Chapter 367 Su Yan’s Abnormality

Chapter 367 – Su Yan’s Abnormality

Ye Zichen!

The moment Yang Yushi spoke aloud his name, all the passengers within the cabin were shocked. Plenty of them had paid attention to the news about Maintaining Beauty Corporation, and even though the news report did not mention Ye Zichen’s name, someone did reveal after wards that the young man who uttered such brave words at Maintaining Beauty Corporation’s press conference was named Ye Zichen.

“No wonder I felt like that young man was a bit familiar,” the surrounding passengers couldn’t help but mutter, while the others also exclaimed in awe.

Song An’s expression turned for the worse when he noticed the chatter of the surrounding passengers. However, nobody cared about how he felt.

What’s more, Yang Yushi nodded towards Yang Zhen, “Yeah, it was Ye Zichen. You suddenly fainted earlier, then this self-proclaimed expert nearly caused you to pass on, it was Ye Zichen who saved you miraculously.”

A hint of pride and excitement was evident on Yang Yushi’s face when she mentioned Ye Zichen.

“What a joke. Both him and I acted. How can you be sure that it was the brat who cured him?” Song An couldn’t help but snort.

All of the surrounding passengers revealed looks of disdain. None of them had known previously that this person actually had such bad character.

He actually still wants to steal the honor at a time like this. Some of the people who were subscribed to his Weibo all decided to unsubscribe after getting off the plane.

“F*ck, how can someone be this shameless?” a man amongst the passengers stood up and frowned. “I don't know you, Song An or whatever. This person was clearly cured by that little bro, and you actually still came over to take the honor. I seriously want to punch you. Hurry up and f*ck off… I get annoyed just from seeing you!”


“Hmm? Hehe? Trying ‘hehe’ing again!?” the man immediately rolled up his sleeves, while the surrounding passengers immediately held him back.

Song An glanced at his physique and shrunk his neck, “I don’t want to speak to a brute like you!”

With that, he hurriedly left the cabin.

“Tsk, what the hell!” the man snorted at Song An’s fleeing back. Then he raised his eyebrows towards Yang Zhen. “Let me tell you, the only reason you managed to live is all thanks to that little bro’s medical skills. We passengers all witnessed that. As for Song An, it would be better if it was named Farewell[1].”

All of the surrounding passengers nodded in agreement.

At that moment, Yang Yushi also spoke up, “Dad, how about we go and thank him. No matter what…”

“We’ll talk about it later!”

However, even until they got off the plane, Yang Zhen still did not go and thank Ye Zichen.

That was something Ye Zichen had expected. He understood Yang Zhen’s personality way too well. Having Yang Zhen lower himself down to thank Ye Zichen was even harder than killing him.

“Ye-zi!” Su Yiyun immediately walked over with a smile when Ye Zichen walked out of the airport, while giving him a bear hug. “The Dominating CEO finally came back from the capital. Zeze, a small target of a hundred million.”

“I just said it randomly. Is there a need of reacting so much?” Ye Zichen put on a helpless expression.

Su Yiyun immediately teased, “You just randomly said something that normal people and even some businessmen can’t even imagine in their entire lives. Did you know that you’ve even become an internet celebrity!?”

“Internet celebrity!?” That was something Ye Zichen never expected. It was something that didn’t happen even when he sang.

“Yeah… Dominating CEO, National Hubby, National Love Rival! Seriously, if you trust me and shout out that you’re Ye Zichen, a bunch of girls would immediately express their willingness to give themselves to you within three minutes!” Su Yiyun laughed.

Ye Zichen immediately frowned towards him and walked in front of Su Yan, “You came.”

“Mhmm,” Su Yan replied plainly, then smiled. “Congratulations, you've become successful.”

When she reached out her hand, the distant action caused Ye Zichen to frown. It shouldn’t be like this between us.

Ye Zichen thought that Su Yan was unhappy due to what Su Yiyun had said unfiltered, so he immediately wrapped Su Yan into his embrace with a small, “I’m still a worker in front of you no matter how successful I am! You are the proprietress!”

“Mhmm, that’s true,” Su Yan continued to reply plainly. Ye Zichen could see how forceful her smile was, and he noticed how stiff Su Yan’s body was when he pulled her into his arms.

As confusion rose in Ye Zichen’s heart, Su Yiyun raised his eyebrows on the side, “Hey, if you are just being lovey-dovey here, then that’s too outrageous!”

“You brat!” Ye Zichen held Su Yan’s head, then shook his head with a chuckle. “Didn’t you find your true love recently? Why don’t I see her with you?”

“I came to welcome you back, so she…” the moment Su Yiyun replied, a faint giggle sounded out from afar.

“Who said I didn’t come!?”

“Lil’ E, why did you come? Didn’t you say that you have lessons?” a hint of shock alongside excitement appeared on Su Yiyun’s face.

The girl instantly pouted with a snort, “I’m just seeing if you’re cheating on me. I’m just going on a daily patrol.”

At the same time, Ye Zichen glanced at the girl.

The girl was rather tall, and emitted the feeling of being the daughter of a small family. Ye Zichen blessed them true-heartedly in his heart when he saw how well she and Su Yiyun got along.

“Oh my dear mistress, how would I dare with you here!” Su Yiyun’s face was covered with smiles. Then he introduced the girl to Ye Zichen. “Li Min’e, my girlfriend.”

“Hmph!” Li Min’e smiled and wrinkled her nose. Then she pouted at Ye Zichen. “You’re Ye Zichen? There’s nothing special about you.”

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but raised his eyebrows with a chuckle when he saw her cute expression, “What? Did I disappoint you?”

“Tsk, what does that have to do with me?” Li Min’e pouted with a snort. “Su Yiyun keeps on talking about you all the time, telling me just how amazing you are… if I didn’t know that Susu’s your girlfriend, I would suspect you two of… Ugh, that’s disgusting!”

With that, she stuck out her tongue.

Seeing that, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but exclaim in his heart. So this girl is pretty playful. Her personality definitely gets along well with a playful person like Su Yiyun.

“Damn girl, you actually thought that of me… It seems like I have to find a chance to eat you to make you know how amazing this lord is,” Su Yiyun chuckled.

“Hmph! Keep dreaming!” Li Min’e pouted, before the two started to argue again.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but smile as he looked at the scene with interest. He subconsciously look towards Su Yan, only to noticed that she looked as if she was lost, while she started straight in front of her with unmoving eyes.

“Su Yan?” Ye Zichen called her name out.

Only after a while did Su Yan return to her senses and smile brightly, “What happened? My older brother and older sister… They seriously just argue all the time!”

Seeing that Ye Zichen did not reply, she raised her eyebrows with a smile once again, “Are you a bit tired? Do you need me to get my brother to send you back?”

“Su Yan!” Ye Zichen said slightly worriedly, then looked at her confused face. “Just what happened to you?”

  1. To be more precise, the original term was 送终, pronounced Song Zhong. It basically means the act of sending off a deceased person. Hence, the name is a pun on his surname of Song(宋).

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