Chapter 349 Great Battle (2)

Chapter 349 – Great Battle (2)

Tuoba Ye merely smiled at Ye Zichen’s indifferent attitude. He placed the folded fan in his hand in his jacket pocket, and stretched lazily, before eyeing where Qiu Yin was, “You told me to kill him?”

“What? You don’t dare?” Ye Zichen smiled faintly, while his tone carried obvious mockery.

“Little fellow, you’re still too naïve if you want to work me up like this,” Tuoba Ye smiled.

Ye Zichen shrugged, “I didn’t try to. Didn’t you want me to leave with you? If you kill that Qiu Yin, then that’ll be the reason for me to leave with you.”

“Kill Qiu Yin,” Tuoba Ye suddenly squinted his eyes and laughed as if he heard a joke. “My good son, do you really think that dad is stupid? If I kill Qiu Yin, then wouldn’t I be at a huge loss if you two join up together against me!?”

“I won’t be as untrustworthy as you.”

“You humans are great at lying. If we trust the words of you humans, then we are the ones who will definitely be at a loss,” Tuoba Ye squinted his eyes and took out his fan once again.

At the same time, an eye-like crack also appeared in the sky. Tuoba Ye pointed at the crack, “Come with me to the demon realm. If you do, then I’ll help you kill Qiu Yin in front of you!”

Ye Zichen merely shook his head with a smile, “I don’t trust you!”

“Then… It’ll be a bit difficult,” Tuoba Ye cracked his neck and wrinkled his nose. “It’s not so good if we remain like this and get nowhere.”

“How can you say that we won’t get anywhere…” with that, Ye Zichen kicked off the ground with his right foot.

The ground instantly cracked. At the same time, Ye Zichen also shot out like an unsheathed sword towards Tuoba Ye.

“Wouldn’t suppressing you solve everything?”

While Fatty Yin and co. fought with Qiu Yin, they still paid attention to Ye Zichen’s situation.

When they saw that Ye Zichen had already started to fight, and had even gone into a demonified form, Fatty Yin couldn’t help but frown, “He still used it in the end.”

“You still have the ability to worry about others?”


Qiu Yin’s fist smashed into Fatty Yin, sending him flying backwards for several tens of meters.

“Main Body… Main Body, Main Body, I’m calling you!”

The fatty, who rolled on the ground, continuously shouted out using his spiritual consciousness. The situation they were in was no longer one that he could handle.

Lu Lu also seemed to do the same, as she held her hands together and muttered inaudible words.

Thus, only Gou Yuzhan was left. He held a stick in his hand, and gulped as he cursed at Qiu Yin’s black demonic figure, “You two terrible people. You told me to guard you, but how the f*ck can I manage that!?”


Ye Zichen punched Tuoba Ye directly into the ground. He did not know any spiritual techniques. The only thing he knew in fighting was to use his fist.

That being said, he felt like his power seemed to have increased by quite a bit after becoming a Fallen.

He was very dangerous even if he only used his fists.

“My good son, you’re not very friendly like this. I am your father!” a faint laughter suddenly sounded out in midair. Ye Zichen frowned and looked up in the sky, then at the Tuoba Ye underneath his fist.

A substitute.

“My good son, we should chat properly. Which father and son actually fights like this?”

All he got in response was a plain fist.


Tuoba Ye’s body instantly flew out and hit a tree near the training field, completely breaking the tree.

“I landed the hit!” Ye Zichen clenched his fist tightly and directly rushed over to give Tuoba Ye a sound beating without giving him the chance to breathe.

Bang, bang, bang.

As Tuoba Ye defended himself with difficulty, his heart was filled with a mix of shock and excitement.

He did not manage to defeat Ye Zichen, who was in the Fallen form, the previous time because he was too careless. This time, he had already made good preparations, but was still being dominated…

Although the Fallen of the demon race had extremely good talent, Ye Zichen’s power seemed to have massively increased in just a few days.

I have to bring him back.

Tuoba Ye clenched his fist and used his arms to block in front of him.

The huge power immediately sent him flying.

Then, as he flew back, Tuoba Ye shouted towards Qiu Yin, “Brother, come and help!”

In the center of the capital.

A muscular and handsome man watched the passing girls on the streets of the capital rather perversely.

“Brother Nameless’ place is truly a great place. This girl… She’s so damn pretty. No wonder he didn’t want Chang’e to descend. Even I wouldn’t want Chang’e to descend if I was him!” The muscular man scratched his head and gulped as he watched the passing beauties. “I wonder what Brother Nameless is actually doing. Should I directly go over to find him?”

“Hey there handsome,” a sexily-dressed woman walked by the muscular man, whose eyes immediately lip up when he saw her.

“Do you want to go in and play?” the girl licked her lips extremely seductively causing the muscular man’s expression to go completely dumb. Just when he was about to subconsciously nod in acceptance…

He felt an intense fluctuation of spiritual energy.

“Brother Nameless!” He frowned, then immediately took his arm out of that woman’s hands, and disappeared into the night.

“Didn’t you say that the father and son have to have a good chat?” Qiu Yin frowned. Then, when he thought of the pair of wings behind Ye Zichen, a look of shock filled his face. “Fallen? Your son is actually a Fallen!?”

“Yes!” A hint of pride was on Tuoba Ye’s face. He squinted his eyes and moved his neck around. “The prowess of a Fallen is recorded in the demon realm. Even though this brat just awakened, his prowess is not something which I can compare up to.”

“You were dominated?” Qiu Yin was stunned. He knew Tuoba Ye’s powers very well. If he did not demonify, then… He could not fight against Tuoba Ye at all.

“Would I tell you to come and help if I could handle him?” Tuoba Ye raised his eyebrows. “Leave the Gu family. As long as we can bring this child back to the demon realm, our contributions to the demon realm will far surpass that of taking over a family in the Modern Realm.”




Clear footsteps sounded out in the darkness. Then, they saw Ye Zichen walk over with a faint smile on his face.

“Hehe… You called in support.”



Qiu Yin’s expression turned solemn when he saw the pair of wings with his own eyes once again.

At the same time, Tuoba Ye also squinted his eyes, “Do you see that? A Fallen, and a Fallen, who can maintain control of his thoughts. Do you even need to hesitate anymore?”

Qiu Yin nodded in response, then a sea of demonic energy was released from his body.

In the next instant, his body swelled up, while his eyes shone with a blood red light.

“Capture him.”

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