Chapter 35 Team Invitation

Chapter 35 – Team Invitation


Xia Keke chased him just after leaving the network café.

“Why did you come out as well?” Ye Zichen smiled while Xia Keke ran up to his side with her phone, “Why did you go easy on me?”

“I didn’t, I’m very competitive, how could I go easy on you? Alright, it’s late, you’d better hurry back and rest. Playing games until this late is not good for the skin.”

Ye Zichen crossed the road, while waving at Xia Keke with his back towards her.

“I will beat you one day.”


Marriage string received.

Possessor: Ye Zichen, Possessed: Xia Keke.

Current affability level: 10.


Ye Zichen nearly coughed up blood when he reached the other side of the road. The reason he left so quickly was because he was afraid of this happening.

However, what was going to come still did.

On the next day, since he had some Great Recovery Pills on hand now, and because Ye Zichen wasn’t one that liked to drag things out, he directly went and gave the pill to Xiao Hai.

“Lil’ Ye, thank you so much.”

Xiao Hai was so worked up that even his arms were trembling slightly as he gripped the jade bottle. Ye Zichen might not know what this pill actually meant.

But Xiao Hai did.

Although the Xiao Family was still one of the largest families in Bingcheng, the old man in the family had become more and more sick, his father was not well versed in running a business, and he had only managed to take control of the family not long ago.

The corporation was already starting to fall apart.

He threw everything they had into causing Hao Wen lose everything for Ye Zichen in order to get that pill. During that incident, they had offended countless families.

All of that was for this very pill.

As long as the old man could stand up once again, then the Xiao Family would never fall.

“Hai-ge had helped me so much, so I naturally had to give this pill to Hai-ge. No need to be so courteous,” Ye Zichen shrugged and said. “Oh yeah, what happened to Hao Wen?”

“If there are no surprises, then he should be spending the second half of his life in prison.”

“It’s karma.”

Ye Zichen snorted coldly. Then, since he knew that he had done everything he needed to do, he waved his hand and said his goodbyes to Xiao Hai.

“Hai-ge, I’m leaving.”

“Wait a moment, I still have a present for you,” the moment Xiao Hai finished his sentence, a silver Porsche 918 was driven over.

Ye Zichen’s eyes shone like the sun when he saw this car.

To be honest, he didn’t know much about cars, but he had seen this kind of limited edition sports car a few times on Baidu.

I heard that there was only 918 of this model, and it was even harder to find within the country.

“For you.”

Seeing Ye Zichen’s expression, Xiao Hai smiled while pointing to that 918.

“For me?”

Ye Zichen gulped when he saw Xiao Hai’s determined expression.

Ye Zichen just might have refused if it was any other present.

But that car…

“Thank you, Hai-ge.”

Ye Zichen truly could not resist the allure of this car. He started to touch the car with a lick of his lips.


Ye Zichen, who just had received a darling car, was just checking it out when an urgent call forced him to stop.


“Ye Zichen, this is Xia Keke, come to the cold drinks store beside school.”

“For what?”

“This lady is looking for you. You dare to not come?”

Ye Zichen did not want to get too involved with her. Ever since he and Xiao Yumei confirmed their relationship of being lovers, he stopped having many of the flirtatious thoughts.

To be honest, he was rather conservative.

Only monogamy could establish a family in harmony.

“Hey, are you listening to me?”

Xiao Keke, on the other side of the phone got anxious. Ye Zichen could only let out a sigh and said helplessly.

“I’ll be there immediately.”

Ye Zichen chucked the phone to his side, then rolled down the window and waved towards Xiao Hai.

“Hai-ge, I’ll be going.”

Ten-odd minutes later, at the cold drinks store beside the university.

Most of these places were where students from the Polytechnic University gathered. Ye Zichen found a place to park his Porsche 918, then prepared to walk towards the cold drinks store.

However, he underestimated just how eye-catching his sportscar actually was.

The moment it appeared, a bunch of students ran out from the shop and stared at the sportscar.

Many female students’ eyes sparkled when they saw Ye Zichen get out from the car.

Some more observative people couldn’t help but to exclaim when they recognized Ye Zichen.

“Riche Bro, he’s Riche Bro!”

“Which Riche Bro?”

“You don’t even know Riche Bro? He’s the one that’s really fired upthe school website!”

“Wow, Porsche 918, this Riche Bro is a real rich person. I have to go back and quit my group, then join Riche Bro’s fam group…”

When Ye Zichen heard the conversation of the surrounding students, he could only hold his forehead and sigh.

It seemed like another hot topic was going to be appearing on the school’s website very soon.

After he entered the cold drinks shop, quite a few female students also entered. This might be the so-called celebrity effect, always having some fans around him wherever he goes.


Ye Zichen saw Xia Keke wave towards him at a seat near the window. However, she wasn’t alone, there was a woman wearing a cap beside her.

“You were looking for me?”

Hearing Ye Zichen’s slightly perfunctory tone after he sat down, Xia Keke looked at him in annoyance.

“What, you’re not happy that I was looking for you?”

“No, no,” Ye Zichen quickly denied it. Xia Keke rolled her eyes and pointed to the girl beside her, “Actually, it wasn’t me who was looking for you. It’s her.”

“Who are you?”

“Hello, I’m Jing Wan, a streamer on the Idealism Platform.”

The woman reached out her hand towards Ye Zichen after taking off her cap. When Ye Zichen actually got a good look at that woman, he paused for a moment.

Oh? She’s quite pretty.

She would be one of the top school beauties if she went to Polytechnic Unversity.

As expected, all streamers were pretty.

Ye Zichen subconsciously checked her out with the Fiery Eyes of Truth.

Completely natural!

They shook hands simply. Ye Zichen couldn’t help but take note that the girl’s fingers were very long, so she would definitely be a good piano player if she chose to be.

Furthermore, the softness of her hands also felt great.

“I was there when you and Keke had solo’d offline.”


Ye Zichen replied indifferently, and casually called the waiter over for a glass of lemon juice.

That indifferent attitude caused Jing Wan to be baffled for a second. She was a huge streamer on the Idealism Streaming Platform with over a million subscribers, she had never been treated so coldly before.

“Ye Zichen, you need to speak properly to Jing Wan, she is very famous on the Idealism Streaming Platform, and is very good at gaming.”

Xia Keke warned him, since she couldn’t accept his attitude anymore. Ye Zichen nodded with a helpless expression.

“Alright, alright then, huge streamer Jing Wan, what did you have Xia Keke find me for?”

“Ye Zichen…”

“Never mind, never mind,” Jing Wan stopped Xia Keke with a smile. Ignoring everything else, this girl’s smile really caused people to like her.

“I want to establish a team.”


Jing Wan suddenly stood up from the chair, and dipped her head while reaching her white hands out towards Ye Zichen.

“I sincerely ask you to join my team.”

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