Chapter 340 Falling Out

Chapter 340 – Falling Out

Ye Zichen smiled confidently, and made up his mind.

He definitely would give an acupuncture treatment to Gu Li whether Gu Tian agreed or not.

“Big Brother Ye,” Gu Tian’s expression turned for the worst. Gu Li was his youngest brother. What’s more, Ye Zichen was adding onto what this little brother of his went through while he was young, he had always cared a lot about this little brother of his.

“Tian-ge, just let this big brother try,” Gu Li pursed his lips and smiled, while a hint of desire was visible in his eyes. “I really want to stand up so much, it’s true… I want to try!”

If it wasn’t because of the Great Sage’s Fiery Eyes of Truth, Ye Zichen felt like he would definitely be tricked by the kid.

That pitiful look, and the words at the proper timing…

It really is a loss of the film industry for him not to act.

“You hear that? Since this little friend said it, then might as well let me try?” Ye Zichen smiled faintly. Then he returned to his room and exchanged for a box of silver needles…

“Chinese medical treatment?” Gu Tian frowned slightly. From what he knew, Chinese medicine practitioners were always old people with white beards. More importantly, according to his understanding, Ye Zichen should be studying veterinary medicine at school. “Nothing is going to go wrong, right?”

“Are you doubting my skills? I’m very famous in Bingcheng,” with that, he took out a silver needle from the box.


Gu Tian grabbed Ye Zichen’s arm, squinted his eyes and frowned, “Big Brother Ye, don’t be too outrageous. Chinese medicine in no joke. It would be fine if you poke the needle down and miss the spot, and merely cause a bit of bleeding, but if you place the needle in the wrong place…”

“Don’t stop me, my temper is seriously bad,” Ye Zichen’s expression suddenly turned cold. What he was about to do was to make Gu Tian see the kid’s true face so that he would be more vigilant.

Yet, his continuously stopping of his actions caused Ye Zichen to be rather angry.

“Tian-ge, let Big Brother Ye try!” Gu Li said on the side. “I believe in Big Brother Ye’s ability!”

“Little friend, you are pretty observant,” Ye Zichen smiled playfully, while faint mockery could be seen from his eyes.

I really wouldn’t be doing him justice if I don’t give him some fun after seeing how good he is at tricking people.

“It might hurt a little, and it might be a bit itchy… Do endure it. Oh yeah! Since you lack any feeling in your legs, then you shouldn’t react at all,” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes, then quickly poked the silver needles onto the different acupuncture points on Gu Tian’s body.

All of those acupuncture points affected a person’s lower body. If the kid was actually someone with a leg problem, then it will help them find out the real cause of the issue, but if there wasn’t a problem… Then it’s not going to feel good.

As Ye Zichen punctured Gu Li’s skin with the silver needles, he intentionally left a powerful portion of energy on the silver needles…

It wasn’t going to be hard to make the brat suffer for a few hours with the energy.

“Alright, if you can’t endure it, then say it. Since you called me Big Brother Ye, I can’t watch you suffer,” Ye Zichen smiled faintly.

Hearing that, Gu Li nodded, “Okay, thank you, Big Brother Ye.”

Five minutes passed by in the blink of an eye. Under normal circumstances, Gu Li should have felt as if millions of ants were crawling on his legs.

However, Ye Zichen could not see any change in his expression at all. The only thing Ye Zichen could see in Gu Li’s eyes was faint anticipation.

“Big Brother Ye, I don’t feel anything at all. Is it hopeless for me?”

“Wait!” Ye Zichen frowned.

Ten minutes passed by!

Twenty minutes passed by!

Half an hour passed by!

Gu Li’s expression did not change at all, causing Ye Zichen to even suspect that he had puncture the wrong acupuncture points, so he did a check up on the needles.

Yet, there was no mistake, but there was no change with Gu li at all.

All of a sudden, Ye Zichen felt a chill in his heart. If this brat is enduring it the entire time, then it is very hard to imagine how capable this brat is at enduring everything.

He’ll definitely become a huge problem in the future!

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes and glance at Gu Li. Since he can endure it for half an hour, then he would be able to endure it for an hour, or even longer.

Right now, he was like Gou Jian in history, who was able to give up everything in order to reach his goal.

This sort of people is actually the most terrifying.

As Ye Zichen pulled out the silver needles, a hint of disappointment surfaced on Gu Li’s childish face, “It’s not working?”

The very moment that Ye Zichen pulled the silver needles out, he once again kicked Gu Li’s wheelchair over.

“You’re very capable of acting, brat! Since you like sitting a wheelchair so much, then I'll help you out!”


Ye Zichen stepped on Gu Li’s shin, causing a clear bone cracking sound to be heard. Despite that, Gu Li’s face was merely covered with a faint expression of confusion without any signs of pain at all.

Ye Zichen truly submitted when he saw that.

He can actually endure even this!

“Ye Zichen, it’s enough!”

Gu Tian, who had already clenched his fist, suddenly rushed up and pushed Ye Zichen. Then, he turned to Gu Li to ask about his about wellbeing and called people over to send Gu Li over to the hospital.

The raging push caused Ye Zichen to stagger.

“What are you doing?” Ye Zichen frowned.

Gu Tian glared with his eyes wide open, “I want to know what you’re doing!? Lil’ Li’s legs have a problem, just… what are you doing!?’

“He’s pretending! I’m helping you, brat. Did you know that he has been enduring it all this time? Do you know how dangerous someone like this is? When he truly reveals his fangs, then you might even be swallowed whole!” Ye Zichen cursed. “Can you actually wake up!?”

“Big Brother Ye, I will call you Big Brother Ye one more time! Ever since you came to the Gu family, you have been picking out issues with the people around me, while saying that it’s all to help me. But… Why do I feel like you care even more about me becoming the junior family head than myself?” Gu Tian smiled mockingly. He walked in front of Ye Zichen and said firmly. “I’m the one campaigning to become the junior family head. It is my problem whether I can actually get elected or not. It has nothing to do with you. I only got you to help!”

“Hehe…” Ye Zichen suddenly laughed after hearing Gu Tian’s words. He nodded firmly, then shrugged with a chuckle. “I get what you mean.”

“Actually, I didn’t…” Gu Tian also noticed that the words he spoke earlier were too harsh, so he wanted to make up to Ye Zichen.

Yet, he saw Ye Zichen merely look up at him with a shrug and a smile, “I was truly too serious. You’re the one campaigning to become the junior family head, why should I care so much?”

As Ye Zichen laughed in self-mockery, he raised his eyebrows and slowly stepped back. Then, he turned to Gu Li on the floor, then back at Gu Tian, who was beside him, “I nearly forgot, both of you have the surname Gu. I’m just an outsider. I might have thought too much… Mm, alright, I quit. I’m not getting involved in your election any longer.”

Thus, Ye Zichen turned around to leave with a chuckle. After that, Fatty Yin also twitched his mouth and looked at Gu Tian meaningfully before following suit.

“Tian-ge, is it alright for that big brother to leave? Actually, I’m fine!” Gu Li said faintly.

Gu Tian pursed his lips as he looked at Ye Zichen’s fleeting image, before reaching out his hand to caress Gu Li’s hair, “It’s fine!”

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