Chapter 346 The Years of Effort Which Has Gone to Waste

Chapter 346 – The Years of Effort Which Has Gone to Waste


All of the audience present was completely dumbfounded once again.

The Gu family has not seen the descent of a deity or even a ghost for many years. When Ye Zichen said that he could do it, it had already shocked people a lot, but they did not expect Gu Li to actually be able to as well.

At that moment, Gu Li felt like his heart was about to explode. Summoning a ghost servant was supposed to be his move to calm down the clan after he became the family head.

However, Ye Zichen’s appearance directly messed up his plan…

“Isn’t it just a ghost servant? Do you think that you are the only one who can summon one?” Gu Li’s childish face displayed hints of disdain. Then he looked towards the Gu family head. “If both of us summon ghost servants, I wonder what will happen?”

“You’re pretty young, yet you’re full of shit. Let’s talk after you actually summon one,” Ye Zichen smiled plainly.

A hint of hatred flashed across Gu Li’s eyes. I have to make this person pay, one way or another.

He glared at Ye Zichen gloomily, then closed his eyes and begun to mutter incomprehensible words.

A faint aura of death gradually begun to emit from his body.

A black pillar shot up into the sky. Not long later, a ghost wearing the clothes of a Black Impermanence and carrying a wine gourd appeared.

“Brat, why did you summon this marshal!” Black Impermanence snorted cockily.

Seeing him, Gu Li quickly bowed, “Marshal Zhang! We, the Gu family, originally worshipped the ghosts and deities of the Underworld, but recently, no ghosts or deities have descended. The reason I summoned you was…”

“Bothersome!” Black Impermanence shook his head in annoyance. The Gu family head, who sat at the top seat, was completely stunned.

A real ghost servant.

He hurriedly rushed down and spoke with extreme humility, “Marsh-Marshal Zhang. I am the family head of the Gu clan. Can you tell me why the ghosts and deities have not descended recently?”

“I'm a bit tired. Bring this lord the finest drinks and good!” Black Impermanence did not answer the Gu family head’s question and instead hooked his finger towards Gu De.

Gu De instantly flew up from the chair, which the short and fat Black Impermanence promptly sat down in.

“Hurry up and prepare food and drinks!” the Gu family head shouted.

The entire Gu clan looked at the short fatty with fear and respect in their eyes. However, Ye Zichen merely raised his eyebrows, and walked beside the short fatty…


Then kicked the short fatty out of the chair.

“You dare!?” Gu Li stared at Ye Zichen and cursed, while all of the members of the Gu clan frowned.

The short fatty’s face was also filled with rage. F*ck, this person actually dared to kick me. No, wait… How can this person kick me?

He subconsciously looked up, but when he saw Ye Zichen’s face, he felt his head explode.


“You are pretty good at pretending. You actually called yourself a ghost marshal. If I call Xie Bian, Ox-Head, Horse-Face and the others over, would they beat you to death?”

The person Gu Li summoned was none other than the very same Black Impermanence intern that Ye Zichen had taught a lesson to.

“Lor-Lor-Lor-Lord… Boss, this puny one knows his wrongs. Don’t mind too much,” the Black Impermanence intern quickly stood up from the ground, then wiped the chair with his sleeve. “Please sit!”

“Heh, I’ll treat this as you being a smart person,” Ye Zichen pointed at him. The Black Impermanence intern immediately stood respectfully on the side like a grandson…

The entire Gu family was completely shocked. Just what…

It seems like this Lord Impermanence is very scared of the young man in front of him.

“Marshal Zhang!” Gu Li knitted his eyebrows tightly.

The Black Impermanence intern immediately slapped his head, “What f*cking Marshal Zhang, stop speaking recklessly…”

“Mm, you did well. Hit that grandson a few more times. I don’t like the look of him,” Ye Zichen casually crossed his legs with a soft smile.

“Alright, no problem!” the Black Impermanence intern smiled, then started to beat Gu Li up.

The people surrounding them did not dare to stop them at all. After a long while, the Black Impermanence intern took a step back under Ye Zichen’s signal, while Ye Zichen mocked, “Say, what other moves do you have now? Look at what you called. He’s too low-leveled.”

Gu Li clenched his fist tightly. No matter how he thought about it, he did not understand why Black Impermanence of the Underworld would be so respectful towards Ye Zichen.

As Ye Zichen looked at Gu Li’s terrible expression, he felt extremely good.

This kid is definitely pissed to no end, right? He endured everything for ten-odd years to become the junior family head, and even managed to get in contact with the Underworld’s ghost servant.

If I didn’t appear, then he was definitely going to become the junior family head.

But, it is I who is causing all of his efforts to go to waste.

“Geezer, it seems like I don’t need to summon anyone else, right?” Ye Zichen smiled playfully.

The Gu family head was stunned for a moment, before shouting to the audience, “I declare, from this moment onwards, Gu Tian shall be the Gu family’s family head.”

“Fam-Family head!” Gu Tian, who was sitting in his chair, was a bit confused. Wasn’t this the junior family head election? How did I become the family head?

At the same time, the Gu family head also walked beside Gu Tian and placed a square stamp into his hands.

The square stamp was the token of the Gu family head.

“Lil’ Tian, you are the family head of our Gu family from now on. From now on, you will decide everything about the Gu family. Of course, you can come to ask me about anything you don’t understand at any time!” the Gu family head smiled warmly.

On the other hand, Gu Tian merely looked at his grandfather with a stunned look and did not reach out to receive the stamp, “Grandpa, this…”

“I know what you want to say, but it is definitely the best choice for you to become take the seat of the family head,” the Gu family head pressed the square stamp into Gu Tian’s hand forcefully, and grasped Gu Tian’s hand.

Gu Li chattered his teeth in anger as he watched, “Why? I won the junior family head election! I was the one who summoned the ghost servant. Gu Tian didn’t do anything at all. Why are you letting him be the family head!?”

“Gu Li!” the Gu family head yelled sullenly. “Stop messing around. I didn’t make you account for what you did yet!”

The Gu family head snorted coldly, then ignored Gu Li.

Ye Zichen, who was watching the show go on from the side, also chuckled, “Gu Tian, you are already the family head now. Go and give your little brother Gu Li the position of the junior family head. He pretended to be paralyzed for ten-odd years for this position. You can’t let all his efforts go to waste, right?”

At that moment, the position of the junior family head was rather laughable. The junior family head could only succeed the position of the family head if the family head passes away or decided to abdicate.

With Gu Tian as the current family head, Gu Li becoming the junior family head was a mere joke.

“Hehe… hehe…” Gu Li, who was standing in the middle of the training field like joke, suddenly laughed coldly. He emotionlessly swept his gaze over everyone’s faces, then finally set his gaze upon Ye Zichen.

“What are you looking at me for? You want to hit me? Then come,” Ye Zichen shook his head slowly.

Gu Li merely sneered in response, “You forced this all onto me!”

With that, his expression turned cold as he shouted towards the sky, “Do it!”

Everyone in the training field was stunned by his shout. Then, a playful laugh rang out from the sky, “My good son. We meet again!”

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