Chapter 363- The Reason Why Divinity Couldn’t Descend

Chapter 363- The Reason Why Divinity Couldn’t Descend

Yang Jian, the war god of the Heavenly Court.

He was an incomparable existence for a hidden family like theirs.

Seeing Zhuge Kongming’s slightly curious and admiring gaze, Yang Jian raised his eyebrows proudly, “Little fellow, you’re right. I'm the number one war god of the Heavenly Court, Yang Jian!”

The title of war god caused Ye Zichen to roll his eyes. If I remember correctly, he was beaten up by the monkey not so long ago.

“Really?” Zhuge Kongming asked with blinking eyes.


Yang Jian’s body flashed. When he appeared in front of everyone once again, a silver armor had already been dressed on his body, while his lance rested in his hands.

“Now you should believe me right? I only just descended recently. If your family worships me, then you should have seen it before,” Yang Jian smiled proudly. However, the moment he said that, he felt a hint of doubt in the eyes of the surrounding people. “What are you guys looking at me like this for? I don't have any spare effort to waste lying to you guys! If you don’t believe me, then you can ask my bro!”

“No, no, no, great deity, we’re just wondering if you have truly let your divinity descend recently?” Gu Hai said carefully.

Yang Jian immediately nodded, “Of course, I care about my fans a lot. I have lived a troubled… Ahem, basically, I definitely care a lot about my worshippers. I normally descend my divinity about one every half a month!”

“But…” Gu Hai raised his eyebrows. “We haven’t seen the descension of your divinity for a hundred years. It isn’t just you, we haven’t seen the descension of any great deities from neither the Heavenly Court nor the Underworld.”

“How’s that possible!” Yang Jian was stunned.

He had been in poverty in the Heavenly Court for far too long, and relied on his worshippers to contribute either cultivation experience or reputation for him.

During his worst times, he had even descended his divinity every single day.

Yet, someone actually said that he had not done so, and they didn’t see the others from the Heavenly Court or the Underworld do so either.

“Gu Family Head is right. We hidden families haven’t seen the descension of any divinity for nearly a hundred years,” Zhuge Hong also spoke up calmly.

When he heard that, Ye Zichen felt like there was more to the woman than what she displayed.

She would remain composed at any time. On the other hand, even though Gu Hai was also the family head of a large family, they lowered their own status a lot when they saw Erlang Shen.

Even when they met people like the Black Impermanence intern, he also respected the person a lot, and the hierarchy was very clear.

Ye Zichen never felt that from Zhuge Hong.

It was as if these people from the Heavenly Court and the Underworld merely held an equal status to her, or perhaps, they held a lower one…

Yang Jian didn’t mind Zhuge Hong’s tone as he was a rather laidback person. All he thought about at that moment was why wasn’t any descension of divinity.

F*ck, each divinity descent cost quite a lot…

“Do you have any altars worshipping me here?” Yang Jian frowned.

Gu Hai immediately nodded, “We naturally do, you…”

“Take me there!” Yang Jian squinted his eyes and replied. He wanted to see just why did his divinity not descend. It was really for what he had spent before, since he was rich now and didn’t lack all the money spent before.

However, he didn’t want his number of fans to drop.

The divinity of a deity in the Heavenly Court was directly related to the number of their worshippers. If this continues, and his number of worshippers continued to drop, then even if he reaches the Sky Immortal level, he would only have the empty husk of one, and would not be able to use his strong prowess.

After a while, the Gu family head brought the rather important people to the altar.

Yang Jian’s statue laid on top of the altar. The interiors of the hall itself was completely clean, while the smell of incense filled the place, and three incense sticks burned on the incense burner.

“Great deity, look… I send someone to clean it approximately every three hours!”

Yet, Yang Jian’s gaze turned terrifyingly dark the moment he entered the hall.


Yang Jian clenched his fist tightly.

Seeing that, Gu Hai asked frantically, “Great deity, is there something wrong with the arrangement causing you to be unhappy?”

“Hehe…” a cold chuckle sounded out from Yang Jian’s mouth, as he pierced his war lance towards the statue.

“Great deity!” Gu Hai revealed a look of shock, while Zhuge Hong’s expression finally changed.

Destroying the statue of one’s altar was a huge crime. Just what caused him to be so furious?


The stone statue shattered.

A black mist flew out from the statue, while mist swirled around the hall.

“Yang Jian, impressive, you actually noticed. Zeze, so pitiful, such frequent divinity descension were all absorbed by this sovereign.”

“Demon!” Yang Jian clenched his teeth. No wonder our worshippers were unable to see the descension of our divinity, it was probably cut off by this guy. “Stay here!”

A blinding hold light shot out from Yang Jian’s third eye, causing the mist to gradually turn pale, until it eventually disappeared from the hall. However, the playful laughter of the mist still echoed within, “So what if you make me stay? All of the hidden families of the Modern Realm have traces of this sovereign. Can you make us all stay?”

“At least you met me here!”


Yang Jian stabbed his lance into the ground, and grabbed at the mist with his bare hands, causing a batch of black hair to appear in his hands.


A golden flame burnt the hair to crisp, while a playful cold laugh sounded out in the hall once again, “You’re pretty resolute. You actually directly destroyed it. I thought you will actually try to regain your lost divinity descension! Alright, since you noticed this sovereign, then there is no need for this sovereign to stay here anymore. This sovereign will take away all my incarnations from the other families. Of course… If you don’t believe me, you can try going around all the families.”

“Demon do you want to start a war with the Heavenly Court by doing this!?” Yang Jian replied resolutely, while he smashed his lance against the ground loudly.

“War? Does the Heavenly Court even have that right?” the demon mocked with clear disdain in his voice. “Back when the Great War of Gods and Demons, who knows where the Heavenly Court was!”

“That’s cuz I wasn’t there!” Yang Jian looked up proudly and pointed his lance at the sky. “I'll beat up every single one of you demons I meet. If I had been there back then, then you demons might actually be extinct now!”

“Stop lying,” the demon said in disdain. “With your level, back when we demons were at our peak, even the weakest soldiers could squish you to death!”

Hearing that, shock filled Ye Zichen’s face.

The demons were actually so strong back then. No matter what, Yang Jian was at the complete stage of the Human Immortal level…

Weakest soldier!

Just what was the Great War of Gods and Demons like?

“Hehe…” Yang Jian merely chuckled indifferently. He grabbed hold of his lance, which was stuck in the ground, and opened his third eye.

A powerful aura begun to radiate from his body…

“Fight me if you don’t submit it! Don’t argue if you can fight!”

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