Chapter 358 Let’s set a small target for ourselves

Chapter 358 – Let’s set a small target for ourselves

Qu Qitong, who stood in the corner, snickered, then stealthily gave Xiao Yumei a thumbs-up.

This act is definitely merciless!

She had unintentionally uncovered from her investigation of Ye Zichen that a certain successful businessman with the surname of Yang had humiliated Ye Zichen using a large sum of money.

She had unintentionally revealed it to Xiao Yumei, and Xiao Yumei immediately said that she would make that man pray.

Qu Qitong never expected that the day of the press conference to be the day.

Qu Qitong knew very clearly that Xiao Yumei also need a chance to make the people of her own family regret, and the press conference was clearly the best opportunity. Despite that, she still chose to give the chance to Ye Zichen.

“Their relationship is so amazing, it’s making me want to stick my foot in,” Qu Qitong smiled helplessly. “That makes me feel so guilty! Never mind, there are plenty of good men, I’ll just look for one when the time calls for it. What a pity, I am rather interested in this kid.”

The swarm of questions caused Ye Zichen’s head to buzz. At that moment, he even felt like he was seeing shadows when he looked at the journalists.

“Those that want to ask questions can ask one by one. If you all continue to act so disorderly, then this press conference will end early,” Xiao Yumei said in a powerful manner, causing the journalists to instantly stop without daring to utter a word.

However, all of them had the same question in their heart. From Ye Zichen’s face, they had clearly seen nervousness earlier…

The owner of such a huge company would get nervous at a journalist’s question?

Also, isn’t he a bit too young?

After suppressing the journalists, Xiao Yumei secretly reached her hand over and gripped Ye Zichen’s hand with a smile, “Don’t be too nervous, just say some nice sounding words. The Yang guy is watching, don’t allow him to look down on you. You are my man.”


Ye Zichen felt like his brain shuddered. He looked at Xiao Yumei in shock and wondered how she knew about his…

When he saw Xiao Yumei’s warm smile, he nodded heavily.

Then he turned towards the journalist. At that moment, he longer had the frantic look he wore earlier.

He smiled at the journalists, “Let’s begin! One question maximum per person!”

“Director Ye, you seem to be at the age of an university student?” the one who asked was a female journalist.



“Sorry, you no longer have any question quotas. Next,” Ye Zichen’s words radiated with power. Hearing that, the female journalist stomped her feet and cursed herself for asking such simple leveled question.

“Director Ye. You actually managed to establish such a huge corporation at such a young age. Do you have any kind of shocking background?”

“If I had any shocking background, then do you think I would tell you?” Ye Zichen smiled. “I don’t have any such background. I’m just a normal university student. The reason I managed to establish such a huge corporation is only because I have a good project on hand. You guys should also know that I have a few investors in my company!”

“Director Ye, then how did you run the company to cause Maintaining Beauty to expand so rapidly in such a short time, and finally achieve today’s size?”

“First of all, it is because our company’s product is excellent enough, allowing it to quickly take over the market. Then, we also set a target…” Ye Zichen smiled softly. “First, set a small target. For example, earn a hundred million in this month!”

The moment he said that, all the journalists were shocked.

A hundred million!

Small target!

Listen to what he said in such a simple tone. Earn a hundred million in a month!

The fact that the journalists turned terrifyingly quiet, caused Xiao Yumei to be surprised. Then, a beautiful smile bloomed on her face…

My little man is really mesmerizing!

In the corner, Qu Qitong also revealed an alluring smile, “How could I not get interested in a man like this… Small target. He really dared to say that!”


Ye Zichen felt extremely good about himself when he saw that the journalists were stunned.

He had imagined the scene when he shows off countless times, but he felt like this time was the most realistic.

“Director Ye is truly young and capable. As expected of a company owner that established this sort of large corporations, he actually set such a target,” as the journalists came out of their shock one by one, one of the journalists smiled. “Then have you doubted about not being able to reach it before?”

“At the very least, setting a target was right. Even if we can’t earn a hundred million, then we’ll still be able to earn eighty million, or at least fifty million. Isn’t that great too? What’s more, this is only a small target, how are we supposed to set large targets if we can’t reach these small targets?” Ye Zichen smiled in response.

The journalists went speechless again. Even though they had interviewed companies many times, the owner of this one was the one that displayed their openness most.

“Director Ye, most people your age should be enjoying school life. What caused you to think about establishing a company and turning it so huge?” Hearing the journalist’s question, Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows…

This guy is truly understanding!

He actually no longer wanted anything to do with Yang Zhen. However, since Xiao Yumei wanted to help him get even, then he could not let his woman’s goodwill down!

What’s more, he actually wanted to as well!

He did want to make that amazing man regret it.

“I have to thank a… kind of savior from back then! I was dating his daughter back then, but I didn’t have a background that could compare to up to his. He had used a million to make me leave his daughter! Ha, I’ll stop talking about it. I am rather thankful towards him right now. If he did not exist, then the I of today would not exist!”

“I would like to ask what is your relationship with Director Xiao? I can tell that you two seem to be very close!”

“Let me answer this question,” Xiao Yumei smiled. “Actually, I’m his pursuer. I love him very much… Alright, the press conference ends here!”

Xiao Yumei smiled, then left with her arms wrapped around Ye Zichen’s.

After they left the room, Qu Qitong also left the room and raised her thumb at Xiao Yumei, “Amazing, you actually dared to say that sort of thing in front of those people. Aren’t you worried about them going ham on that? Your words revealed a lot!”

“So what? I don’t care!” Xiao Yumei smiled, then hugged Ye Zichen’s arms tightly. “I’m not afraid of anything with him here.”

Ye Zichen could feel his heart move. He raised his hand to caress Xiao Yumei’s hair, and smiled warmly.

“I really can’t compare up to you!” Qu Qitong let out a sigh, then smiled meaningfully at Ye Zichen. “But Director Ye is pretty amazing. Let’s set a small target for ourselves, such as earning a hundred million. Wow, such a small target. This really is a small step for Director Ye, a large step for mankind!”

“It’s alright. I gotta maintain it!” Ye Zichen smiled.

Qu Qitong nodded in agreement, “Yeah… I just wonder how many people will find it hard to fall asleep tonight!”

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