Chapter 37 Who’s hotter

Chapter 37 – Who’s hotter

After being with Lil’ White for around ten minutes, Ye Zichen finally understood why it had been eliminated.

It’s too much of a tsundere!

This little fellow didn’t give face to its owner at all. It was clear that it was the supreme and unparalleled king in its world!

“It’s fine if you’re like this with me. You have to act nice and cute when you see my mom later.”


“If you’re obedient, then I’ll bring you good food next time, it’s so much better than the food in the Heavenly Court.”

Lil’ White’s eyes brightened and showed a hint of hesitation.

“I swear!”

Ye Zichen raised three fingers.

Lil’ White checked Ye Zichen out meaningfully, then nodded like a human. At the same time, he reached out his paw for a high-five.

Right before they got out of the car, Lil’ White looked at him vigilantly.

As if it was saying.

Remember the good food!

It seemed like Lil’ White is a little glutton.

“Go, that’s my mom.”

Ye Zichen put Lil’ White onto the ground and indicated towards Ye Rong, who was in the pavilion.

Lil’ White wagged its tail, indicating that it understood, then ran proudly over to Ye Rong.

“Zichen, what’s it called?”

When Ye Zichen walked over, Lil’ White and Ye Rong had already got familiar with each other. Yet, most importantly, Lil’ White actually winked at Ye Zichen.

As Ye Zichen watched the smile on Ye Rong, he also smiled.

“Lil’ White.”

“It’s so smart,” With a clap of Ye Rong’s hands, Lil’ White jumped into her arms and rubbed its head against her neck, asking to get spoiled.

Ye Zichen looked at everything that was happening in front of him with a smile. Just at that moment, the phone in his pocket rang.

Ye Zichen picked up the phone, then the corner of his mouth raised for some reason.

“Mom, I still have some other business, so I’ll be leaving first.”

“Where, you’re not eating dinner?” Although Ye Rong was playing very happily with Lil’ White, Ye Zichen was still the most important one in her heart.

“Nope, it’s rather urgent.”

Without any other words, Ye Zichen drove to Golden Spring Hotel like a bolt of lightning.

Room 415.

When Ye Zichen pushed open the door, he saw the Dragonball fanatic, little yellow-hair, blanking out as he looked out the window.


“You came,” Yellow-hair suddenly stood up. Ye Zichen indicated that he didn’t need to do so, then sat down on a chair. He raised his eyebrows and asked, “Fu Chengming is in the opposite room?”

“Yes, it seems like someone is treating him to dinner. He drank quite a bit inside.”

“Are the people all here?”

“Don’t worry about this, my subordinates already spread out in the hotel, the moment he is alone… Hehehe…”


Ye Zichen’s face also displayed an evil smile, that brat had tried to do some nasty things to him.

So he was going to do the same this time to see who’s worse.

“Fu-ge, there’s more activity at night. Ol’ Six got a large room at the night club and found seven or eight part-time models. You’re not going?”

Five young men, who were about as each other, put their arms around each other and stood in front of Golden Spring Hotel.

The one in the middle was Fu Chengming.

“Not going, recently, my kidney is… not that good.”

Fu Chengming was so drunk that he couldn’t really speak properly. The young men beside him wanted to tell him to stay, but Fu Chengmign refused.

He blurrily stood on the side of the street, waiting to call a cab. At this moment, Ye Zichen and co., who were already waiting nearby smiled.


Within a split second, several young men with dyed hair appeared behind Fu Chengming.

A bag was put over his head, and a bat was slammed on top of his head.

“Strip, strip, strip…”

Ye Zichen stood in the woods with his hands on his waist, while Yellow-Hair’s subordinates surrounded Fu Chengming and stripped him.

Within a short while, Fu Chengming only had his red underwear left.

As Ye Zichen looked at this red underwear, he felt like he was going to puke.

A man wearing red underwear, and it had to be triangular ones…

Just how much of a fetish did he have.

“Big bro, we stripped him completely.”

“What are you guys blanking out for, throw him onto a bench in the park beside Polytechnic University, so he can enjoy the gazes of millions of people tomorrow!”


Yellow-hair and co. threw Fu Chengming into a van, then drove off. Meanwhile, Ye Zichen touched his head and walked towards the parking lot of Golden Spring Hotel.

“Let me go, let me go…”

Just as Ye Zichen was about to drive away, he heard a weak cry for help.

“Let me go, bastard…”

Ye Zichen shook his head, he shouldn’t butt into too many people’s business.


In the end, he still retracted the hand that had reached out to the car door. Alright, he truly couldn’t do something like watching people die.

The parking lot was very large, and there were a lot of cars.

Judging from the girl’s call, she was probably being raped in a car.

Fiery Eyes of Truth, turn on!

Ye Zichen stood on spot and looked around at the surrounding cars. Not long later, he saw the girl in a business car not far away.

Bang, bang bang.

Ye Zichen knocked on the car window. The window of the business car was not transparent, so people couldn’t see what was going on inside.

That was why the person would choose to commit the crime in this car.

The moment Ye Zichen knocked on the car window, the car fell into silent, but it still wobbled intensely.

“Whoever is inside, come out!”

“Uhm,.. Help…”

Resisting to the end!

Ye Zichen nodded slightly.

“I’ll give you three seconds to consider whether you’re coming out yourself, or whether I’ll trash your car.”




“You’re not coming out? Alright!”

Ye Zichen looked around to ensure that no one was there, then swung his arms a bit before punching towards the window of the car.


The glass immediately shattered into smithereens.

Then, another punch followed.


This time, all of the glass on the car shattered.

Ye Zichen was able to see a girl with a shocking birthmark on her face lying underneath a middle-aged to senior man through the car window.

The girl was wearing the clothes for the waitress of the hotel, it seems like she was a waitress at Golden Spring Hotel.

Most importantly, Ye Zichen knew the girl.

“Li Jiayi!”

“Ye Zichen.”

Li Jiayi revealed a hint of joy when she saw Ye Zichen, but her reply lacked any strength.

At that moment, Ye Zichen noticed that there was a sickly red on her face.

“You bastard!”

Ye Zichen kicked open the car door with a kick and dragged that fatty out of the car.

“F*ck off.”

Seeing that the aluminum glass windows were shattered with two punches, the fatty didn’t dare to say anything. He immediately scrambled away, while even ditching his car.

Ye Zichen picked Li Jiayi up.

He saw that her skin was slightly pink, as if she was a ball of fire.

“F*ck, this fatty is too much of an animal.”

Ye Zichen swore angrily. Li Jiayi was his classmate in high school. She had an eye-catching birthmark on her left cheek.

To be honest, if you just looked at the side of her face, she was definitely a beauty.

However, that birthmark affected everything.

“Ye Zichen, I’m so hot…”

Li Jiayi wrapped her arms around Ye Zichen’s neck and stuck to him.

“Stop being f*cking hot, it’s even hotter for me than you!”

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