Chapter 359 Chain Reaction

Chapter 359 – Chain Reaction

Ye ZIchen suddenly raised his eyebrows as he looked at the smile on Qu Qitong’s face.

“What are you looking me like that for? Alright, I admit that I told Yumei that. Boss Ye, you can’t cancel my dealership,” Qu Qitong said in a slightly spoiled manner.

Seeing that, Yang Jian gulped. The girls here are so cute. If it wasn’t because I still have work in the Heavenly Court, I might really just stay in this lower realm.

“I’m not that petty,” Ye Zichen smiled.

A moving smile surfaced on Qu Qitong’s delicate face instantly, “That’s great. Hehe… The press conference has ended. Then… Big boss who set up a little target, can you treat us to a meal!”

“Does a big boss like you require me to treat you?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

“No matter how big of a boss I am, it isn’t comparable to your small target of a hundred million!” Qu Qitong looked at him meaningfully.

This phrase was just for me act cockily, I didn’t expect this woman to use it to mock me. Thus, in order to shut her mouth, Ye Zichen rolled his eyes in annoyance, “Fine, fine, fine, you choose the place!”

“Then let’s go, Boss Ye!”

What Ye Zichen did not know was that his small target had already been widespread through the net. The number of replies in threads about him in various major forums already surpassed a hundred thousand, while he even gained several new titles…

Dominating CEO!

National Hubby!

National Love Rival!

What’s more, people even found his Weibo, causing his number of fans to soar up into the millions.

However, that was only the beginning.

Within a large courtyard house, a report about Maintaining Beauty Corporation’s press conference fell into the middle-aged man’s ear when he turned to the economic channel.

He was extremely curious about that corporation…

Until he saw that man.

“Ye Zichen!”

He knitted his eyebrows tightly together. When Xiao Yumei said that Ye Zichen was the true owner of Maintaining Beauty Corporation…

His face stiffened.

“He had used a million to make me leave his daughter…”



The middle-aged man turned off the television while incomparable rage surfaced on his face. He used his hands break the remote controller in his hands, as well as the tea table, and the television…

He broke everything that he saw.


The bodyguard rushed in from the outside, then blanked out for a moment when he saw the state of the room.

The man looked up and roared at the bodyguard, “F*-F*ck off!”

The bodyguard left in terror, while the man picked up a box of cigarette from the ground and took one out to hold in his mouth.

“Ye Zichen… Did you deliberately say it for me?”

At the same time, in the female dormitory of a certain university.

A slightly pretty girl held the Maintaining Beauty skin care products she bought after working for a month and lining up for several hours.

Just as she sat down on the bed, her roommates waved towards her, “Yao Yue, come, come. Look, is this person your boyfriend?”

The girl walked over in confusion, and saw an eye-catching title…

Maintaining Corporation’s Hidden Boss Has Spoken: A small target – A hundred million!

The accompanying photo below was the photo of Ye Zichen answering naturally in the press conference. She subconsciously snatched the mouse over, and read the text below, then turned to the skin-care products that she treasured…

“Yao Yue, he’s your boyfriend, right! No wonder you weren’t staying in the dorm recently. Ai, Dominating CEO! Set a small target, and earn a hundred million first. Wow… If you become a famous person’s wife, then don’t forget about us!” the girl’s roommates smiled flatteringly.

Yao Yue released her mouse dumbly, and sat onto her bed…

“Yao Yue, my dad also works in cosmetics and skin-care products. Can you get your boyfriend to meet him?” one of the girls asked. That girl’s family background was rather wealthy. Previously, she had acted high and mighty with everyone in the dorm, and her manner of speaking was something that had never been seen before.

“He’s rather busy recently. Wait till he has time!” Yao Yue smiled wryly.

The girl nodded, “True, it’s normal for big bosses like him to be busy. Please help me out when he’s less busy!”

With that, the girl took out an unused limited edition LV bag from the cabinet beside her bed. Yao Yue had already set her eyes on the bag several months ago, but she hesitated to buy it due to it being too expensive…

“Here, for you.”

Yao Yue received the bag over in a flattered manner, while the girl spoke up again, “Promise, okay? You definitely have to mention my dad with your boyfriend.”

“O-Okay!” Yao Yue had wanted to come clean, but when the bag and her vanity was placed in front of her, she chose to let the misunderstanding continue on!

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen did not know such chain reactions would occur just because of a single sentence he said. At that instant, he was within a hotel in the capital and answering toasts in a slightly troubled manner.

Wow, this woman, Qu Qitong, is really capable at drinking.

If it wasn’t for Ye Zichen secretly using celestial spiritual energy to remove all the alcohol from his body, the woman might have already got him drunk.

“Boss Ye, you can seriously drink!” Qu Qitong raised her thumb, then lifted another glass of liquor with a high alcoholic concentration over.

“What’s the toast for this time?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows helplessly. Qu Qitong managed to find something to toast for every single time, and she had pretty much mentioned everything already.

“A toast to your drinking capabilities!”

Ye Zichen smiled wryly and bumped his glass against hers, then gulped down the liquor, only to find out that the woman had raised her wine glass once again.

“If you continue like this, then I will suspect you of trying to get me drunk so that you can act out your ulterior motives!”

“Boss Ye is really funny. I have no way of taking advantage of you with Director Xiao here!” Qu Qitong replied with a faint smile, while silently thinking to herself…

You really guessed it right. I do want to get you drunk!

But why is he so capable at drinking?

“Don’t mind me. If Director Qu wants to, then just take him home tonight,” Xiao Yumei smiled.

Meanwhile, Yang Jian, who sat on the same table, silently retorted.

Why not take me home tonight!?

“Really?” Qu Qitong’s eyes lit up. “Director Xiao is willing?”

“Why wouldn’t I be willing? Worst come to worst, I’ll just get another sister,” Xiao Yumei replied generously.

However, Ye Zichen felt rather troubled after hearing that. Just what are you guys talking about. If you guys keep talking like that, then I actually might get given away…

However, from the looks of Qu Qitong, it seems like she really does want to…

At that moment, Ye Zichen’s phone on the table rang. During this period of time, his calls and messages have pretty much been endless, since most of them teased him for his dominating aura…

Ye Zichen glanced at the caller ID.

Gu Tian!

Why’s this guy calling me. According to my understanding of him, he isn’t that interested in these matters.

Ye Zichen picked up the call with knitted eyebrows, then heard Gu Tian shout, “Big Brother Ye, come to the Gu household. I can’t manage it anymore!”

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