Chapter 36 Lil’ White, the Eliminated Puppy

Chapter 36 – Lil’ White, the Eliminated Puppy

Invitation to a team.

Ye Zichen picked up his lemon juice and sipped, but he didn’t shake hands with Jing Wan.

“Miss Jing Wan, don’t be so anxious, okay? We haven’t talked about anything yet, isn’t a bit rushed, just inviting me into your team like that?”

“What do you need?”

“What can you give me?”

Ye Zichen pursed his lips and smiled.

“A monthly salary of a hundred thousand.”

Jing Wan clenched her first, but Ye Zichen merely shrugged with disdain.

A monthly salary of a hundred thousand was a huge amount of money for an university student that did not leave school.

Even for those seniors that had just left school, they would try their hardest to get the job if they saw a job that came with a monthly salary of a hundred thousand.


Ye Zichen reached out his finger and pointed at the Porsche 918 outside.

“Miss Jing Wan, do you think I lack money?”

About this…

Jing Wan’s confidence was lowered by a large portion when she saw that sportscar. Someone that can drive this sort of car definitely would not accept due to a hundred thousand yuan.

Xia Keke, who was on the side, also looked at the sportscar outside the window with her beautiful eyes.

“Riche Bro, that’s your car?”


Riche Bro…

Jing Wan’s expression darkened, if she knew that he was Riche Bro from the beginning, then she definitely wouldn’t have tried to sway him with the salary.

“You can definitely shine with your ability, allowing you to have thousands or even millions of fans supporting you.”

Jing Wan then used the fame aspect of it, she felt like Ye Zichen might think about it.


Clap, clap, clap.

Ye Zichen suddenly clapped his hands and said.

“Does anyone know me in this cold drinks store?”

“Riche Bro, I’m your fan.”

“Riche Bro, do you have time tonight? I want to treat you to dinner.”

“Riche Bro…”

Ye Zichen shrugged towards Jing Wan with a smile.

“Do you think I lack fame?”

Jing Wan’s pretty face instantly froze, the chips she could use for negotiation were only these two.

However, he shut her out on both.

Xia Keke noticed Jing Wan’s expression, and instantly wanted Ye Zichen to consider it a bit more.

However, Ye Zichen raised his head up and shook it with a smile.

“Actually, from this short conversation, I could can feel the establishment of Miss Jing Wan’s team is merely a sudden perk of interest.”

“No, I did consider this matter very seriously.”

Jing Wan denied it.

Ye Zichen shrugged without replying, then knocked on the table with a laugh.

“Then let me put it this way, do you have the large amount of funding needed to establish a team?”

“I have quite a bit of savings from streaming these few years…”

“How much?”

“Around ten million.”

Ye Zichen laughed.

“You want to establish a team with only around ten million. Don’t you think that’s rather childish? Have you not researched about the backgrounds of the teams in the competitions? Which one of them does not have powerful monetary backing? Your money is not even enough to get a few good teammates.”

“The funding needed at the start of establishing a team is the highest. You need to pay for the players’ salaries, you need to help them find a suitable base, you need teammates… Let me say this, ignoring that fact that you have no substitutes, did you even find all five team members?”

“I…” Jing Wan paused slightly. She truly had not thought about any of that. However, she, who didn’t want to submit, retorted. “I will find the team members as quick as possible, and I will hurry and find people who will want to invest for the funding.”

“That means everything that you had talked about were just empty promises, then why are you still talking about a team?”

Ye Zichen quickly finished the glass of lemon juice, stood up and waved goodbye to Jing Wan and Xia Keke.

“Sorry, I cannot accept your invitation.”

Ye Zichen truly did not want to get involved in this sort of activity. If he really joined a team, then his life will be completely tied to the team.

He would be able to shine anywhere with the deities’ WeChat group, there was no need for him to choose a relatively failing route.

Furthermore, what he said was for Jing Wan’s own good.

It was good to be hot-blooded, but establishing a team with just hot-bloodedness…

Might cause her to lose everything.

Ye Zichen did not want the money that this girl worked hard to earn all be lost there. Perhaps always thinking about money seemed a bit common.

But Ye Zichen was a common person.

After he drove away, Jing Wan and Xia Keke stared dumbly as Ye Zichen’s car disappeared from their sights from within the cold drinks store.

A faint sadness appeared on Jing Wan’s delicate expression. Xia Keke comforted her by the side.

“Jing Wan, don’t mind what Ye Zichen said too much. He’s pretty nice normally, I don’t know what was wrong with him today.”

Jing Wan smiled, while the sadness in her heart disappeared.

Although Ye Zichen’s merciless criticism still sounded out in her ear, she didn’t mind.

“What he said was true, I might really be too impulsive. I need to go back and consider it properly.”

“Mhmm, but Jing Wan, if you still need team members, you can find me any time.”

“Thank you.”

Jing Wan left the coffee shop after putting on the cap again.

As Jing Wan stood on the side and looked at the spot that Ye Zichen left from for a long time, Jing Wan clenched her fist.

One day, I will make you agree.

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen drove back to the mansion.

Ye Rong was blanking out in the courtyard. It was a good thing that her child had gone far, but she didn’t know why she was worried in her heart.

“Mom, why are you just standing here?”

Ye Rong looked up. Then, when she saw the sportscar behind Ye Zichen, the worry on her face became even more obvious.

“Son, what exactly are you doing to get all this money? Mom is worried for you!”

“Mom, don’t you know what I’m like? I definitely wouldn’t touch those sort of bad things,” Ye Zichen grabbed Ye Rong’s shoulders and walked into the pavilion in the courtyard.

“The environment is rather nice here, it’s just that I’m not quite used to it.”

“How come?”

“I feel quite empty inside. Back in the village, I could chat with your auntie and them, but now…”

Ye Rong stopped, while Ye Zichen also felt a bit sad.

As a son, he did his best to allow his mother to live a good life, but he didn’t have much time to accompany her.

For some reason, Ye Zichen thought of the dog he got from the Howling Celestial Dog.

“Mom, wait a moment, let me give you a present.”

Ye Zichen ran into the car and opened the WeChat Treasure Chest.

Eliminated Dog from the Celestial Dog Show


A white and fluffy poodle appeared in Ye Zichen’s arms.

The moment the poodle appeared, it subconsciously checked out its surroundings first. When it saw Ye Zichen, it actually revealed an expression of disdain like a human.

“Little fellow, you’re with me now.”

Disdain, there was still disdain!

“Little fellow, you’re rather interesting,” Ye Zichen wanted to touch the poodle’s hair, but it raised its head and showed him its fangs, wearing a ferocious expression.

However, even when dogs like poodles pretended to be ferocious, they still seemed very cute.

“You’re rather fun, I’ll call you Lil’ White from now on.”

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