Chapter 339 Gu Li

Chapter 339 – Gu Li

“Fatty!” Ye Zichen opened his eyes wide. At that moment, he was not in a hotel outside, he was in the capital’s Gu household, it isn’t a place that just anyone can enter.

The fact that the fatty actually appeared here, and from his tone…

“Could you cause me less worry?

Fatty Yin smiled faintly as he walked next to Ye Zichen and put his hand on top of Ye Zichen’s head.

He released a wave of pure celestial spiritual energy, which was injected into Ye Zichen’s head.

“Puny demonic energy actually wants to block off this sovereign’s celestial spiritual energy!?” the fatty smiled mockingly, then pressed down again on Ye Zichen’s head.


Ye Zichen spat out a mouthful of purplish red blood, which instantly burnt the floor to coal the instant it landed.

Then, the roaring in Ye Zichen’s ears disappeared.

He let out a long sigh. Just slightly earlier, he thought that he would actually be killed by his Wind Catching Ear.

“Can you stop causing me to worry so much from now on?” the fatty rolled his eyes in his annoyance. He glanced at the pitch black spot on the floor that emitted a stench before raising his eyebrows and covering his nose. “This stench…”

“How did you come to the Gu household?” Ye Zichen picked his ear. Then, after confirming that his ears were truly fine, he looked at up Fatty Yin.

The fatty smiled and shrugged, “I, Lord Fatty, come when I want. As for how… I naturally walked in of course!”

“The people from the Gu family didn’t stop you?” Ye Zichen asked in confusion.

Fatty Yin instantly disappeared from the room in response, and only appeared after a short while, “Do you understand now? I, Lord Fatty, come in when I want and leave when I want. The heck is a puny Gu household to me!”

“I have always wondered about your identity. Just who are you?”

The fatty was truly too mysterious. Ye Zichen could tell from the fatty’s endless abilities that the fatty was definitely no normal person.

Of course, someone with two souls is naturally not a normal person.

But what is his real identity? Why is he protecting me? Could he be someone from the Immortal Region of the Three Realms?

“Hehehe, I, Lord Fatty, am not going to tell you,” Fatty Yin smiled. “Try it, you should be able to use celestial spiritual energy now.”

Fiery Eyes of Truth, activate! Ye Zichen called out silently in his heart. Then, his eyes flared up with a faint golden light…

I really can use it!

All of a sudden, he quickly ran to the entrance of the room.

“Who is it!?”

The door was pushed open, revealing a boy with black-framed glasses sitting in a wheelchair.

The boy’s timid face carried traces of terror as if he was shocked. He gripped the handle of the wheelchair tightly, then nodded towards Ye Zichen and Fatty Yin, who were in the room, “Hello.”

“Hello? Brat, stop pretending in front of me! It was great fun trying to listen in on us from the outside just now, right?” Ye Zichen smiled faintly. “What? Did you come to gather enemy information?”

Fatty Yin also smiled.

His vigilance is pretty good.

However, the boy immediately put on a confused expression, “What are you saying? Listen in?”

“Keep pretending!” Ye Zichen smiled playfully.

“I think that you must have misunderstood,” the boy said with a warm smile. “Let me introduce myself. I am the youngest young master in the Gu family, Gu Li. I was just wandering around and passed by… As for gathering information, just look at me. I have no intention of fighting for the position of the junior family head at all. You should be an important person that one of my older brothers invited over, right?”

“Keep pretending!” Ye Zichen smiled. He walked up to the boy with his eyes squinted, then kicked the boy’s wheelchair. “Your legs are clearly fine. Why are you sitting in a wheelchair?”

“What are you doing?” Gu Li immediately fell onto the ground against Ye Zichen’s expectations. Gu Li’s face was covered in franticness, while his legs did not move at all, as if they were unable to feel anything.

The sound that Ye Zichen produced attracted plenty of people, including Gu Tian…

“Big Brother Ye, what… Little brother!” Gu Tian quickly rushed in front of Gu Li, righted the wheelchair on the ground, then carried Gu Li onto the wheelchair. “Why aren’t you more careful?”

“Tian-ge? Are these two your friends? This big brother said that I was listening in to their conversation just now, and I told them I didn’t. He then kicked me over and said that my legs were fine… Ha, I hope that my legs are completely fine too, then, I would be able to…” a self-mocking wry smile covered Gu Li’s face. Then, he said guiltily. “Should I not have come here? I’ve caused Tian-ge’s friends to misunderstand…”

“You did no wrong,” Gu Tian rubbed Gu Li’s head, then shouted with a frown. “Big Brother Ye!”

“What?” Ye Zichen looked up.

“I want to ask you what is it. Why are you suspecting everything after arriving at the Gu household?” Gu Tian’s eyebrows knitted tightly together. “He is my little brother. His legs were heavily injured when he was young. Also, he isn’t involved in the election for the junior family head this time at all. Why did you… Just what!?”

Shock surprised on Ye Zichen’s face. He was absolutely certain that the legs of the kid in front of him had no issue at all.

And just moments earlier, the brat was indeed listening in to their conversation in front of his door. Both of these were undeniable facts.

“You don’t believe me?” Ye Zichen smiled faintly. “I don’t care who this brat is. He was clearly trying to listen in in front of my door! Otherwise, why would he come here… Gu Tian, don’t forget what I told you. You are trying to get elected to become the junior family head this time, so don’t be too naïve, okay?”

“Is it me that’s too naïve, or is Big Brother Ye thinking too complicatedly!?” Gu Tian shouted with a frown.

“Tian-ge, don’t get angry with this big brother. He is someone you invited to help you compete for the position of the junior family head. We must treat him with respect. Indeed, it is my bad for running over here during these sensitive times. But… Actually, I just wanted to come play with you, I…” Gu Li maintained his apologetic expression, but his words subtly revealed how troubled he felt.

Ye Zichen’s cold smile became all the more obvious in response, “You said that you were wandering around earlier, and now it’s coming to play with Gu Tian?”

“Big Brother Ye!” Gu Tian frowned.

“Hehe…” A faint smile surfaced on Ye Zichen’s lips. He rolled his neck and walked in front of Gu Tian, then placed a hand on Gu Li’s shoulder, and turned to Gu Tian. “I’m not sure if you know, but my medical skills are top notch. Just a while back, I cured a patient who was born paralyzed… Birth paralysis should be much more severe than the situation of your little brother’s legs, right? How about I help him take a look? I might actually be able to cure his legs.”

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