Chapter 355 The Heavenly Court’s Method of Charging Their Phone

Chapter 355 – The Heavenly Court’s Method of Charging Their Phone


A red bonfire suddenly started to burn.

Within a hall of the palace, twelve chairs were situated around a long black table. One of the chairs was empty, while the rest were filled with men and women of various different characteristics.

“What does our lord want us to say?

“It’s clearly your thoughts about the Fallen,” the man on the throne smiled. “I want to hear what you all think!”

“That isn’t a Fallen. If what little fellow Qiu Yin said was true, then that Fallen is actually the son of a saint and a demon!” said the red-hair and red-clothed man with a huge sword strapped to his back.

“Back then, the Demon Emperor said that only those who possesses the bloodline of a saint and a demon can take that final step. I feel that we, the demon race, have to fight for this child of a saint and demon,” the one who spoke was an elder with completely white hair.

“Son of a saint and demon, that sounds really amazing!” an extremely beautiful woman spoke up. She licked her lips, while excitement flashed across her alluring eyes. “I wonder how he tastes.”

“I feel like we don’t need to care about him.”

At that moment, one of the eleven raised a different opinion.

“Oh?” the man on the throne raised his eyebrows. “Tell me your reasoning.”

“It takes extremely long for a child of a saint and a demon to grow. It’s not like we, the demon race, did not have anyone of them before, but did anyone of them grow to the level of a demon sovereign?” the long-haired man said coldly. “If we chuck in large amounts of resources on them, then it’ll cause the younger generation of our race to have a pitiful amount of resources. Yet, this is the sort of result we end up with after investing in countless resources! Back then, the demon emperor did say those words, but… Is what the demon emperor said the absolute truth?”

Everyone in the hall set their gazes on the man. The long-haired man laughed, and continued, “Breakthrough requires talent and effort. If we have the time, then it’s better used on cultivation. Our main focus should be on the Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation. Even if that child of a saint and demon is truly very talented, we’ll just snatch him over when we discover that.”

“What do you guys think? the man on the throne smiled.

An older elder voiced his opinion. “I still feel like we should bring him back here.”

“Hehe… since the opinions are not unanimous, then I shall decide!” the man on the throne touched his lips. “The Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation is naturally the focus of the attention of our race, but we can’t give up on that child of a saint and a demon. Isn’t Lianhua in the Modern Realm? We’ll just leave it to her.”




Everyone nodded in agreement.

The man on the throne also nodded, “Alright, then that’s it.”

At that moment, a man holding a strand of foxtail grass in his mouth smiled outside the palace, “Child of a saint and a demon. Interesting!”

“Bro, this really is a blessed place!” Yang Jian wore a Hawaiian-tourist like costume with black sunglasses as he stared at the white legs of the passing girls on the streets, as he squatted on the side of the road like a rascal.

Even though Ye Zichen used the Plantain Fan, the strength of it was still on the small side for a great deity like Yang Jian.

After he was fanned off once, he understood that Ye Zichen wanted the Plantain Fan, so he did not mention selling the fan after returning.

“It’s alright.”

Ye Zichen had wanted to catch some rest, but Yang Jian had dragged him out, so he could not reply.

Since he had no choice, Ye Zichen could only squat with him on the road-side and look at the legs of the passing girls.

“Hey, look at that one… And that one… My god, is this really the mortal realm? Back when I didn’t become a deity, the girls weren’t this pretty!” Yang Jian continuously exclaimed as if he discovered a new continent. Then, he patted Ye Zichen’s shoulder with a smile. “Bro, pretty good! No wonder you didn’t want Chang’e to descend. If it were me, I wouldn’t let her descend either!”

“…” Ye Zichen sighed helplessly. Yang Jian just doesn’t know how amazing the cosmetic technology is right now, nor does he know how advance the plastic surgery technology is.

If these girls all came out plain and without make-up, then Yang Jian might not be so excited.

Ye Zichen took out a cigarette from his pocket and gave it to Yang Jian. Then, he heard his phone ring after lighting a cigarette from himself.

Ye Zichen took out his phone, causing Yang Jian to looked at Ye Zichen’s phone like a curious kid, “Bro, you use this to contact us? It seems far more advanced than our advance technology.”

With that, Yang Jian took out a straight long board from his pocket, which was similar to the phones in the Modern Realm multiple years ago.


Ye Zichen subconsciously received the phone. He noticed that their phone was not particularly heavy, as if they didn’t have any batteries.

That brought up a question he always held in his heart…

How does the Heavenly Court generate electricity? How do they get internet!?

Thus, Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows after returning the phone, “How do you charge the battery of your phone? Does the Heavenly Court have internet as well?”

“Charge the battery?” Yang Jian said after a brief pause. “Are you talking about charging the phone up with energy? We all use celestial spiritual energy. Bro, do you not do that?”

“Show me how you charge!” Ye Zichen handed his phone over.

Erlang Shen’s hand immediately glowed without him saying anything.

Then, when he returned the originally fifty-percent charged phone, the battery was already full.

“Just like that.”

“So advanced,” Ye Zichen was stunned. No wonder Han Xiangzi said that he could use the phone when I sent it over.

So they don’t need to generate electricity. They are portable chargers themselves!

“Bro, don’t you charge it up like that?” Yang Jian was stunned. Then, he asked once again when he saw that Ye Zichen did not answer. “Then how do you guys communicate using your phones?”

“Our Heavenly Court has the celestial net… But, I seem to be unable to get its signal after getting here,” Yang Jian replied quietly.

Hearing that, Ye Zichen was completely stunned.

Celestial net? Then the Underworld has the Underworld net? But how can my Mortal Net let me contact them?

Is it seriously plot armor?

At that moment, his phone rang again.

Ye Zichen knitted his eyebrows and opened the social media app. Recently, no one talked with him using personal chats.

However, there was a small “1” on his contact list.

“Bro, how did you get on? I investigated it for an entire night, but still could not get on,” Yang Jian handed his over. The social media app continuously displayed that it was connecting, but he was unable to get into the main page.

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes at him. This guy seriously talks too much. I’ve been listening to him for an entire day.

“I’ll tell you later.”

After settling Yang Jian, Ye Zichen clicked to see his new friend request. When he saw it, he subconsciously looked at the Plantain Fan in his pocket and turned to Yang Jian, “Is Princess Iron Fan someone of the Heavenly Court?”

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