Chapter 366 This is what you meant by authority?

Chapter 366 – This is what you meant by authority?

His cocky tone made everyone in the cabin slightly displeased. Song An undoubtedly did have exceptional talent in the medical field, but saying his words were authority was slightly too much.

Despite that, most people just wanted the patient to be saved. The hearts of people were mostly kind, and nobody wanted to see someone die on a plane due to sudden health issues.

Of course, most of it might have been because they didn’t want to see the flight delayed, or get forcefully transferred to another one.

The passengers did not have any medical knowledge, but Ye Zichen did.

However, he never expected Song An would be so prideful as to just suddenly say that his words were authority, then ignore his warning.

“Brat, watch this. Within a minute….”

Song An looked up with a cocky smile. From his perspective, Yang Zhen’s situation was the most simple of altitude sickness.

What swollen arm? What redness on the neck?

All he awaited was for Yang Zhen to stand up from the ground and smack Ye Zichen’s face real hard…

A minute passed by in the blink of an eye.

Yang Zhen, who was on the ground, did not recover at all. However, what worried people was that his face had gradually turned from stark white to purple, while his arm also became bright red as his blood vessels became more apparent.

”Why did my dad become like this!” Yang Yushi interrogated Song An.

At that moment, Song An also became extremely worried.

This shouldn’t be. My treatment had no issue, but why didn’t the patient wake up and instead get this sort of symptom?

“This is the authority you were talking about? F*ck off!” Ye Zichen pushed Song An, who was rather frantic, away. He truly felt a bit of pity for the US’s medical prizes.

A person like this actually managed to gain countless awards and got a master’s degree in the medical institution…

“Do you have silver needles here?” Ye Zichen frowned towards the flight attendant.

The flight attendant instantly nodded, “Yes, yes.”

“Bring some over for me. I’m going to give him an acupuncture treatment. Also, if you have a small knife and a towel, then bring it over as well. The knife must be sterilized at high temperatures!”

“No problem!” the stewardess quickly left the cabin. She did not dare to put on any airs against the passengers within the cabin.

The people in the cabin were all successful people, and the person who fell down was actually Yang Yushi’s father. There was no need to mention Yang Yushi’s identity since she was a beyond popular celebrity.

However, she seemed to have seen the young man asking for silver needles somewhere as well…

“Ye Zichen, my dad will be fine, right?” Yang Yushi said worriedly.

Ye Zichen patted her head with a smiled comfortingly at her, “He’ll be fine. What’s there to be worried about with me here? But after he wakes up, you have to convince him to do a full body check in the hospital, his body…”

Ye Zichen shook his head with a sigh, causing Yang Yushi to become more nervous. At the same time, the stewardess also brought the items Ye Zichen had asked for.

“Chinese doctor?” Song An frowned.

Ye Zichen disregarded him, and proceeded to cut Yang Zhen’s arm with the small knife.

“What are you doing!?” Song An criticized loudly with a frown.

Ye Zichen merely shrugged, “I’m letting out blood. If you can’t tell, then why are you still a doctor?”

“Do you know what consequences it’ll cause?”

“Are you trying to educate me, Expert Song?” Ye Zichen’s expression turned even darker as he laughed coldly. “I’m wiping your ass clean here. Otherwise, if someone dies, then you going to take criminal responsibility? Or are you just going to say that you tried your best, and stay silent about your uselessness?”

“Wipe my ass?” Song An sneered. He twitched his mouth as if he was about to ramble on about how many accomplishments he had achieved in the medical realm.

However, Ye Zichen merely rolled his eyes at Song An and snorted, “I don’t want to care about you. The patient’s family member is right here. I’ll start if she agrees.”

“I agree!” Yang Yushi blurted out without thinking.

Ye Zichen sliced the small knife along Yang Zhen’s arm.

Blood squirted out as if it was stored in a high-pressured gauge.

Ye Zichen disregarded the blood that splashed on him, and silently counted the time in his heart as he grabbed the white towel and pressed down on Yang Zhen’s wound.

However, that did not seem to slow down the blood flow at all. Not long later, the towel was completely dyed red.

“Silver needle!” the stewardess quickly brought the silver needles in front of Ye Zichen.

He used one hand to hold Yang Zhen’s arm, while he used the other hand to pierce down on the acupuncture points with the silver needles without checking the location of the points first.

All the passengers in the cabin couldn’t help but worry for Ye Zichen. After all, the spurt of blood earlier was far too terrifying.

“Bring me another towel!”

In several moments, six towels were completely dyed red with Yang Zhen’s blood. At the same time, Ye Zichen squinted his eyes, and rotated the silver needles gently

“Phew,” Ye Zichen let out a long sigh, then rotated his neck and stood up from the ground.

The gaze of all of the passengers in the cabin were set onto him.

Yang Yushi also asked nervously, “How is he?”

“He’ll probably wake up soon,” Ye Zichen smiled softly, then looked towards the stewardess. “Please prepare some candy for him. He might feel a bit dizzy when he wakes up…”

With that, Ye Zichen turned around and walked towards his own seat.

However, Song An frowned behind him, “You want to leave? Are you trying to avoid taking responsibility?”

“Do you think that I’m you?” Ye Zichen sneered. “Bringing public shame to yourself without any skills. It was fortunate that I was here… If it wasn’t for me, then he really would have died because of you!”

“Bullshit!” Song An clenched his teeth and cursed. “Do you know how many…”

“So what I you received all of the medical prizes? You… did not save the person. Even if you stick all of the awards on yourself, it cannot hide your useless self. Did you manage to see what sort of acupuncture technique I used just now? No, right!? Since that’s the case, then why are you still competing…” The technique Ye Zichen had used was the Nine Yang Life Continuation acupuncture technique. Ye Zichen had thought that it would shut Song An up after using it, but from the looks of it, Song An didn’t know anything…

I seriously don’t know why an idiot like him actually managed to gain such achievements in the medical realm.

“Alright, stop showing off how petty you are. I’m not a random person who walked by. We’re on the same plane right now. Even if something happens… Just come and find me in my cabin!”

Ye Zichen shook his head with a soft smile and left. Song An clenched his teeth as he looked at Ye Zichen’s back, while his face turned terrifyingly dark.

Please don’t wake up, please don’t wake up.

However, fate was not on his side…

Yang Zhen woke up mere moments after Ye Zichen left.

The invisible smack on Song An’s face caused his face to hurt a bit.

Yang Yushi was also extremely happy, but put on an indifferent expression and asked, “You woke up.”

“What happened to me?” Yang Zhen rubbed his head in confusion, then turned to Song An. “Did this doctor save me?”

“I did not do a lot!” Song An answered shamelessly.

All of the passengers were truly speechless by his shamelessness.

Meanwhile, Yang Yushi retorted mercilessly “The person who saved you wasn’t him. If it wasn’t for Ye Zichen, then you might…”

“Who?” Yang Zhen glared. “You said Ye Zichen?”

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