Chapter 34 Solo Offline

Chapter 34 – Solo Offline

Seeing Xia Keke, who was smiling behind him, Ye Zichen immediately became annoyed.

He didn’t make her pay for ruining him and Su Yan yet.

And now, she had come to him again.

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes at Xia Keke and sat down on the chair and played with his phone while ignoring her.

“Kang Peng.”


Kang Peng, who was 1.9 meters, shocked Xia Keke like a mouse seeing a cat. He directly threw his mouse to the side and nudged Ye Zichen with his elbow.

“Ye-zi, why are you speaking to goddess Xia like that?”

“Stop bothering me, I don’t like the look of you right now either,” Ye Zichen pointed at Kang Peng’s nose. This brat still had the face to come and try to calm him down.

F*ck, he messed up his good chance, if it wasn’t their friendship of two years, he really wanted to punch him into the wall.

“Ye-zi, big bro didn’t have a choice,” Kang Peng sneaked a peek at Xia Keke, who had her hands on her waist. “Do you remember that Old Friend, who you wrecked?”

“Oh, that grandson, what about him?”

“Who are you calling grandson?” Xia Keke’s hackles instantly flew up. Ye Zichen rolled his eyes at her, “Girl, why did you learn to think that all insults are being thrown at you in the few days that we haven’t met?”

Then, he very quickly noticed Kang Peng’s expression, causing him to open his eyes wide.

“Old Friend is you?”

“You’re right, the grandson you were talking about is this lady.”

“But didn’t you say that you are in Master?”

“Elo Booster, don’t you get it?”

Xia Keke was so angry that she could rip Ye Zichen to pieces.

When she got wrecked the other day, Xia Keke already held a grudge and silently swore that if she found him in the future, she must solo him offline.

Coincidentally, electricity at the school stopped the previous night.

Since she still had many jobs she didn’t finish, she decided to do them at the network café, then coincidentally saw the ID that she hated the most.

Xia Keke got impulsive and immediately grabbed Kang Peng by the ear, forcing him to solo offline.

She destroyed him for five games in a row.

Then she found out that Ye Zichen was actually playing for him that day.

That’s why she told Kang Peng to call Ye Zichen back, in order to wash away her shame.

“Elo Booster?” Ye Zichen had an expression of disbelief.

Xia Keke wasn’t someone that needed money, why would she elo boost?

To earn money by herself?

Is there something wrong with her!?

Ye Zichen wasn’t a rich second-generation, if he were one, then he would enjoy the rich life more than anyone else.

“Don’t look at this lady like that, this lady just like to play this game. Why wouldn’t I do it if I can play the game and earn money at the same time?”

Xiao Keke’s reply caused Ye Zichen to roll his eyes. Then he saw the two empty seats beside him.

It seems like Xia Keke was determined to solo him.

“You sure you want to play against me?”

“Of course!”

“Then wait a bit.”

Ye Zichen went to scan his ID card at the counter, then returned to turn on the computer.


Welcome Gold Three to Computer No. 160 of our network café.

Welcome Master to Computer No. 159 of our network café.


Hearing that, everyone in the bar all stood up and walked over.

“Girl! It’s a pretty girl.”

“Damn, isn’t this the school beauty, Xia Keke, of Polytechnic University?”

“Goddess is actually in Master!”

“My god, on Ionia!”

The crowd all exclaimed, while Ye Zichen twitched his mouth helplessly at Xia Keke.

“There is a crazy group of guys behind you, how about I leave some face for you?”

“Heh, if we’re going to solo, then do it properly, no need to go easy on me! What’s more, it isn’t certain who would win!”

With that, Ye Zichen received her friend request.


Not long later, he received a game invitation.

“Solo offline.”

“This bro is also Master?”

“No, I heard that he was Gold something. I forgot.”

Ye Zichen and Xia Keke both ignored the crowd behind them.

“Best of 5, first blood, first turret or a hundred CS.”


Ye Zichen showed an ‘ok’ hand gesture.

The game begun.

Both of them used Zed for the first round.

It was Ye Zichen’s first time playing Zed. There could be no helping it, he had only played support before.

Before the game started, he looked up a guide on Baidu.

“Damn, is this brat okay, reading a guide?”

He peeked over at Xia Keke. This girl was truly a LoL fanatic, she completely forgot about everything else when she’s playing.

Ye Zichen truly admired this level of focus.

But what use is that?

First blood.


“What happened, goddess lost?”

“It can’t be, a Master got raped by a Gold?”

“Could our goddess had been… carried?”

“Next game?” Ye Zichen wandered around on Xia Keke’s corpse in game. He saw that her face was green as she stared at the screen.

How did she die?

She didn’t miscalculate the damage!


Both of them chose LeBlanc.

First blood!

The entire crowd was confused, Ye Zichen once again used his champion to wander around the corpse of Xia Keke’s champion.



For the third match, both of them chose Lee Sin.

Ye Zichen knew clearly that if he played properly, Xia Keke would still lose without a doubt.

It wasn’t because she wasn’t truly at the level of Master, it’s just that Ye Zichen was too good.

Don’t talk about Master, even if a Challenger with 1000 LP came…

He would still destroy him.

Ye Zichen glanced over at Xia Keke and saw that the little loli’s face had already lost her initial calm.

She pursed her lips tightly, while she was also completely tense.

Even if Ye Zichen casually threw out a Q, Xia Keke would click furiously.

Ye Zichen lifted the corner of his mouth. He still chose to go straight on.

First blood!

This time, Xia Keke won.

“Aiya, aiya, accident. My hand, my hand!”

Ye Zichen hit the back of his hand, while pretending to be annoyed. When the crowd saw this, they finally let out a sigh.

That’s more like it. How could a Gold beat Master.

Xia Keke’s pursed lips also lifted slightly. She did like Ye Zichen did the previous two games and wandered around the corpse of his character with hers.


She even used the same words.


Ye Zichen smiled as well when he saw Xia Keke get energetic again.

Ye Zichen lost again not long later.

Then, Ye Zichen still lost on the fifth game.

Best of five.

Xia Keke won.

“Amazing, Keke, you are pretty good. Alright, you won the offline solo!”

Ye Zichen leaned backwards and stretched lazily before quitting LoL.

“I’m so tired, going to go back and sleep.”

Ye Zichen walked out, while he stretched his neck. Meanwhile, Xia Keke bit her lips, then chased after him after a brief hesitation.

After the two of them left, a girl, wearing a cap, looking at Ye Zichen and Xia Keke’s figures thoughtfully.

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