Chapter 345 I Object

Chapter 345 – I Object



Two figures flew out from a dark corner, causing the audiences to subconsciously step aside.

The main butler frowned upon seeing the disturbance. The two people who flew out were the security guards that he had placed outside to prevent the people from the other families from causing any kind of problem…

The two of them could be said at the peak of the Gu family’s fighting prowess. Both of them were of at the late stage of the False Earth Immortal level!

However, his eyes couldn’t help but to twitch when he saw how badly they had been beaten up.

“Sorry. These two people blocked the way and wouldn’t let us in. I only resorted to violence since I had no other choice.” Not long later, Ye Zichen, who was wearing casual clothes, walked out from the dark area alongside Lu Lu, Fatty Yin and Gou Yuzhan.

Gu Li’s eyes twitched when he saw Ye Zichen.

“Big Brother Ye!” Gu Tian was stunned.

At the same time, the butler hosting the junior family head election also spoke up, “Who dares to act atrociously at our Gu household, and at this time as well. Are you challenging us, the Gu family?”

“Zezeze… Who are you trying to scare?” Ye Zichen twitched his mouth in disdain. “Isn’t it just a junior family head election? This whole thing is just a huge clown fiesta, and you guys are actually so into it?”

“Do not be so insulting!” the main butler frowned as he roared. “Take them down!”

They were in the middle of the junior family head election. All of their guest chamberlains and elders were present, and causing trouble at the election was challenging the entire Gu family.

Even the other hidden families would not dare to declare war on the Gu family in this sort of situation after gathering their full fighting force.

There were only four people in front of them…

All of the Gu family’s guest chamberlains and elders of the Gu family around Ye Zichen’s group charged over.

At that moment, the temperature of the air suddenly dropped. Lu Lu’s ice-colored hair fluttered in the air, while her cute face became covered with a look that did not permit any violation.

“Anyone who dares to take a step forward… Die!”


A thick layer of ice instantly appeared on the stone floor. All of the surrounding audiences, elders and guest chamberlains stopped.

A look of shock also surfaced on the main butler’s face…

“You don’t dare to move now, right!?” Ye Zichen leisurely lit a cigarette for himself and began to walk forward.

His very actions could be said as trampling on the Gu family’s dignity. Despite that, no one in the Gu family actually dared to act against him.

“What did you guys come here for? Even though we, the Gu family is not making any moves against you, don’t think that we are afraid of you! You are challenging the Gu family’s bottom line…”

“Zeze…” Ye Zichen laughed mockingly and shook his head. “Isn’t it embarrassing? Isn’t it just because of you guys being scared? Then come. Come… I, this little lord, is just going to stand here. Let’s see if your people dare to walk to a place less than ten meters away from me?”

The main butler’s expression drastically changed.

Seeing that, Ye Zichen twitched his mouth and snorted, “Still making such bold claims. The Gu family… has declined. It is no longer the leading force of the hidden families like it was back then, so what the heck are you pretending for?”

“Little friend didn’t come deliberately just to mock us, the Gu family, right? The Gu family has definitely declined, but if little friend has truly come to provoke us, then even if I, this pile of old bones, knows that I cannot match up to you guys, I will still have to try,” the Gu family head, who was sitting on a chair, emitted a faint aura from his body.

Ye Zichen glanced upwards at the old man…

He should be the person who pushed mother out back then.

“Stop saying such pretty words, okay?” Ye Zichen’s gaze instantly turned cold. Even though Ye Rong repeatedly told him not to bear a grudge against the Gu family… Whenever he thought of that man, and his mother’s past, he would still get angry.

The Gu family head also felt the intense hostility the young man bore against him. He subconsciously looked at the young man more carefully.

“You…” his ancient face was filled with shock.

Ye Zichen twitched his mouth and smile, “You what? Geezer, don’t think too much. I didn’t have any real intentions for coming here. I just got pissed looking at this junior family head of yours. Didn’t you guys ask who doesn’t agree earlier? Mhmm, I don’t agree!”

“Is what you said of use? This is the Gu household, not a place for you to act outrageously!” Gu Li glared. It was at that moment that he truly started to worry. From the beginning of the election until moments prior, everything went according to his script. However, Ye Zichen’s appearance instantly changed everything. Gu Li could not stand idle as he watch everything he prepared go to waste.

“Little fellow, you weren’t like that a few days earlier. What, you’re a bit anxious, so you can’t hide it anymore?” Ye Zichen glanced at Gu Li playfully, then walked beside Gu Tian and patted his shoulder. “I’m this brat’s supporter. I hope that he takes the position of the junior family head.”

“Big Brother Ye,” Gu Tian said apologetically. At that moment, he truly regretted saying such harsh words to Ye Zichen before.

“Now you finally know the truth, right? Hehe… Isn’t it your fault for not believing me back then? Ye Zichen snorted and chuckled. When he saw that Gu Tian wanted to mumble something, he shrugged. “Alright, let’s think about that when everything’s over!”

The Gu family head stared straight at Ye Zichen. This young man truly looks too similar to that man.

The incident from back was fresh in his memories as if it only happened yesterday. It could be said that his decision from back then was his greatest mistake. He closed his eyes painfully, then finally sighed after opening his eyes once again, “Young man, the results of the vote have already come out. The election of our junior family head is no child’s play, the results cannot be changed just because you said so.

“Ha… Don’t be so resolute in your words. If I really request you to have Gu Tian as the junior family head using violence, would you really refuse? Don’t forget about your decision of weakness back then!” Ye Zichen’s faint mock caused immense shock in the Gu family head’s heart. His hands trembled as if he wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Ye Zichen’s mockery. “Of course, I’m not that sort of person to force other people. I heard Gu Tian say that the Gu family had dealings with both the Underworld and Heavenly Court back then? And apparently you only fell into such decline because of the lack of a deity’s descent! Since that’s the case, then I’ll give you a chance to see a ghost servant of the Underworld…”


The audience was dumbfounded. The Gu family head, who sat at the highest position of power, also instantly disregarded Ye Zichen’s identity, stood up and shouted, “If you can summon a ghost servant of the Underworld here… The position of the junior family head, no, the family head, will go to Gu Tian!”

“Zeze, you’re very desperate!” Ye Zichen smiled playfully.

Yet, a hint of sadness surfaced on the Gu family head’s face, “Indeed. Little friend, if you can truly summon a ghost servant, then hurry up and show us. After the summoning, you will become an important guest of our Gu family, and gain a position equal to that of the family head!”

“Ha, forget that. The Gu family cannot hold someone as great as me!” Ye Zichen shook his head with a plain smile, then prepared to summon a ghost servant of the Underworld.

However, at that very moment, Gu Li, who had a sinister expression, shocked everyone, “I can summon a ghost servant here too!”

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