Chapter 365 Song An

Chapter 365 – Song An

“Why are you the only one who came? Where’s Fatty and Lu Lu?”

Ye Zichen sat on a window seat in the plane, while Gou Yuzhan, who held a lollipop in his mouth, sat beside him. Since an unknown moment, that person had gotten used to following Ye Zichen around.

“Big Brother Fatty, and Big Sister Lu Lu said they are busy, so they told me to escort you back to Bingcheng,” Gou Yuzhan answered noisily while licking the lollipop.

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes speechlessly.

Gou Yuzhan clearly seemed the oldest out of them, yet he called the two older brother and sister. Of course, that was only when other people looked at their appearance. If they were talking about their real ages…

Then Fatty Yin and Lu Lu might actually be of the same generation as his ancestors.

Ye Zichen glanced at Gou Yuzhan, who continuously licked his lollipop. That fortune-teller had told him that this kid would be his lucky warrior.

But from the looks of him… He doesn’t look anything like one.

What’s more, if I believe it, then wouldn’t that mean that Sun Yige is my enemy?

Ye Zichen shook his head with force. As I thought, it’s better not to pay any heed to fortune-telling.

“Boss Ye, what happened?” Even when Gou Yuzhan spoke, he would be reluctant to take the lollipop out, causing Ye Zichen to retort in his heart again…

How could the fortune telling be true!?

“It’s nothing, my neck hurts. Go and eat your lollipop properly!”


At that moment, the plane also started its engines. Gou Yuzhan merely paid attention to his lollipop without speaking, while Ye Zichen felt a bit tired after sitting still for a while, so he got ready to rest…

All of a sudden, a broadcast suddenly sounded out in the cabin.

“Dear passengers, is there a doctor among you? If there is, then please head over to cabin number three. A passenger suddenly fainted here…”

“Dear passengers…”

The broadcast was played thrice. Yet, Ye Zichen closed his eyes and originally did not want to care about it.

“Never mind, I’ll go and take a look. I won’t do anything if there’s a doctor, if there isn’t then I’ll just treat it as earning some merits for myself,” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, then left his seat and asked the flight attendant in front of him. “Take me to cabin number three!”

Cabin number three referred to the first class cabin. It was extremely spacious, and in the middle of the walkway laid a middle-aged man.

There was a rather pretty girl who stood in front of him, who looked anxiously at him.


Ye Zichen was slightly stunned when he saw the girl in front of him. Then, he looked down at the man on the floor, and saw that it was Yang Zhen.

I told him to have a full body check done ages ago, but he didn’t listen…

Ye Zichen let out a sigh in his heart. The reason Yang Zhen ended up like that was clearly because he didn’t listen to Ye Zichen’s warning. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have just recklessly taken a plane.

At that moment, a man with gold-framed classes squatted in front of Yang Zhen, and was checking up on his situation. Ye Zichen could tell that the person’s actions were not extremely stiff, so he was most likely someone in the medical field.

“Zichen!” a look of surprise also surfaced on Yang Yushi’s face. Then, intense worry was shown in her eyes. “Hurry up and take a look at how my dad is.”

Even though Yang Zhen’s actions were very much according to his own will, no matter what, he was Yang Yushi’s father, so it was impossible for Yang Yushi to not worry about him.

“Isn’t there already someone here?” Ye Zichen shrugged.

A look of anxiety instantly appeared on Yang Yushi’s face, “I trust you. Hurry up and take a look at my dad!”

She knew Ye Zichen’s medical capabilities very well. Since he managed to save me when I entered such dire circumstances, he would definitely be able to save my father.

“Beauty, do you mean that you don’t trust me?” the man who was squatting stood up with displeasure plain on his face.

“No, you misunderstood,” Yang Yushi smiled apologetically.

The man did not continue to argue with her and instead set his gaze upon Ye Zichen… “Doctor? From the look of your age… You are a student at a medical university at best!”

Intense hostility radiated from the man, but Ye Zichen merely shrugged indifferently.

The man instantly smiled with disdain, “You actually want to call yourself a doctor without finishing your degree. Let me introduce myself, I’m Song An!”

The man radiated with pride as he introduced himself. Plenty of the surrounding passengers opened their eyes wide in surprise upon hearing his name.

Even Ye Zichen had heard of the name Song An…

Song An had a master’s degree from the American Medical Institution, and had received countless rewards in the medical field.

Rumors said that he was the person with the highest hope to receive a Nobel Prize within the country, but he chose to immigrate to the US half a year ago.

“Zeze, Doctor Zong, I’ve admired you for a long time!” Ye Zichen smiled, but his tone carried no hint of admiration.

Song An could naturally understand Ye Zichen’s mocking tone. However, he merely smiled in disdain and said with a tone as if he was educating his senior, “Do not think that you are a doctor after going to school for a few years before graduating. Even if you have graduated, and managed to somehow become an attending physician… That’s it. A human life isn’t as simple as you said. If I wasn’t here, then your arrogance might have ended a human life.”

“Senior Song is right,” Ye Zichen smiled, then shrugged. “But as a doctor, shouldn’t you place saving your patient as your utmost priority? Your patient is lying in front of you, yet you actually have the spare effort to bullshit with me? Time is related to a life. Don’t you know that the patient is standing on the border of life and death?”

Ye Zichen’s words caused Song An’s face to go red. Song An let out a sigh, then smiled, “You are right, but I have a general understanding of the patient’s situation already…”

“Then shouldn’t you hurry?” Ye Zichen twitched his mouth. “Saving people is like putting out a fire. If you want to pickup a girl, then wait till you cure the person, alright?”

“Hehe…” Song An smiled indifferently, then turned to Yang Yushi. “Miss Yang, your father’s situation is not that severe. I’ll just massage him a bit, then he’ll be as good as new.”

“Massage,” Ye Zichen frowned. He understood very well that Yang Zhen’s situation could not be improved with a mere massage.

“How troubling do you think it’s going to be? Watch closely, I’ll use this chance to teach you a lesson!” Song An laughed recklessly, then lowered his thumbs towards Yang Zhen’s Shenting acupuncture point [1]

“Wait!” Ye Zichen said with a frown. “You… are going to press his Shenting acupuncture point?”

“You can tell? Not bad, your foundation skills are good,” Song An did not reply directly, but his words did reveal that he was indeed going to press down on it.

“Did you not notice that the patient’s neck is slightly red, while his arms are slightly swollen?” Ye Zichen asked. “What if something goes wrong from you doing that?”

“Young man, I’ve gotten more awards than you have even seen. My words are of utmost authority in the medical realm. If a problem arises, then it’s completely my responsibility!”

With that, Song An pressed down on Yang Zhen’s Shenting acupuncture point without any hesitation.

Original Chapter Teaser:

  1. Shenting Acupuncture Point (神庭穴) is an acupuncture point that is approximately five millimeters above the hairline at the center of the head.

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