Chapter 352 War God Yang Jian

Chapter 352 – War God Yang Jian

The man rode the clouds just like a descending god and looked down upon everyone.



Qiu Yin spat out a mouthful of blood, then instantly appeared beside Tuoba Ye.

“An expert!’ Tuoba Ye and Qiu Yin couldn’t help but frown.

“F*ck, are you insulting me? I actually let you run,” rage appeared on the man’s solemn face. He grabbed the silver lance in his hand and thrust it crazily towards both Qiu Yin and Tuoba Ye.




“Why’s this guy going mad?” Qiu Yin and Tuoba Ye felt like their heads were going to explode. Why isn’t this guy acting like a master, and instead merely revealed an aura of a lowly person…

“Why are you still not dead!?” the man raised his eyebrows. He was truly a bit angry.

He had wanted to coolly deal with the two puny demons, but even after ten-odd attacks, the two demons were still alive and well in front of him.

It’s fortunate that I didn’t let that damn monkey see this, otherwise…

The man thought silently to himself, then imagined a scene in his head.

My son, I told you that you are a newb. You actually took so long to fight with two mere Human Immortals. You are still miles away from your Grandpa Sun!


The man spat, then shook his head, “Die!”

“Erlang Shen Yang Jian, isn’t it a bit outrageous for you to bully a junior like this?”

A huge black hand suddenly appeared in the sky. The man moved, then turned around swiftly, and stabbed his lance towards the palm.


The huge hand shattered, while the man squinted his eyes and held the lance in his right hand, “Which lowly person is it? You actually dared to sneak an attack on your Grandpa Yang!”

“Hehe… You truly become lowlier the longer you live. Yang Jian, when can you get rid of your loser aura?” a mocking laugh sounded out in the sky.

Yang Jian!

The person in front of us is actually Yang Jian!

Both Tuoba Ye and Qiu Yin were completely shocked. No wonder we can’t even muster up any feelings of resistance against him.

The war god of the Heavenly Court – Yang Jian!

It’s so fortunate that a demon king level expert of the demon realm made a move. Otherwise, we would definitely get turned into dust by that powerhouse.

Ye Zichen was also shocked.

Erlang Shen Yang Jian!

Why did he descend? He didn’t tell me through social media either…

“Who the f*ck did you call a loser? You only know how to hide in the dark and mutter. Come out… If you do, grandpa will definitely beat you until you become a retard!” Erlang Shen cursed with his war lance in his hand. “You are just like a naughty kid, and is hiding in the corner… I really do wonder if I, someone of your father’s generation, am able to lower my own status to bully a pitiful child like you. You actually dared to call me a loser. Come… Come out. I definitely won’t hit you just once!”

Yang Jian was already a master at arguing while in the Heavenly Court, and so he also started to fight back.

“Childish loser, can you stop making your reputation worse?” a faint snicker rang out in the air.

“Fight me if you don’t submit!” Yang Jian couldn’t be bothered with him anymore. He raised the war lance in his hand high, and gazed at the faraway sky. “Don’t think about winning against me in an argument. You still lack a lot in terms of that. If you don’t submit, then come out… And beat me until I submit.”

“Do you really think that this sovereign doesn’t not dare to appear?” the demon king in the sky spoke up once again.

“Fight me!” Yang Jian said with determination.

“Hahaha, this king also wants to experience the power of the Heavenly Court’s war god. Then… let’s fight!” laughter sounded out from the sky like rolling thunder. A several-meter long foot reached out from the sky. Then, not long later, the entire body of the demon king was displayed in front of everyone’s eyes.

His face was like that of an ox’s with horns on his head.

His large eyes were of a blood red color, while his three hundred something meter tall body blocked off the sky like a descending demon god. Everyone seemed like insects in front of him, and could only look up to his might.

“You really dared to appear?” Yang Jjian smiled faintly without any hint of fear.

“Since the war god sent the invitation, then how could this king avoid the battle?” the demon king’s voice echoed out in the sky. He hooked his fingers at Yang Jian. “Come, let me know that you’re not just a loser who can only bullshit.”

“I’ll satisfy you!”


Yang Jian moved his arm. His silver armor let out a sound as it hit against itself, while the lance in his arm released a silver light…

“Die,” a clear shout sounded out from Erlang Shen as he stepped forward in the sky and pierced towards the demon king.

“Heh!” the demon king chuckled, then reached towards Erlang Shen with incomparable might in both his hands.

Not good.

Yang Jian thought in his heart, then rushed forward. However, the huge hand was truly too large, so it instantly gripped Yang Jian.

“Aren’t you overestimating yourself by fighting me without your Truth Body?”

“Hehe… Grandpa just wanted to go easy on you. Since grandson requested it, then grandpa will satisfy you!”

With that, the third eye on Yang Jian’s forehead opened.


A loud sound echoed through the sky. Then, Yang Jian’s body instantly enlarged by several hundred times.

“Break,” Yang Jian called out softly, causing the demon king to feel like he had to open up his hand.

Yang Jian stood proudly in the sky and scanned the demon king…

This seem made the two of them look like a god and a demon god watching each other in the sky.

“Interesting!” the demon king raised the corner of his lips slightly.

Yang Jian also smiled. Then, he gripped his lance tighter, while a look of indifference flashed across his eyes, “Interesting? Hehe… Watch as grandpa beats you until you become a retard!”

Erlang Shen gripped his lance and shot out like laser, forming light that was so blinding that others were unable to look straight at them.

Every single time the two huge bodies collided, a shockwave would spread through the sky, while the terrifying nose would send a chill down people’s spines!

“Erlang Shen?” Gou Yuzhan had awaken at an unknown time, and felt rather heated up as he looked at Yang Jian, who was like a heavenly god in the sky.

Both Lu Lu and Fatty Yin also opened their mouths wide in shock. They never expected the person their Main Body talked about to be Yang Jian.

His title as the number one war god of the Heavenly Court was not just for show. Even though the demon king was huge, he was still completely dominated by Yang Jian in battle.

“Is this really my bro?” Ye Zichen, who had landed on the ground, also couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows. This truly changed his impression of Erlang Shen quite a lot.


A huge hand landed on the ground, creating a huge crater. When Ye Zichen and co. saw it, they couldn’t help but be shocked.

It was very difficult to even damage a fifty-something meters long hand, and it was even more difficult to imagine how large the demon king’s Main Body was.

Despite that, Yang Jian still manage to chop off hand of his…

Being a war god really wasn’t just for a show!

“Yang Jian!” the demon king’s eyes were filled with blood, while purplish blood spilled from his ruined wrist.

“What are you calling grandpa for?” Yang Jian laughed mockingly, then pointed the silver lance at his chest. I’ll take your dog life with my next attack!”

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