strange!” Xia Keke walked off with a pout.

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen stood on the spot and looked at the plentiful products in front of him with curiosity…

Eyeliners, eyeshadows, BB cream…

Women… Makeup is so much of a hassle.

“Yao Yue, is there something you like here? If there is, then just tell me,” the familiar name caused Ye Zichen to be stunned. He looked up in surprise and saw his ex-girlfriend, Yao Yue. She carried a limited edition name brand bag on her shoulder, while being surrounded by several girls around her like a celebrity.

“No need, you already bought so much for me. I feel so bad!” Even though Yao Yue said that, her eyes did not reveal any hint of that at all. She liked the feeling of being surrounded by people, and loved the vanity…

Having someone to spend money for them was naturally good.

“I made you spend so much. How about this, I’ll call my boyfriend when I go back tonight and tell him to wire you the money.”

“No need, no need!” the rich girl beside Yao Yue quickly waved her hand. The reason she gave Yao Yue so much was to gain her affability.

As the saying goes, gifts blind the eyes.

Since Yao Yue took so much from me, then Yao Yue would definitely feel uncomfortable with directly refusing my request.

Maintaining Beauty Corporation is a huge corporation in the skincare industry, as long as my dad can get into contact with Maintaining Beauty…

Our family can definitely reach a new height.


Ye Zichen shook his head when he saw all that. It seemed like Yao Yue had gotten a new boyfriend, and the new boyfriend was rather amazing. Otherwise, the girls wouldn’t be so respectful towards her.

Ye Zichen shook his head with a chuckle. Yao Yue and him were already history. Ye Zichen had already experienced too much, so when he saw her, he no longer had any intention of taking revenge.

Since both of us have new lives, then I’ll just silently wish the best for her.

Ye Zichen shook his head and left. At that moment…

“Yao Yue, look… Isn’t that your boyfriend?”

Yao Yue’s heart trembled. She subconsciously looked up at the figure within the shop and said with a smile, “How’s that possible. He’s extremely busy in the company right now. How could he come to a place like this!”

“Go over and take a look. It might really be him! Look, he came to a female cosmetics shop. Isn’t it your birthday soon? He might want to give you a surprise?” The girls around Yao Yue teased her, while the rest nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, that’s very possible. Your boyfriend is so romantic even after getting rich. I’m so jealous of you!”

These girls didn’t know Yao Yue’s relationship with Ye Zichen, but Yao Yue understood clearly in her heart.

Birthday present!?

He might only send a wreath during my funeral!

The figure just now did seem to look like Ye Zichen, and since the girls around her continuously urged her on, she only felt more and more nervous…

If I really walk over, then I’ll be exposed.

“I’m not going. Since he’s preparing a surprise for me, then why should I go!?”

“He might prepare a even bigger surprise for you after meeting you there!” With that, the girls grabbed Yao Yue’s arm and walked over, and did not give her any other choice…

“I said that I’m not going. Why are you guys making me go!?” Yao Yue suddenly got angry, causing the surrounding customers to look around.

The girl who dragged Yao Yue forward also looked down in shock and did not dare to say anymore.

“Say, you guys, Yao Yue since she’s not going in, then there’s no need to go!” the rich girl frowned, then held Yao Yue’s arm with a smile. “Don’t get angry at them. C’mon, let’s go and eat some dessert.”

But, at that very moment, Xia Keke walked out of the shop with her arms around Ye Zichen’s shoulder…

The two met their gaze with the girls…

Yao Yue’s expression drastically changed. Nervousness filled her eyes, while she begun to tremble slightly.

Am I about to be exposed?

“What a coincidence!”

After a long while, Ye Zichen broke the silence first.

All of Yao Yue’s roommates looked at her pitifully with the exception of the rich girl. So what if a man of his level has several woman outside…

My dad messes around outside all the time, but my mom is still the legal wife.

“Yeah, what a coincidence. Why aren’t you at the company?” Yao Yue bit her lips and said nervously.

Ye Zichen blinked, then raised his eyebrows at her in confusion, “What are you talking about?”

“No-Nothing!” Yao Yue shook her head, then dragged the rich girl beside her to leave.

The surrounding girls also glared at Ye Zichen fiercely before following suite.

“I offended them? Ye Zichen tilted his head in confusion.

Meanwhile, Xia Keke blinked in a moe manner, “I feel like I’m the one who offended them…”

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