Chapter 351 Plantain Fan

Chapter 351 – Plantain Fan


Both Lu Lu and Fatty Yin couldn’t help but look up into the sky. Could my Main Body have come?

The figure in the sky seemed to be a woman. Her body shimmered with an undefilable holy light that was so blinding that others were not able to look straight at it.

“It’s actually you!” Tuoba Ye frowned. He was all too familiar with that woman.

“Why did you not listen to what I said back then? Could it be that you thought I was just joking with you?” Ye Rong wore a long white dress, while a cold yet beautiful look could be seen on her face.

As the holy light sprinkled on the ground, the injuries of the wounded begun to quickly heal at a noticeable pace.

“Lil’ Rong,” the Gu family head’s expression changed. As he bathed in the warm holy light, he looked up and saw Ye Rong, who was in the sky, while a single tear couldn’t help but flow out of his eye.

From this moment onwards, I’m called Ye Rong, and am no longer Saintess Gu Rong.

My child.

Back then… it was dad’s mistake.

“Who is this woman?” Qiu Yin frowned, while his eyes shimmering with red light displayed a hint of disgust. “I hate the aura from her.”

“Ha… That would be right. She has the body of a saint, and is the absolute counter to we demons,” Tuoba Ye smiled faintly.

Qiu Yin frowned, “How do you know?”

“How could I not? She… She was my woman back then. The Fallen is the product of her and I,” Tuoba Ye squinted his eyes with a smile.

However, Qiu Yin could not calm himself down.

The child of a saint and a heavenly demon…


“Actually, both we of the heavenly demon race and you guys of the god race, there are still more powerful existences even if we cultivate to the complete stage of the demon emperor level. However… If we want to break through, only those that bear the bloodline of both saints and demons would be able to take that step!”

That was the words Demon Emperor Qiu Mo said when he was suppressed by the true immortals, and it was also what had been passed down the Qiu clan.

The son of a saint and a demon…

Isn’t this child what Demon Emperor Qiu Mo was talking about back then?

I have to snatch him and bring him back to the demon realm.

Qiu Yin clenched his teeth, then begun his assault on Ye Zichen once again. He no longer hid any bit of his powers, and no longer held back! All he wished to do was empower himself, even if he hurt Ye Zichen until he was disabled…

Everything was worth it if he could bring Ye Zichen to the demon realm.

“You still want to use violence after I have arrived!?”

Ye Rong tapped in the sky. A blinding ray of light immediately tore a hole in Qiu Yin’s chest, causing a bloody hole around the size of a bowl to appear on Qiu Yin’s body. Purplish red blood continuously flowed out from the wound, but Qiu Yin disregarded it and continued to charge at Ye Zichen.

That caused Ye Rong to worry. She had assumed that Qiu Yin would actually defend…

However, from the looks of it, he had already given up all attempts at defense in order to charge in front of Ye Zichen.

All of a sudden, a Ye Rong felt a bad feeling. She quickly flew towards Ye Zichen, only to find Tuoba Ye blocking her way.

“I can’t let you disturb Brother Qiu Yin.”

“You still want to make a move against me when the situation is like this?” Ye Zichen smiled playfully. Just as he formed a fist and tried to meet Qiu Yin head on…

A spiritual formation appeared in the palm of Qiu Yin’s hand. Qiu Yin spat out a mouthful of demonic blood towards his palm, causing the spiritual formation to instantly flew towards the sky.

A huge spatial crack appeared in the sky. The powerful suction of it pulled him into the crack, while Qiu Yin coughed up a lot more demonic blood.

“The son of a saint and a demon belongs to the demon realm!” as Qiu Yin roared, the spatial crack begun to pull Ye Zichen’s body like a huge open mouth.

“Zichen!” Ye Rong’s eyebrows knitted tightly together. She wanted to go over, but Tuoba Ye acted like a sheep dog and just completely blocked off her path.

“Tuoba Ye!” Ye Rong yelled angrily.

Tuoba Ye raised his eyebrows with a smile, “Yes, you called me like that. Back then… That’s the expression you had. Gu Rong, although I don’t like you as a woman, at the very least, you gained a Fallen for our demon race, so I do have to thank you for it.”

“Tuoba Ye!” Ye Rong screamed, while the holy light around her became more blinding. Then, a sphere of golden light moved out away from the holy light and crashed onto the spatial crack and Qiu Yi.

“Brother Tuoba, stop that woman!” Qiu Yin roared.

“No problem,” Tuoba Ye suddenly took out the folded fan. Then, all of a sudden, the fan enlarged by several tens of times…

“Bye bye!” Tuoba Ye waved towards Ye Rong, then fanned with force.

Powerful wind roared. When Ye Rong felt the strength of the wind, her pupils contracted. Just as she wanted to defend with all her might…

“This is the Plantain Fan. Enduring it forcefully is a joke!” Tuoba Ye laughed, then watched Ye Rong slowly move back by one meter, two meters… until she completely disappeared from sight.

“Brother Qiu Yin, I’m done here. How’s it going on your side?”

“Soon!” QIu Yin spat another mouthful of blood essence in his palm, causing the suction of the crack to increase to the point that even trees were pulled up by their roots, and flew into the crack.

“Main Body…” both Lu Lu and Fatty Yin were about to go crazy. Previously, both of them had a very close connection with their Main Body, but this time, no matter how they shouted, their main body did not respond.

“F*ck, Lord Fatty can’t stand it anymore,” with that, Fatty Yin turned around, and formed the horse stance with a shout. “Engulf the World!”

Fatty Yin’s mouth instantly turned into an endless hole with extremely strong suction. The powerful suction instantly competed with the suction of the crack, with both pulling on Ye Zichen, who was in the sky.

Lu Lu immediately got anxious as she watched on the ground. She wanted to go up and help…

Just as she was about to, a soft voice suddenly sounded out in her sea of consciousness.

“Don’t go.”

“Main Body, is it you? Hurry up and descend! Ye Zichen can’t hold it anymore. Fatty is using Engulf the World to fight against the demons over him.”

“Engulf the World?” the voice in her sea of consciousness giggled playfully. “No wonder I found that fatty so weird. Alright, no need to worry about Ye Zichen, someone is going to save him. As for the fatty, he should have received a message from his Main Body.”

“What… You told me to close my mouth? If I close my mouth, then Ye Zichen would get taken away by the demons!”

“Huh? Someone’s coming to save him?”

Meanwhile, Fatty Yin continuously argued with his main body. Then, at that moment, a three-eyed man in silver armor and holding a lance appeared.

“Ha…” a cold chuckled sounded out from the man’s mouth. He glanced at Tuoba Ye and Qiu Yin, who both had a shocked look on their faces…

Then let his gaze onto the spatial crack.

His lance moved.

The crack shattered.

“Puny demonic leftovers. You actually dared to bully this true lord’s brother. Die!”

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