Chapter 341 Advice

Chapter 341 – Advice

Within a ward in a silent hospital, Gu Li’s leg with a plaster cast covering it was hung up high, while a white-haired old man stood near the window of his room.

The old man wanted to habitually light a cigarette for himself, but Gu Li, who was laying on the hospital bed, raised his eyebrows with a smile, “Elder Hua, this is the hospital.”

Hearing the faint laughter from Gu Li, the elder turned around and returned the cigarette to its box with a coy smile.

The elder was none other than Hua Li, who stayed beside Gu Tian.

“I forgot,” an indescribable tiredness could be seen in his eyes. He seemingly sighed in fatigue, then looked at Gu Li’s hung up right leg. “They didn’t even notice it when this happened?”

“You… can’t possibly not know how good my endurance is, right?” Gu Li smiled faintly, while a hint of relief surfaced on his face. “Even though Gu Tian is a bit idiotic, the brat he invited over is really bright. I merely went to listen in a bit, and I was already found out. It was fortunate that my acting skills were top notch. When he gave me the acupuncture treatment, then broke my leg, I was in tremendous pain the entire time.”

He smiled sinisterly, then slammed the table with his hand, “I have remembered the brat. After I take control of the Gu family, he… must die!”

“Hehe…” Hua Li smiled faintly.

“What? You really want me to be found out? It seems like you feel a lot of disdain towards my actions?” Gu Li smiled coldly. “Don’t forgot, your daughter’s child is waiting for you to get her.”

Hua Li’s expression froze. He pointed his finger at Gu Li with a tremble, while his blurry eyes were accompanied by a hint of rage, “You…”

“What about me? Gu Li smirked coldly. “I just want to become friends with your granddaughter. Is there a need for you to be like this?”

“Gu Li, be merciful. Right now, nobody in the family can threaten your position. On the day of the election, the position of the junior family head is yours. Can’t you let my granddaughter go?” Hua Li begged.

Gu Li squinted his eyes and twitched his mouth, “You really know how to joke. Nobody can be certain until the very last moment, right? Just wait, it isn’t going to take too long, am I right?”

A hint of displeasure surfaced on Hua Li’s ancient face.

Seeing that, Gu Li quickly comforted him, “Don’t be like this. Haven’t we been cooperating very well so far? Alright, don’t stay here for too long. If that idiot, Gu Tian, notices something, then I would have suffered for nothing.”

“Remember your promise,” Hua Li said plainly before turning around to leave.

As Gu Li watched Hua Li leave, his expression gradually became darker, “Geezer, you actually dared to show displeasure against me.”

Thus, he took out his phone and spoke sinisterly, “Bring Hua Li’s granddaughter to my room tonight!”

“I'm f*cking pissed!” Ye Zichen sat down on the sofa of the hotel suite angrily. That brat, Gu Tian, actually didn’t believe me. Also, even though I acted to such extremes, I actually failed to expose Gu Li’s real face…


“Is there a need to be like this?” Fatty Yin smiled faintly, and crossed his legs. “That child called Gu Li is very cunning… And is able to endure a lot. It is very normal for Gu Tian not to have noticed! But, that brat Gu Tian is still a bit dumb. He’s too straightforward of a person!”

“He deserves to get tricked,” Ye Zichen immediately got annoyed when he thought about Gu Tian’s actions.

“There’s no need for that,” Fatty Yin shrugged. “Since you don’t need to help Gu Tian to get elected as the junior family head, then your events in the capital should come to a close…”

“Mhmm, I’ll book tickets back to Bingcheng when my mom comes back!”

“Zeze… It seems like you’ve been deeply hurt by that brat!” Fatty Yin smiled playfully.

At that moment, the door to the hotel room was pushed open. Ye Rong walked in from the outside, while Gu Tian, who had his head lowered as he held some fruits in his hand, stood by her side.

“Big Brother Ye!”

“Fatty, let’s get together when we have time. Thanks for taking care of me during this time!”

Ye Zichen cupped his hands towards Fatty Yin, then rolled his eyes and returned to the bedroom. Then, Yin Qiong passed by Gu Tian with a faint smile. The meaningful smile on Yin Qiong’s face caused Gu Tian to feel rather awkward.

“What, you and Zichen got into an argument?” Ye Rong asked in confusion. She didn’t know about what happened at the Gu household. She had merely brought him over since she bumped into him on the streets.

“Mm, Auntie, erm… Big Brother Ye seems to be pretty angry at me, so I won’t intrude,” Gu Tian left the room with a coy smile.

After a slight bit of hesitation, Ye Rong walked over to Ye Zichen’s bedroom and knocked on the door.

“We have nothing more to say to each other. Leave!”

“Zichen, open up. It’s me!” Ye Rong smiled warmly.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, then sat up from the bed and opened the bedroom door.

He subconsciously looked to the side and noticed that Gu Tian was already gone. Only then, did he start to speak, “Where did that brat go?”

“He left,” Ye Rong walked into the room and sat down on the sofa within with a soft smile. “Did you two get into a fight? Shouldn’t you be in the Gu household right now? Why did you come back to the hotel?”

“Nothing, let’s book our plane tickets and go back!”

“Is there a need to hide stuff from me?” Ye Rong ruffled Ye Zichen’s hair.

After a bit of hesitation, Ye Zichen decided to tell her everything.

“I didn’t expect something like that to happen,” Ye Rong raised her eyebrows in surprise. “Are you still sure that you don’t want to help him?

“If I don’t help that idiot, then he would be played to death,” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes in annoyance.

Hearing that, Ye Rong nodded with a smile, “Then what’s there to get angry about?”

“People need face like trees need their bark! Since the brat said that, am I supposed to help him? Just what’s the problem with me!?” Ye Zichen snorted. “You weren’t there are the time. That Gu Li… is really capable at acting. I seriously want to beat him up! It’s the same with Gu Tian, he’s such an idiot!”

“Since you think that, then why get so angry?” Ye Rong patted Ye Zichen’s head. “Gu Tian’s personality is kind of similar to his father. He’s rather straightforward without any plots and ploys. About some things, he is just a bit stubborn to the point of looking like an idiot.”

“He’s dumb… I…” Ye Zichen stuttered, but was unable to say anything. After a long while, he finally spoke up helplessly. “He is truly too dumb. I really don’t know how to describe him!”

Seeing his speechlessness, Ye Rong smiled warmly, “Just help him since he’s in a pinch now. He’s a bit straightforward, but you aren’t, right? Someone is bullying your little brother. Are you just going to watch idly?”

Ye Zichen remained silent.

Seeing his lack of reaction, Ye Rong spoke up once again, “Mom was on the best terms with Gu Tian’s father back in the Gu family. Think of it as giving mom face and help Gu Tian, that idiotic boy. How about that?”

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