Chapter 362 Escape

Chapter 362 – Escape

Both the hearts of the Gu family and Ye Zichen begun to worry as they stared straight at Hua Li.

“What are you hesitating for. Kill him!” Gu Li roared angrily, causing the struggle in Hua Li’s eyes to become even more apparent.

All of a sudden, his granddaughter’s cute look appeared in his mind.

“Bad grandpa, you didn’t play with me!”

“Grandpa, look at the cutie teddy I bought for you! Hehe!”


Past memories filled Hua Li’s mind…

“Sorry, Young Master Lil’ Tian!” Hua Li’s gaze turned sharp. Gu Tian also smiled with a shake of his head, and didn’t say anything as if he could feel the change in Hua Li.

Hua Li used his right hand to pierce Gu Tian’s chest, causing endless blood to flow out.

“Sorry!” Hua Li apologized, then quickly retracted his hand and pushed Gu Tian by his shoulder…


“I… Killed him. Give me back my granddaughter,” Hua Li’s hand was covered in blood as he stared straight at Gu Li.

However, Gu Li suddenly started to laugh maniacally, “Hua Li, Hua Li, you are so foolish!”

“What do you mean?” Hua Li frowned.

Gu Li playfully took out a letter and handed it over, “You wouldn’t be able to see your granddaughter anymore, but she left this letter for you…”

Hua Li received the letter, then after reading the words, his shoulders and lips started to tremble intensely.

“Hua Li, your granddaughter was truly great towards you. I threatened her and said that if she didn’t listen to what I said, then I would kill you. She actually believed me! I’ll be honest, your granddaughter is pretty nice! I still have plenty of commemorative photos of her… Do you want to have a look? Zeze, her slutty look truly makes me reminiscent,” Gu Li sneered playfully.

Hua Li looked up with his bloodshot eyes, “Gu Li, I’m going to make you pay!”


“F*ck you!” Gu Li kicked Hua Li to the ground, then pierced Hua Li’s chest with his hand without any hesitation. “You want me to pay? Go and reunite with your granddaughter in the realm of the dead!”

Moments before Hua Li died, his face was covered with blatant rage, yet, when he looked towards Gu Tian…

“Little young master, fortunately, I didn’t completely trust him!”

Then, Hua Li tilted, and he fell onto the floor.

At that moment, the family heads of the other families also ran over. If they were unable to see what was going on, then they really would have been retards.

“Gu Li, I’m going to make you pay for the lives of our family’s elites!”

“Zeze, so many people want me to pay. How could I manage to pay for so much with my life?” Gu Li suddenly smiled playfully, then snorted at Ye Zichen. “The vendetta between us will not be over so easily!”

“Yang Jian, get him!” Ye Zichen roared. Yang Jian instantly pushed his foot against the ground, and shot out at Gu Li like a cannonball, while the ground cracked.

“Everyone, bye bye!” Gu Li smiled playfully, then completely disappeared.

Neither the various families nor Yang Jian were able to catch him.

Seeing that, Zhuge Hong also spoke out, “He already left!”

At that moment…

“Cough, cough…” the sound of a faint cough sounded out. Ye Zichen looked over at the source of the sound, and saw Gu Tian, who had a completely pale face, crawl up from the ground.

“Elder Hua I knew it. How could you betray me for real.”

Gu Tian clenched the hole in his left chest. If he was a normal person, then he would have already been dead, but Gu Tian was slightly special in that his heart grew more towards the right side.

Despite that, a hole in his chest was no small wound, so every time he coughed, plenty of blood would flow out from his mouth.

“Yang Jian, do you have any healing pills or medicine?”

“Yep!” Yang Jian took out a jade via, which contained a pale blue pill within. “I won this from Old Lord Taishang. It is a level nine celestial pill. It can save him as long as he still have a single breath remaining within him!”

“Give it to me!” Ye Zichen reached out his hand, then tried to stuff the pill in Gu Tian’s mouth.

“If you want him to die, then give it to him!” Zhuge Hong walked over slowly.

Ye Zichen knitted his eyebrows, “What do you mean by this!?”

“Gu Tian is just in the early stage of the spiritual body level. You can already imagine what the results will be like when you let him take something that even Sky Immortals treat as a huge source of nourishment!”

“Then what do you think should be done!”

Zhuge Hong took out a huge black pill from her pocket. Seeing that, Ye Zichen was rather stunned…

Because it was the recovery pill that Maintaining Beauty was providing for the military.

“Giving him this is enough!”

Zhuge Hong popped the pill into Gu Tian’s mouth, then emitted a faint light in the palm of her hand that she used to pat Gu Tian on the back.

After Gu Tian swallowed the pill, the color on his face turned for the better. The hole on his chest begun to gradually close, and even though it closed very slowly, it was indeed healing.

After doing all that, she stood up and raised her eyebrows at Gu Hai, “Gu Family Head, we, the Zhuge family, is interested in forging an alliance with the Gu family. I wonder what is the Gu Family Head’s take on it?”

“I am extremely willing!” Gu Hai smiled softly. Gaining an ally like the Zhuge family was only of benefits towards the Gu family.

Then, Zhuge Kong also turned towards Shangguan Xiong and co. with a shrug, “The truth has come to light. The elites of your families were killed by Hua Li and Gu Li’s plot. Gu Li has already passed on, and Gu Li is no longer part of the Gu family. Various family heads, please return. If you want to take revenge, then go and find Gu Li! If you still want to cause trouble for the Gu family, then prepare to receive the Gu family and the Zhuge family’s wrath!”

“Heh!” Shangguan Xiong snorted coldly. “Let’s go!”

Everyone in the surroundings all turned around to leave.

At that moment, Gu Hai also laughed coldly with a sullen look, “Take away the corpse of your dead clansman. The Gu family has no obligation to clean up after you!”

“Gu Hai, don’t get too full of yourself!”

Shangguang Xiong sent two clansmen to carry the corpse away, then began to leave. At the same time, everyone from the Gu family, who had been extremely tense until that moment, let out a long sigh of relief, while plenty of them directly sat limply onto the ground…

No one laughed at them when they saw that. The situation earlier was indeed far too dangerous!

“Alright, the unrelated people have all left, isn’t it time for us to talk properly about matters?” Zhuge Hong smiled at Ye Zichen, who watched Gu Tian leave. “Mr. Ye had said that you want to introduce someone to the Zhuge family. I wonder if the person you’re talking about… Is this gentleman over here?”

“Yeah, I heard Big Brother Ye call him Yang Jian!” Zhuge Kongming also skipped over and looked at Yang Jian with an admiring look. “Is he Erlang Shen Yang Jian?”

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