Chapter 361 Trespasser, Die!

Chapter 361 – Trespasser, Die!

The scene shocked the surrounding people a lot. Just when they pondered about who the owner of the voice was…

“Bro, was our entrance awesome?”

“Not bad, not bad. It’s rather amazing. I’ll give you full marks for the special effects!” a chuckle sounded out in the blinding white light. Then, a shimmering line appeared ten meters in front of the various family heads.

“Those that pass this line, die!”

“So evasive. I don't believe that you can kill me!” a man behind Shangguan Xiong walked past.


An afterimage appeared, and before everyone saw who took action, the man fell on the ground, while blood continuously flowed out of this mouth.

“You…” Shangguan Xiong knitted his eyebrows tightly together. The person who was sent flying was one of his subordinates.

“You didn’t understand what I said, right? I said that anyone who passes the line will die. He passed the line!” a playful voice was heard from the golden light.

All of the family heads raised their eyebrows worriedly, and did not dare to move forward.

“I wonder who you are? This is the grudge between us hidden families. It would be for the best if you don’t interfere.”

“So what if I interfere?”

Then, the gold light faded.

Ye Zichen stood in front of the various family heads with a faint smile, while the muscular Yang Jian stood beside him.


“Big Brother Ye!”

Two voices sounded out. Ye Zichen looked up and saw that aside from Gu Tian, a childish figure opposite him also ran out.

“Zhuge Kongming!”

A hint of joy surfaced on Zhuge Kongming’s face, but he immediately stopped just as he was about to trespass the line. He scratched his head, “I think I won’t go over!”

“Did you, the Zhuge family, come to launch a crusade against the Gu family as well?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

Zhuge Hong walked out, “Mr. Ye, there is no need to worry. The Zhuge family did not take part.”

Ye Zichen was momentarily stunned when he saw the woman. Isn’t this the auntie who came that day to take Zhuge Kongming back?

Even though I’m already of the Earth Immortal Level, I’m still unable to walk in the sky, speak without moving my mouth, or phase through walls like she did back then…

When he thought about the situation back then, Ye Zichen immediately felt troubled.

“Mm, alright. Rest a bit, I’ll introduce someone to you guys later!” with that, he turned towards Gu Tian. “Alright, there’ll be no problem with me here. Go over there and watch the show!”

Gu Tian immediately left happily. As he did saw, Ye Zichen set his gaze upon Gu Li, “You’re not dead?”

Ye Zichen had indeed seen Gu Li’s head get chopped off by Qiu Yin.

I didn’t think that this brat would still be alive.

“How is that possible? However, my grudge towards you… brought me back to life,” Gu Li squinted his eyes closely. Even with his endurance, he was unable to completely suppress his anger when he saw Ye Zichen.

If it wasn’t for him, I should be the Gu family’s junior family head right now.

I might even be the family head.

The Gu family should have been ruled by me. Women, fortune, resources, I should be in control of everything. But Ye Zichen’s appearance changed all that!

“Zeze,” Ye Zichen chuckled. Then, he ignored Gu Li and spoke towards Shangguan Xiong and the rest of the family heads. “You family heads don’t seem particularly bright. Don’t you know that you’re being used by this brat? Or, perhaps, all you guys needed was actually an opportunity which allows you to take over the Gu family?”

At that moment, the none of the family heads, including Shangguan Xiong, did not dare to speak recklessly.

They had never seen the young man in front of him, but the fact that two hidden families were on good terms with him, while the muscular man beside the guy was strong to the point that they could not detect his level…

“We just want an explanation…”

“An explanation,” Ye Zichen nodded with a smile. “Then I’ll give you one!”


He disappeared in the blink of an eye, and put his hand around Gu Li’s neck.

“He is the source of everything. I’ll kill him and treat it as the resolution for all you families.”

Ye Zichen gradually applied more force into his hands, but Gu Li maintained his calm and collected expression.

“You’re not afraid of death?” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes.

Gu Li smiled, “I am, I’m terrified to no end. But… Do you think that he’s afraid of death?”

“Elder Hua, what are you doing!” An exclaim suddenly sounded out behind him. Ye Zichen turned back in shock and saw that Hua Li had his hand around Gu Tian’s throat, while a look of craziness covered his ancient face.

“Let Gu Li go!”

“Elder… Hua,” Gu Tian grabbed at Hua Li’s arm in an attempt to make him let go. His entire face had already turned bright red from the suffocation, while he continuously kicked his legs and struggled.

“Hua Li!”

“Yang Jian!”

Gu Hai roared in anger, while Ye Zichen also called out.

However, Hua Li merely put more force into his hand, “I know you guys have experts, how about finding out if this old man can kill Gu Tian first, or if you guys can kill me first!”

The Gu family members instantly stopped moving forwards, while Ye Zichen also shook his head towards Yang Jian, “Let Gu Tian go, I can pretend like nothing has happened.”

“Hehe… Let Gu Li go first!” as Hua Li spoke, he merely tightened his hand around Gu Tian’s neck even more.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and let go…


Gu Li fell onto the floor, while he held his neck and coughed intensely.

Hua Li also looked threateningly at everyone, while he continued to grip Gu Tian’s neck as he walked over to Gu Li.

“Hua Li, good job,” Gu Li smiled, then looked at Ye Zichen provokingly.

Ye Zichen shouted towards Hua Li, “Now you can let Gu Tian go, right? Do not challenge my patience or my bottom line!”

“Stop bullshitting!” Hua Li glared, then turned to Gu LI. “I have already done what you asked. Can you return my granddaughter to me now!?”

“You want your granddaughter? Then help me do one last thing!”

“Say it!”

“Kill Gu Tian!’

Gu Li’s cold tone caused the entire Gu family to be enraged, while Ye Zichen also roared out in anger with trembling shoulders, “Hua Li, you dare!?”

“Don’t mind their threats. Let me ask you. Do you want your granddaughter?” Gu Li smiled.

A struggle instantly covered Hua Li’s ancient face.

“Elder Hua, kill me!” contrary to everyone’s expectations, Gu Tian actually spoke up. “If it wasn’t for you, I might have died ten-odd years ago already. Just treat it as me returning this life to you.”

“Young Master Lil’ Tian!” the hand Hua Li had already Gu Tian’s throat trembled, causing Gu Li’s face to be covered with a sinister smile.

 “Wow, what a moving moment! However, I despise this sort of scene,” with that, he said coldly. “Hua Li, if you still want your granddaughter to return to your side, then kill him!”

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