Chapter 342 The Night of the Junior Family Head Election (1)

Chapter 342 – The Night of the Junior Family Head Election (1)

After a long time.

Since Ye Zichen was unable to refuse Ye Rong’s request, he nodded after thinking about it for a moment, “We’ll see. I’ll help if I can. I can’t do anything if I’m unable to help. I really don’t dare to try and imagine the acts of that little fellow Gu Li.”

Seeing that, Ye Rong smiled in relief, and patted Ye Zichen’s shoulders, “Alright, then do as you said, help him if you can.”

After Ye Rong left the room with a smile, Ye Zichen laid on the bed and took out his phone to check out what’s going on using WeChat.

The latest moment was one that Su Yiyun sent. It was a photo of him and a beauty. Actually, it wasn’t strange for there to be a beauty around Su Yiyun, but the fact that he actually posted it publicly on his Moments was definitely shocking.

Below the Moment was a bunch of reply from his roommates, most of which expressed their anger at him for reaching out his demonic claws at a beautiful girl once again.

Ye Zichen shook his head with a chuckle, then liked the Moment.


Within thirty seconds of him pressing the like, Su Yiyun called him.

“How’s it over at the capital? Do you kind of feel like a country bumpkin going into town?” Su Yiyun’s playful chuckles sounded out from Ye Zichen’s phone, while the sound of a girl’s giggle could occasionally be heard.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and ignored Su Yiyun’s mocking, “You really are free. You actually have time to call me when you’re with your girl?”

“Haha, with our relationship… Isn’t it normal for me to call you to check up on you?” Su Yiyun said with a chuckled. “When are you coming back to Bingcheng. I want to introduce the two of you!”

“True love?” Ye Zichen said playfully.

“True love!” Su Yiyun answered determinedly.

“Alright, then wait a few days. When I finish with the stuff over here in the capital, I’m going to come back and see just what sort of person the girl that can mesmerize my bro like this is,” Ye Zichen said with a smile.

Su Yiyun nodded, then hung up after saying a bit more.

“Who were you calling just now?” a cute voice asked.

Su Yiyun raised his eyebrows, put his phone back into his pocket, then picked up a stick of Mala Tang, “My extremely good friend. I’ll let you guys meet when he comes back.”

“Ye Zichen?” the girl blinked.

Su Yiyun was shocked for a moment, “How’d you know?”

“You mentioned him to me before,” the girl answered calmly.

“Really? I actually mentioned him to you!” Su Yiyun scratched his head, then answered with a smile. “That is possible, but you are rather amazing. You actually managed to remember him.”

“Mhmm!” the girl nodded, and picked up a stick of Mala tang from the table. “Alright, let’s stop talking about him. Where are we going to play later?”

“Later… Let’s go to the arcade?” Su Yiyun asked in a testing manner.

“Sure!” the girl nodded warmly, then stopped speaking.

Three days passed in the blink of an eye. During these three days, Ye Zichen had remained in the hotel and gathered information using Fatty Yin.

The situation at the Gu household did not look good.

“Hehe… That brat, Gu Tian, should be regretting what he said a lot right now!” Fatty Yin crossed his legs and sat on the sofa. He casually chucked the information he just received to Ye Zichen. “Gu Li has already begun.”

The information showed that the elders around the junior family head candidates had continuously died or disappeared in strange manners.

“He asked for it. But don’t say that he’s regretting it. He won’t be able to guess anything with his intelligence,” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes emotionlessly, and took a simple look at the intel before chucking it back on the table.

“What? You don’t want to help him?” Fatty Yin smiled. “Tonight seems to be the night to be the night where the Gu family elects their junior family head. Everyone around the people that can threaten Gu Li either died or disappeared, but he still has several elders supporting him. If there is no surprise, then the position of the junior family head might very well be his.”

“Are the people from the Gu family idiots? I refuse to believe that the people from the Gu family can’t tell something as simple as these elders and guests being done in by Gu li,” Ye Zichen snorted.

However, Fatty Yin merely shrugged, “They aren’t idiots, and they can see that. But… so what?”

Hearing that, Ye Zichen fell into silence.

Fatty Yin was right. The election for the junior family head was nigh, it was at the point where it had to continue to be held. Sure, the death or disappearances of the elders were indeed severe losses for the Gu family.

But… that was unable to stop the continuation of the junior family head election.

The election of the junior family head involved voting by the elders. The ones that either disappeared or dead might very well be those that Gu Li failed to coerce. If there was no surprise, then Gu Li should get the most votes from the remaining ones.

“You still have three hours to decide. To help… or not. It’s up to you,” Fatty Yin stood up from the sofa and calpped his hands. At that moment, both Lu Lu and Gou Yuzhan walked in…

“If you’re going to help, then we’ll all follow you. If you want to mess up the Gu family’s election, we can help you as well. If you aren’t going to help, then don’t,” Lu Lu said with a giggle. At the same time, she held Ye Zichen’s shoulder tightly. “No matter what, I’m just going to follow you.”

“They promised to give me a dozen lollipops afterwards. Boss Ye, you can’t keep it away from me then,” Gou Yuzhan also yammered.

“Three… hours?” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes and muttered.

At the Gu household.

As the election of the junior family head was nigh, all of the descendants of the main family and branch family hurried over.

At that moment, it could be said that there were a lot of people at the Gu household, but the atmosphere was incomparably strange.

Every candidate was carefully dressing themselves up, but most of their expressions revealed a hint of helplessness…

Aside from…

Gu Li!

He smiled leisurely. At that moment, he no longer sat on a wheelchair. He wore a straight black suit, while he smiled at his own reflection in the mirror. He was able to feel the fire in his eyes from looking at his own reflection…

“Junior family head election,” Gu Li smiled and touched his smooth chin. Then he turned around and looked at the man with bronze-colored skin within the room. “Those people are all in control, right?”

“Naturally!” the man laughed sinisterly. “If there is no accident, then you will definitely become the junior family head this time. When that happens, we’ll find a chance to kill off the Gu family’s geezer, after which you’ll become the number one successor to the position of the Gu clan’s family head.”

“That’s right,” Gu Li pursed his lips and smiled.

Yet, the man spoke up once again, “But don’t forget your promise to us. We have been doing our best to help you in this cooperation.”

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