Chapter 347 Exorcism

Chapter 347 – Exorcism

A huge eye-like spatial crack appeared in the sky.

A group of bronze-skinned men and woman appeared from the crack. The moment the Gu family members saw these people, confusion covered their faces.

None of them knew of the existence of demons except the Gu clan’s family head, whose expression turned completely terrible.

“My good son, did you miss me?” Tuoba Ye said with his usual folded fan in his hand. The short time of the past few days had already been enough for his body to completely recover. His curled lips made it seem like he had completely forgotten how badly Ye Zichen had beaten him up after turning into a Fallen.

“Ha…” Ye Zichen chuckled when he saw this.

He begun to emit a faint spiritual pressure from his body as he gazed up at the man in the sky with squinted eyes. Rather, it was more like he had lost sight of everyone except for that one man.

“Is there a son that looks at his dad like this? Son, you have to be more obedient,” Tuoba Ye’s way of addressing Ye Zichen completely stunned the entire Gu family. Meanwhile, the Gu clan’s family head also set his gaze upon Ye Zichen…

This child really is Lil’ Rong’s kid from back then.

Then why didn’t she bring this child back to the clan…

“Was the beating last time not enough? How about I make you feel the feelings from back then once again?” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes.

Tuoba Ye shrugged with a smile, “As the father, I really am depressed about your threatening me like this.”

“Brother Tuoba, was this child the reason you were so determined to bring over with me?” a man with an average body next to Tuoba Ye spoke up. His skin color was like that of an African, his hair was as red as blood, while a faint purple aura seemed to swirl around him.

“Yeah, this brat is my darling son. Be careful when you fight, I have to bring him back to the demon race.”

“But your relationship doesn’t seem particularly good.”

“Relationships can be built up. Just don’t make a move on him.”

“Okay,” the man nodded, then slowly descended from the sky. During his descent, he intentionally looked over at Ye Zichen.

He was unable to feel any traces of demonic energy from Ye Zichen.

He frowned slightly, then directly walked beside Gu Li.

“General Qiu Yin,” Gu Li cupped his hands with a faint smile. He had already decided to use the last resort, and did not want to endure it any longer…

That’s the position which I have set my eyes on for ten-odd years. Just as it was about to be mine…

It slipped away from my hands once again.

Actually, Gu Li could have endured it and continued to plan for the long term, but he did not have the patience.

“You actually called me out so quickly. I thought you would be able to endure it for a while longer. You suddenly stopped enduring it after so long is actually not a wise choice,” Qiu Yin smiled. The reason he chose to work with Gu Li was due to Gu Li’s forbearance and ambitions.

Anyone with an ambition would have desires. As long as he was able to satisfy their desires, then he would be able to have that person in the palm of his hands.

“Hehe… I don’t want to endure it anymore,” Gu Li laughed coldly, then pointed to the surrounding Gu family members with a snort. “From this moment onwards, I am taking over the Gu clan. If anyone dares to say otherwise, die!”

“Stop bullshitting alright? You want to pretend to be the big boss after calling a few niggers over?” someone shouted.

Qiu Yin’s body flickered, then returned to his spot.

However, the person who mocked had already fallen into a pool of blood on the ground within the crowd.

Gu Li watched everything with a soft smile

The Gu family head’s eyes were filled with shock and blatantly obvious rage. He raised his hand with a tremble and cursed, “Gu Li, you actually dare to collude with the demon race!”

“Heh, so what? History is written by the strong, while the weak are written into history. The victor is king, so who cares about so much as long as I can win,” Gu Li said with a soft smile, then turned to the Gu family head. “You’re old. Give up your position and hand it to me. I am still able to lead the Gu clan to glory. Why are you so focused on that idiot Gu Tian, he’s so obviously retarded…”


The Gu family head clenched his fist tightly and stared at Gu Li’s face, before turning to Tuoba Ye and shouted, “Tuoba Ye, what happened to the hundred years of peace… A hundred years!”

“Ha… My cheap father-in-law. My promise was that we, the Tuoba clan, would not do anything to the Gu family. The people that came over here this time are ones that Qiu Yin brought. It has nothing to do with me. I didn’t go back on my word.”

His playful expression caused the Gu family head to tremble in anger. He clenched his teeth and imprinted Tuoba Ye’s appearance into his heart before turning around and raising his hand…

“Fine, fine, fine…” the Gu family head snorted coldly, then looked at the Gu family members. “Gu family members, exorcise these demons with me.”

At the same time, Qiu Yin also said plainly, “Kill!”

All of a sudden, the training field became purgatory. As mournful wails sounded out, the entire training field became dyed with blood.

“Don’t-Don’t kill me.”

As they fought, the Gu family members gradually begun to flee in terror, but none of the fleeing people were able to avoid death.

“Stay here. Nobody can hurt you,” Ye Zichen glanced at Gu Tian and pointed at the space beside him.

It could be said that the strongest forces on the training field were all around Ye Zichen.

“Big Brother Ye…” Gu Tian knitted his eyebrows tightly. He clenched his teeth and looked around at the Gu family members being continuously slaughtered like animals by the demons that Qiu Yin brought with him.

“You want us to help? Stop joking. The demon race is not one that should be easily pissed off. We might only be able to keep ourselves safe if we stay together,” Fatty Yin said with a frown.

Gu Tian clenched his teeth, while he searched for the right words.

After a long while, he glanced at the falling Gu family members and sighed. Then, he turned and bowed towards Ye Zichen and co. before running towards the massacre, “Big Brother Ye, I feel like I have to do something!”

“Lu Lu, Fatty, Glutton go and help,” Ye Zichen shook his head powerlessly as he watched Gu Tian’s lonely image.

Lu Lu was the first to open her eyes wide, “What crap are you spouting? If we all go to help, then what about you?”

“What else? I’ll wait!” Ye Zichen rubbed Lu Lu’s head, then squinted his eyes and smiled. “Saving a person from death is better than building a seven-levelled pagoda for a god. These people are waiting for us to rescue them. We can’t possibly stand idle!”

“But if you die…”

“I can die?” Ye Zichen smiled confidently. “Don’t you know who I am? I am someone who can become the main character of my legend… I won’t be in any danger.”


“Go!” Ye Zichen frowned.

Lu Lu clenched her teeth, then pouted before unhappily charging towards the demons that Qiu Yin brought with him.

Fatty Yin also let out a long sigh before walking to Ye Zichen’s side while uttering a few words.

Ye Zichen’s expression changed drastically.

“Don’t do that unless you absolutely have to,” Fatty Yin shook his head and left with a sigh.

When Ye Zichen was finally left alone, Tuoba Ye smiled, “My good son, it’s time for us, father and son, to talk heart-to-heart!”

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