Chapter 370 The Underworld’s Trouble

Chapter 370 – The Underworld’s Trouble

In the Underworld.

Within the Yama Hall that King Chujiang was in charge of.

At that moment, King Chujiang was looking at the large pile of paperwork in front of him with a frown. I wonder what’s going on recently, there has been a lot more work for the Underworld. But all of these dead people cried out their innocence when they arrived at the Ten Yama Halls.

Judge Cui was beyond busy due to the workload, and the same applied to the Ten Yama Kings. All of the ghost servants from the Underworld were also all sent out to capture the ghosts, while the eighteen layers of hell were almost completely filled.

Within the Yama King’s chat group.

King Pingdeng: Old Brothers, I’m already tired to no end.

King Yanluo: This is a bit strange, why did we suddenly get so much more work? My Yama Hall’s ghost servants have all been sent out, but they are still unable to capture all of the ghosts in my area. Requesting help.

King Qinguang: My area isn’t particularly busy. I’ll send some people over to help.

King Yanluo: Oh, thank you so much.

King Chujiang had wanted to speak up in the group as well, but just as he was about to send a message, his phone rang.

He left the chat group page, and when he saw the person who sent him the message…


Why did this guy come asking?

King Chujiang licked his lips, then immediately entered the group to seek help once more.

King Chujiang: @everyone. Guys, that guy came to find me again.

King Lunhui: Which one?

King Yanluo: @King Chujiang, what are you talking about. Oh yeah, are you busy? Lend me some reapers.

King Chujiang: I’m pretty busy over here as well. I’ve sent them all out.

King Qinguang: Which guy? Is it him?

King Chujiang: Yes, it’s the one who saved you, Big Brother. The last few times he came to find me, he wanted me to add some life span to people. I already added lifespan so many times, what if he asks me to do so again… Wouldn’t the Heavenly Court cause trouble for me!?

King Qinguang: Don’t forget about that master’s identity. He might very well be the reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor. We have to treat him well. Hurry up and reply. If there is something that you can’t  do, then say it in the group.

King Chujiang: Alright then!

He left the group screen once again, then silently prayed as he gulped.

Master, please don’t make me add anymore lifespan. Anything else is fine!

King Chujiang pursed his lips, then made up his mind to reply.

“Master, what sort of business do you have with this one?”

At that moment, Ye Zichen was already extremely impatient due to all the waiting. It was fortunate that King Chujiang had replied before his patience ran out, otherwise, Ye Zichen would have started cursing again.

“I naturally found you because I have business with you. Do you still remember the secret art of revival a person who died before her time?”

“Of course, of course. Do you need this little one to repeat it for you?” King Chujiang typed out his reply with a coy smile.

“No need, I came to find you this time to inform you that I have gathered everything. Hurry up and open the gates of the Underworld for me. I’m going to revive that person!”

Ye Zichen said rather urgently, but King Chujiang was completely stunned.

Gathered everything.

The items required to revive a person who died before their time are all extremely hard to find treasures. If it was used on a normal person, then it might actually create an Immortal.

This master actually gathered everything, and from the looks of it, he doesn’t feel pained over the treasures at all!

“Master… Are-Are you sure you gathered everything? The celestial pill, Nine-Heart Lotus Root, Thousand-Year Dragon Eye and Holy Water of Yiyuan… Are you sure you gathered all that?”

“No shit, if I hadn’t, then would I come look for you? Hurry up and open the gates for me. Hurry, hurry!”

Ye Zichen continuously hurried him. King Chujiang swipe the seat from his forehead, before running back to the group for backup.

King Chujiang: @everyone. Brothers, help!

King Qinguang: What did that master say?

King Chujiang: That master told me to open the gates linking the Underworld and mortal realm. He wants to come over!

King Pingdeng: What is he coming over for?

King Chujiang: Didn’t I tell you guys before? That master wants to revive someone who died before their time. He has already gathered all the treasures, so he wants to come over to revive the person.

King Yanluo: Awesome!

King Lunhui: 666!

King Songdi: This master is too amazing, he actually gathered everything.

King Chujiang: Guys, stop exclaiming here. That master is waiting for us to reply.

King Qinguang: Don’t let the master down, at least, not currently. The Underworld is overly chaotic right now, if we recklessly open the gates of the underworld, then the vengeful ghosts might sneak out. If they harm the mortal realm, then it will be our wrongdoing.

King Chujiang: Then what do you think I should do?

King Qinguang: I’ll go and speak to that master.

With that, King Qinguang left the group, then sent a message to Ye Zichen.


Ye Zichen did not expect King Qinguang to seek him out when King Chujiang didn’t reply for a long time.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

“What happened? King Chujiang asked you to come and speak to me?”

“Kind of!” King Qinguang answered. “Master has managed to gather all of the necessary items for revival, right?”


“Master, here’s the issue. The Underworld is recently in some trouble, so we can’t open the gates linking the mortal realm and the Underworld. If you are not in a hurry, then can you wait a while…”

“You guys are the ones who said that you can open the gates, and now you’re saying that you can’t!?”

Ye Zichen laughed coldly, then sent a voice message to King Qinguang.

“I think that the Underworld is intentionally making it hard for this sovereign, right!?”


Within the Yama Hall, a voice filled with rage sounded out, causing the ghosts servants within the hall to be scared senseless.

King Qinguang also opened his eyes wide in shock.

Laws of the World.

I didn’t expect this master to actually be an expert who has gotten a glimpse of the Laws of the World. Thinking that, King Qinguang immediately acted more subserviently. He got off his throne, and bowed.

“Master, please cease your rage. Since you can peek into the Laws of the World, then you naturally know the situation of the Underworld. We truly are not lying to you. Please cease your rage!”


An indifferent cold snort sounded out, causing King Qinguang to quickly bow again.

At the same time, Ye Zichen also spoke up, “Did the Underworld get into some sort of trouble?”

“We don’t know why there is a large number of ghosts, who have died due to injustice. Some of these ghosts were bearing grudges as well, so they turned into vengeful ghosts. The Underworld is investigating this right now. After we find out, we’ll immediately open the gates for you!”

“A large number of ghosts who died to injustice suddenly appeared!”

Ye Zichen frowned.

King Qinguang replied, “Indeed. It is also rather strange, because all of them have lost a spiritual and a physical soul, while the way they died is extremely suspicious!”

“Oh?” Ye Zichen replied in surprise.

Hearing that, King Qinguang actually managed to muster up his courage out of nowhere and directly asked.

“Master, I wonder if you can lend the Underworld a hand!”

King Qinguang’s words stunned Ye Zichen as well, but he still asked with interest.

“What do you want me to help you with?”

“Investigate this situation!”

King Qinguang squinted his eyes and typed out his reply. This issue had already took up too much of their time, but no matter how they investigated, they were unable to find out the reason behind this.

Since this master has already peaked into the Laws of the World, then…

“Sure, but… what do I gain from that?”

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