Chapter 353 You’ve got the Wrong Person

Chapter 353 – You’ve got the Wrong Person

“Yang Jian, I’m going to kill you!” the demon king’s eye flashed with a red light.

All of a sudden, the air was filled with a revolting smell. When Ye Zichen smelled the stench, he felt as if his spirits were starting to sag.




When the people around him began to fall to the ground, he subconsciously activated the Fiery Eyes of Truth…

The souls of those people started to fly towards the demon king in the sky, and that even included the souls that had already been captured by the Underworld’s ghost servants!

“Not good,” Yang Jian frowned. His third eye was clearly able to see that the souls of the mortals below him were becoming the nourishment of the demon, and were replenishing his body.

The strength of the demon king opposite him gradually started to rise.

Yang Jian frowned. If the fight dragged on, then even he would have trouble against the demon king.

“Petty tricks. Die!” Yang Jian thrust forward.

When he did that, the demon king had already grown another hand to replace his lopped off one. He licked his lips slightly greedily, “The souls of mortals are truly great nourishment.”

As he watched Yang Jian’s lance pierced the skies towards him, the demon king did not retreat and instead met it face on. His fist shimmered with a black light as he punched.

“There!” the demon king roared. The moment the lance crashed against his fist, the sound of metal colliding sounded out.

The reflective force passed through the lance, causing Yang Jian’s purlicue to bleed, but he still maintained a tight grip on his war lance.

F*ck, it got slightly tricky. Yang Jian cursed silently in his heart. If I let the demon king continue devouring souls like this, then I have no chance of victory.

Stop fretting. Think about how the monkey will do in this situation! Yang Jian thought to himself. However, the only thing he was able to think of was a single sentence…

Ha, if it was Grandpa Sun, then just smash it down with my stick. Who cares about so much? Care about whether it can be beaten after hitting it!

Damn monkey, can’t you say something useful? Yang Jian cursed angrily in his heart. At the same time, Great Sage Sun, who was eating fruits in the Water Curtain Cave on Mt. Huaguo, couldn’t help but sneeze.

He frowned, chucked the peach in his hand to the side, then made a few incantation gestures.

“Yang Jian… What kind of danger did this grandson get into? I can’t figure it out. Ahh, whatever, I can only pray that nothing happens to him!”

“Hahaha, the Heavenly Court’s war god Yang Jian is only so-so!” the demon king laughed unrestrainedly.

Hearing that, Yang Jian clenched his teeth, “The monkey’s right. Hit it first. How can I endure this grandson just bragging here!”


Yang Jian gripped his lance tightly and rapidly thrust towards the demon king.

Ding ding dong.

What made people feel like giving up was that the lance could not do any damage to the demon king’s body at all. It was as if the demon king’s body had a layer of impenetrable protective shield over it.

“Yang Jian, you lost!” the demon king laughed madly, while absorbing the souls of the normal people around him without any restraint. Then, he set his gaze upon Ye Zichen, “Fallen… Come with me to the demon realm!”

The huge hand in the sky reached towards Ye Zichen.

Yang Jian immediately roared, “Bro, run!”

At that moment, Ye Zichen also felt like something locked onto him. He wanted to leave, but he noticed that it was as if someone cast a Body-Freezing Spell on him, causing him to not be able to move at all.

“Come with me!”

“Holy Illumination!”

At that very moment, a blinding holy light shone in the west. When the holy light shone onto the demon king, his body immediately broke down.

At the same time, a clear yell also sounded out in the sky, “Yang Jian, what are you waiting for!?”

“Ha, thanks!” Yang Jian smiled, he cut his lance towards the arm without any hesitation.


Purplish red blood spurted all over the silver lance, while the huge arm fell down from the sky, causing suffocating dust to splash everywhere.

“Ahhh…” the demon king held his broken arm with his left hand. Then, before he could even react, Yang Jian charged towards him with the lance in hand once again.


The lance pierced towards the demon king’s chest in a trick manner…


The demon king grunted, then looked down and saw that Yang Jian’s lance had completely pierced his chest.

Yang Jian forcefully twisted the lance, causing a huge hole to appear on the demon king’s chest.

“Ugh…” Purplish red blood flowed out continuously from the wound.

Yang Jian squinted his eyes when he saw this.

Take advantage of his weakness!


The war lance stabbed into the demon king’s head.


The demon king’s head exploded like an exploding watermelon.

“Yang Jian, this king remembers you now!”

Contrary to Yang Jian’s expectation, the demon king actually managed to survive the blow. A huge spatial crack appeared in the sky, then the demon king leaped into the it.

“You want to run!?” Yang Jian charged with his lance.

At that moment, Ye Rong appeared by his side, then patted his shoulder and shook her head, “Don’t go, that is the Hellish Demon Realm, which the demons reside in. If you go… Not only you, it is even impossible for the Three Pure Ones to return alive.”

“Thank you just now!” Yang Jian returned his body to normal, then cupped his hands towards Ye Rong.

Ye Rong shook her head with a smile, then turned around and flew towards Ye Zichen, “Zichen.”

She pulled him into her embrace, then checked him out with a worrying gaze. After a long time, she finally let out a long sigh of relief, “It’s great that you’re alright.”

“I’ve caused you to worry,” Ye Zichen’s expression saddened.

At that moment, the Gu family head walked over. His blurry eyes shimmered.

When Ye Rong saw him, a hint of depression also appeared on her face, “You’re also…”

“Lil-Lil’ Rong,” the Gu family head trembled.

Ye Rong’s shoulders shook intensely. Ye Zichen was able to feel just how much feelings went through Ye Rong’s heart at that moment.

However, she quickly calmed herself down, and spoke to the Gu family head with a smile, “Old Man Gu, this clown fiesta has come to an end. I am deeply sorry about the Gu clan’s loss. There was a pretty huge commotion this time. The Surveillance Committee might come over to question your clan tomorrow. You better clean this place up in order to prevent unnecessary trouble for the Gu clan. Oh yeah, when they investigate, please hide the appearance of Yang Jian and I.”

“Lil’ Rong!” the Gu family head trembled, then sighed. “Are-Are you blaming me?”

“What are you talking about?” Ye Rong smiled. “I just don’t want to get into that unnecessary mess. Yang Jian is also of the same mind. Don’t think too much into it.”

“Gu Rong, just treat it as father’s wrongs. Come back!” the Gu family head clenched his teeth and shouted.

Ye Rong’s expression stiffened for a moment, then she smiled wryly, “I think you’ve got the wrong person. My name is Ye Rong, not Gu Rong!”

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