Chapter 343 The Night of the Junior Family Head Election (2)

Chapter 343 – The Night of the Junior Family Head Election (2)

The man with bronze colored skin looked up. Gu Tian squinted his eyes and smiled, then picked up an apple from the table and chucked it towards him.

“Both sides naturally have to do their best in a cooperation. I’m not the sort of person that would break down the bridge after crossing the river,” Gu Li smiled plainly.

The man laughed sinisterly once again, “Alright, since that’s the case, then see you later.”

“See you.”

As Gu Li watched the man leave, his gaze gradually turned sullen.

Cooperating with them was just a temporary option. They seriously think that I cooperated with him sincerely.

As long as I can control the Gu family’s resources, then…

The heck was this cooperation.

Gu Li curled his lips craftily. Yet, what he did not know was that the man with bronze colored skin had the very same idea.

I’ll kill this little guy after completing my purpose. Then, the Gu family will be ours.

Both sides tested each other with ulterior intentions, yet nobody could tell who would have the last laugh.

“Young Master Lil’ Tian, it’s time,” Hua Li bowed at the entrance of Gu Tian’s room.

Gu Tian nodded faintly and stood up from the sofa. At that moment, he wore a pale blue suit. The only person left by his side was Hua Li, while the square-faced elder that was with him had already disappeared.

“Someone has been doing things behind the scenes these few days. Elder Hua has to be careful during the election later.”

“Mm,” Hua Li’s expression froze. His eyes shimmered, and didn’t dare to meet Gu Tian’s gaze.

“Let’s go!”

The election for the junior family head was held in an open martial training field. The training field was extremely large, so, with all the members of the Gu clan as well as their servants were able to watch with the election in the middle.

The training field had already been packed full of people three hours prior. All of these ignorant audiences wanted to know who would become the true successor to the Gu family.

“Young Master Lil’ Tian is here,” someone called out loudly.

Not long later, Gu Tian appeared in the training field alongside Hua Li.

Several of Gu Tian’s older brothers in the clan had were already sitting dejectedly at the training field. They were all once ambitious people, but… At that moment, they were just single pitiful insects.

“Gu Tian…”

As Gu Tian was about to sit down, someone called out from beside him.

He turned around and saw that the person who sat beside him was Gu Hong, his older brother. He was the person with the most ambition for the junior family head position and the strongest contender as of three days ago.

However, there were no supporters to be seen behind him. His bloodshot eyes and tired face were covered in fatigue.

“Big brother.”

“Actually, we’ve all been played,” Gu Hong smiled weakly. “Out of everyone here, none of us can become the junior family head.”

“Why do you say that?”

Gu Tian glanced around the training field. All of the candidates are here. Why is Gu Hong saying that no one will succeed?

Doesn’t the successor have to be picked out from us candidates?

“You’ll know soon enough. Seriously, you’ll definitely be shocked. Just now…”

Before Gu Hong finished, another call sounded out around the training field.

“Young Master Gu Li is here!”

Lil’ Li!

Gu Tian was stunned. Why did he come to this sort of event? Shouldn’t he be healing in the hospital right now?

Gu Tian subconsciously turned around, and saw that seven or eight elders from the Gu family stood behind Gu Li. More importantly, Gu Li’s legs…

He walked out!

Gu Hong smiled wryly when he saw this. When he saw Gu Li, he was also shocked that Gu Li could stand. Nobody out of them brothers suspected Gu Li’s legs of being completely fine.

However, the moment Gu Hong saw Gu Li stand up, Gu Hong also managed to figure something out…

Although he wanted to complain, he could only helplessly accept it.

“Lil’ Li?” Even at that moment, Gu Tian still did not realize what was going on.

Gu Li smiled softly, “Tian-ge!”

“Why are you here? Also, your legs…” Gu Tian said in shock.

Gu Li smiled softly once again, “I came here to get elected for the position of the junior family head. As for my legs… Sorry, actually, I’ve been lying to you guys all along.”

With that, he raised his eyebrows and walked towards his position.

“Lil’ Li…”

“Do you still want to call him Lil’ Li now?” Gu Hong said with a wry smile. “Gu Tian, Gu Li is not as simple as we thought. He has been enduring it all this time, for this very moment! In a while, we won’t be able to address him as Lil’ Li anymore, we’ll have to call him Junior Family Head Gu Li.”

“This… Why….”

Gu Tian did not want to believe the truth in everything. If this is all true, then doesn’t it mean that I seriously messed up with Big Brother Ye the other day?

Gu Tian turned around and saw that Gu Li was waving towards him with a smile.

Gu Li’s smile held faint anticipation and excitement. This pure face caused people to be unable to resist protecting and spoiling him, but at that very moment, Gu Tian felt it unusually disgusting.

He has actually been pretending all along!

Suddenly, the words that Ye Zichen had shouted to him surfaced in Gu Tian’s mind…

“He’s pretending! I’m helping you, brat. Did you know that he has been enduring it all this time? Do you know how dangerous someone like this is? When he truly reveals his fangs, then you might even be swallowed whole! Can you actually wake up!?”


Gu Tian clenched his teeth and looked up weakly at the darkening sky…

Big Brother Ye, sorry!

Although the sky gradually turned dark, the numbers of the audience did not decrease at all. Rather, it only increased.

All of the junior family head candidates sat on the chairs in the center of the training field. Some people were trying to form alliances, while others chose to give up.

Gu Tian leaned back on his chair weakly. At that moment, he did not feel like getting involved with everything anymore.

He was not good at plots, and he disliked stuff like ploys deeply.

All he could do was to sit nicely on the chair, and wait until the family head finish hosting the ceremony alongside the elders, then announce the result, so that he can go home and sleep!

“The family head is here.”

A loud call was heard by all. In that moment, all of the chatter around the training field stopped.

A white-haired old man appeared in the middle of the training field. Although he arched his back, everyone still felt like his blurry eyes were hard-chillingly sharp.

“May our family head be blessed!”

All of the family members all stood up and bowed. The old man nodded faintly, then swept his gaze over the various candidates before setting his gaze on Gu Li.

After looking at Gu Li for around thirty seconds, the old man looked away and raised both of his hands, “Let the ceremony begun!”

A sudden fire shot up in the center of the training field, illuminating the nights sky.

At the same time.


The low sound of a horn sounded out, signaling the true start of the ceremony!

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