Chapter 338 That Bastard Wind Catching Ear

Chapter 338 – That Bastard Wind Catching Ear

Ye Zichen’s hands shuddered.

A red packet’s a red packet, but just what the hell is an ear? I’ve been in the Heavenly Court’s group for quite some time, but the stuff I’ve gotten were always pills and sigils that I can use. Just what the hell is someone else’s ear supposed to do?

Could it be that he was willing to give up his ear just because his son got first place?

That’s truly an amazing fatherly love!

Ye Zichen didn’t dare to open the Treasure Chest to take a look. He was truly worried that he would have nightmares if he saw a bloody ear.

Ye Zichen subconsciously looked down at the messages in the chat…

Immortality Peach Fairy: I give full marks for this spreading of wealth.

Third Prince Nezha: What the heck is this supposed to be!

God of Thunder: Seriously.

Mother of Lightning: I know right!?

Barefoot Immortal: This was supposed to be spreading wealth? Can you stop making fun of us? My heart is weak, so don’t scare me!

Ye Zichen was rather stunned when he saw the messages in the chat. Those guys, including the heavenly soldiers, all seemed to be retorting about Wind Catching Ear’s red packet…

“Is there something strange about the red packet?”

Ye Zichen scratched his head and clicked on the red packet to see what everyone else got…

Immortality Peach Fairy received Wind Catching Ear x1.

Third Prince Nezha received Wind Catching Ear x1.

Heavenly Soldier A received Wind Catching Ear x1.

Every single red packet of the one hundred that was sent out contained Wind Catching Ear x1.


Ye Zichen was also utterly speechless.

What’s going on? Was the ear separated into a hundred pieces? Doesn’t that mean that everyone got a fragment of the Wind Catching Ear?

Wind Catching Ear: It’s just a small token of my goodwill. If my kid is first place again during the midterms, I’ll send everyone a huge one.

Immortality Peach Fairy: Great deities are even more outrageous than little fairies like us when they get shameless.

Third Prince Nezha: You actually…

God of Thunder: Hehe…

Mother of Lightning: Hehe!

Barefoot Immortal: Do you believe that I seriously want to punch you?


He already split his ear, and that doesn’t even count as a huge red packet? Ye Zichen frowned. Wait, could it not be an ear? But what’s going on with these deities? Why are they so worked up!?

Fine, let’s find out!

Ye Zichen grit his teeth and clicked on the Treasure Chest.

When he saw the true face of the Wind Catching Ear in the Treasure Chest, Ye Zichen felt like he was truly too naïve. I knew it, how could a deity send a ear…

What laid inside the Treasure Chest was a copy of the “Wind Catching Ear” secret scripture by hand, and it was very likely that the deities in the group also received the same.

But if that’s the case, the deities in the group shouldn’t have such a huge reaction.

No matter what, Wind Catching Ear is a pretty good secret scripture. Being able to listen to the conversation of people from miles away is very useful.


Withdrawing this secret scripture requires a payment of 200000 cultivation experience. Would you like to proceed?


“Does your kid know that you’re this f*cking shameless?

Ye Zichen could not tolerate it anymore. Did this guy come to spread wealth or gather wealth? He actually sent a secret scripture that requires cultivation experience to withdraw.

I don’t blame Barefoot Immortal for what he said, even I want to punch Wind Catching Ear now.

What does he think this is? Does he think it’s an invitation for a graduation feast, and that everyone needs to bring along a present?

The moment Ye Zichen spoke up, everyone in the group exploded. After a small commotion, the entire group decided to condemn Wind Catching Ear for his shamelessness.

Wind Catching Ear: Why is everyone having such a huge reaction? It only costs two hundred thousand cultivation experience to withdraw, is that a lot for you guys?

Immortality Peach Fairy: What do you think? How could little deities like us have so much cultivation experience. Even Sky Sovereign Nameless said you were shameless… Tsk, seriously, so despicable.

Barefoot Immortal: @Wind Catching Ear. Don’t blame us! The main issue is that your secret scripture isn’t of much use to us deities.

Wind Catching Ear: But those were all complete handwritten copies…

Ye Zichen, who was about to join in on the condemnation, suddenly stopped himself. Complete handwritten copies…

If that’s the case, then it really does seem like it is a huge gift.

Perhaps it isn’t much use to the deities in the Heavenly Court, but it had plenty of uses for Ye Zichen.


Withdrawing this secret scripture requires a payment of 200000 cultivation experience. Would you like to proceed?



You have studied the Wind Catching Ear handwritten secret scripture.

All of a sudden, Ye Zichen felt like his ears became a lot more sensitive, but at the same time…


Ye Zichen covered his ears with force. At that moment, his ears were filled with all sorts of screams. Everything resounded out in his ears, from the car horns from the outside to the rowdy children!

At the same time, Wind Catching Ear, who was being condemned by the group members, suddenly posted a screenshot.

“Look, even Sky Sovereign supported me. This means that my treasure was definitely worth it!”

The moment he sent the message, everyone in the group couldn’t help but twitch their mouths and mock him, saying that the screenshot was fake.

“Wind Catching Ear!”

Ye Zichen resisted the pain from his ears, and directly sent Wind Catching Ear a friend request.

Wind Catching Ear, who was arguing with the deities in the group, blanked out for a moment after seeing this friend request. What is a high level person like Sky Sovereign sending me a friend request for? Could it be that he wants the cultivation experience back?

If that’s the case…

It’s so hard to earn cultivation experience in this world now. Even if it’s this Sky Sovereign that’s asking for it, I still don’t want to return it.


If I don’t accept it, then I don’t need to stay in the Heavenly Court any longer. Although I’m a great deity, I’m basically just a guard at the South Heaven’s Gate. No matter how amazing I am, I won’t be more amazing than Sky Sovereign Nameless, who lives in the same area as Taibai Jinxing.


He clenched his teeth and accept the friend request. However, he didn’t send any message when he accepted…

If Sky Sovereign doesn’t say anything, then neither will he!

“Brat, stop blabbering in the group. Hurry up and tell me how can I stop the Wind Catching Ear from hearing all the noises from the outside!”

Ye Zichen was truly in suffering due to his ears. The only reason he could send Wind Catching Ear a message was due to his strong will.

“Sky Sovereign doesn’t know how to use it?”

Wind Catching Ear was a bit shocked. His technique was actually of a rather low level out of the various cultivation scriptures. Sky Sovereign should have read stuff like the techniques of a Saint, why does he need to ask me about this sort of basic technique?

“I don’t. Hurry up and say it!”

The noises in Ye Zichen’s ear gradually became louder and louder, and he felt that his eardrums were starting to slowly bleed…

At that moment, Ye Zichen was on the verge of breaking down.

“Just block off the place in your ears using celestial spiritual energy. Just use celestial spiritual energy to open up the way when you want to use it again.”

Actually, the method of usage was similar to the usage of the Fiery Eyes of Truth, but…

“Celestial spiritual energy!” Ye Zichen clenched his teeth and let go of his phone in abandonment. In his current state, he was unable to use any celestial spiritual energy at all.

Doesn’t that mean my Wind Catching Ear wouldn’t be able to be closed? I can only…


A huge noise suddenly rang out in Ye Zichen’s ear. It was as if a traffic accident had occurred at a nearby location, causing a huge burden on Ye Zichen’s listening.


At that moment, the door to his room was pushed open.

The one who walked in was Fatty Yin, who had two souls in his body. However, he did not have a smiling face, and instead walked over to Ye Zichen with a faint smirk.

“Brat, you’re in trouble, aren’t you?”

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