Chapter 357 Press Conference

Chapter 357 – Press Conference

When Ye Zichen arrived at Maintaining Beauty’s branch office in Qu Qitong’s car, he was completely shocked by the scene in front of him.

The size of the branch company was comparable to that of the headquarters. What’s more, the capital was a place where plots of land were absurdly expensive, so the establishment of such a huge branch company on went on to show just how much money Maintaining Beauty Corporation had made in such a short time.

“Stop watching like an idiot. You are the owner of Maintaining Beauty. You acting like this will lose face for Yumei,” Qu Qitong smiled.

At that very moment, Li Shuang, who was dressed in formal clothing, walked towards them with a smile on her face.

“Director Qu, you came!”

“Yeah, I even brought you guys your owner,” Qu Qitong indicated towards Ye Zichen with a smile.

Upon hearing that, a bright smile surfaced on Li Shuang’s face, “Boss!”

When they arrived within the building, they noticed that the lobby was filled with journalists, while plenty of successful-looking people chit chatted within.

Xiao Yumei wore a pale blue ankle length dress and smiled accordingly as she chatted with the people around her.

“Yumei!” Qitong waved her hand. When the people around Xiao Yumei saw her, they all nodded with a smile, then left.

“Why did you come?” her words were clearly directed at Ye Zichen. Since we haven’t met for a long time, I can’t help but to burn with the fires of passion for her after seeing her again.

“What? Can’t I not be here? Much wow, you actually didn’t tell me even though you came to the capital,” Ye Zichen’s words were clearly of a slightly jealous tone.

Xiao Yumei smiled and pursed her lips, then raised her hand to pinch his cheek, “I had wanted to go and find you after finishing all the work to give you a surprise. Who would have thought that Lil’ Tong would actually bring you over.”

“What? So bringing him here is my wrong,” Qu Qitong raised her eyebrows and giggled.

The two women in front of Ye Zichen definitely had an amazing relationship. They clearly weren’t so close before I came to the capital. Just how long has it been and they already seem like good friends of many years…

As I expected, the feelings between women is not something that men can comprehend…

“Bro, why are the women by your side all so pretty!?” Yang Jian bumped Ye Zichen’s shoulder. “If this was in the Heavenly Court, then those animals will definitely explode. We’re good bros, right? Introduce one to me when you have time. It’s alright as long as she’s like them.”

Yang Jian’s demand was rather high. Even with what Ye Zichen had seen, there aren’t that many women on the level of Xiao Yumei’s beauty.

What’s more, so what if he introduced one to Yang Jian?

It wasn’t like Yang Jian would be able to stay in the Modern Realm for extended periods of time. Was she supposed to bring the woman back with him when he returns?

Even if he dared, the girl might be unwilling!

“Stop being an idiot, it’s better for you to look for the large families in the Heavenly Court. If you really feel like the women over there don’t look good without any makeup, then I’ll find time to give them a few makeup lessons…” As Ye Zichen replied, he suddenly stopped. Chang’e had said that the skin care products I sent was bad. Then what about cosmetics?

The Heavenly Court shouldn’t be researched into that, right? When I saw it through Taibai Jinxing’s phone, even the seven fairies faced everyone with their original look.

“Bro, what did you say just now?”

“Nothing, don’t think about the girls in the Modern Realm, go and look for one in the Heavenly Court. When I have time, I’ll definitely help the beauty of the girls in the Heavenly Court reach a new height!”

Makeup lessons!

Loving beauty was a woman’s nature, so Ye Zichen could already imagine the level of popularity of the lesson when he starts it.

Perhaps, when I begin the lessons, even people at the level of… the Queen Mother and Avalokiteshvara would join.

Hearing that, Yang Jian raised his eyebrows, “Bro is what you said for real?”

There are no ugly women, only lazy women.

As long as the women in the Heavenly Court wants to be beautiful, then I can definitely help their beauty reach a new height.

Ye Zichen confidently patted Yang Jian's shoulder and smiled, “When have I ever lied to you?”

“Boss, Director Xiao, the press conference is ready,” at that moment Li Shuang walked over with a smile.

Seeing her, Yang Jian bumped Ye Zichen’s shoulder once again, as if he was saying that “this girl is pretty nice too”, causing Ye Zichen to roll his eyes at him.

Meanwhile, Xiao Yumei also nodded with a smile towards Ye Zichen, “Since you came as well, then let’s go together. I’ll give you a chance to counter smack his face!”

“Me? Counter-smack his face?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows in confusion. He didn’t understand what Xiao Yumei meant at all!

However, Qu Qitong giggled, “Why are you so surprised? Aren’t you the owner of this corporation? Why such a huge reaction for attending a mere press conference? Young man… You need training!”

Qu Qitong’s actions like that of an elder caused Ye Zichen to roll his eyes. However, he still smiled, “Then let’s go.”

At the scene of the press conference, all of the journalists in the room acted as if they were about to face a major enemy as they stood solemnly in the room. All of the people around them were their enemies, but of course…

What they cared about more was their salary.

Their questions would only catch the attention of their audience if they asked rather sharp questions.

“Director Xiao’s here!” Someone shouted out.

All of the cameramen in the room continuously pressed their shutter buttons. It was the first time Ye Zichen experienced anything remotely like that, so he really couldn’t quite accept it in his heart.

“We have half an hour. Alright, let’s start!” Xiao Yumei sat down in her chair naturally, while Ye Zichen gulped and sat beside her like an obedient child, as he looked dumbly in front of him.

“Director Xiao, according to my information, Maintaining Beauty Corporation has only been established for forty days. How did you manage to cause it to increase its size so much in such a short amount of time?”

“I think this question should be answered by our Director Ye. Let me tell you guys, actually, I’m just an employee. The one beside me is the decision maker of our Maintaining Beauty Corporation!” Xiao Yumei indicate to the position beside her, causing all of the journalists in the room to feel like their heads exploded…

Maintaining Beauty Corporation’s CEO Director Xiao is actually just an employee, and she actually had an employer. More importantly, that mysterious employer actually finally appeared.

All of the hearts of the journalists leaped as they all thought the same in their minds. Coming really was the right decision. I actually got some huge news.

“Director Ye, you…”

“Director Ye, you…”

“Director Ye, you…”

All the journalists in the room asked alongside each other, so Ye Zichen could not hear their questions properly at all. At that moment, his brain was completely blank, he never expected Xiao Yumei to just sell him out like that.

I’m just a normal university student. I don’t know how to answer this sort of PR question at all!

Xiao Yumei was also a bit nervous. She was doing it for Ye Zichen’s own good because she unintentionally found out something about Ye Zichen’s past.

That person actually dared to smack my little man’s face, so I’ll get my little man to smack his face! I’ll make him regret his decision back then!

This is just the first step, please don’t fall in front of these veterans.

That man is watching in front of the television!

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