Chapter 337 Wind Catching Ear

Chapter 337 – Wind Catching Ear

Elder Hua’s old face instantly stiffened.

Then, not long later, he smiled a playful smile, “Are you trying to say that I won’t full-heartedly support Young Master Lil’ Tian? This old man has been with Young Master Lil’ Tian for some ten-odd years!”

“So what? Haven’t you seen those undercover flicks? Didn’t those people go undercover for ten-odd years just for the single most important moment?” Ye Zichen snickered, then ignored the old man. Then, he turned to Gu Tian. “Find a room for me, I’m a bit tired.”

“Okay!” Gu Tian nodded and led Ye Zichen away. While they were leaving, he nodded towards Elder Hua to signal Elder Hua not to mind so much.

When they reached the room, Ye Zichen sat down on the sofa, and took out a cigarette from his pocket and lit it before chucking the box on the table.

Gu Tian picked the box up, and also took one out, which he lit and put in his mouth.

After inhaling once, he spoke up, “Big Brother Ye, Elder Hua is definitely a trustworthy person. You just got here, so there’s no need for you to suspect everyone and everything, right?”

“Are you complaining about what I said to that old man?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

“No!” Gu Tian shook his head. “I know Big Brother Ye is doing that for my good, but I cannot imagine Elder Hua being someone that others sent to my side. If that’s actually true, then that person is too crafty.”

“That geezer’s occipital bone protrudes out, he’s obviously a dishonest person,” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes and scanned the room. “If you have time, then get someone to check this room out. It might actually be bugged.”

At the same time, in a certain room somewhere else in the courtyard house…

A young man wearing headphones was stunned. He looked up in surprise, took off his headphones, and shouted towards a dark corner of the room, “Do you have time to remove all the bugs in Gu Tian’s place?”

“What is it?” the response from the dark corner contained a hint of confusion.

“The person he brought over this time is very smart. He already noticed that we bugged his room. In order to not raise the suspicions of that retard, Gu Tian, it’s better to remove all the equipment quickly so that we don’t get found out!”

“Alright, no problem!”

“There actually isn’t really any reason to pay attention to Gu Tian,” the young man twitched his mouth with a smile. “In terms of strength, he’s the weakest out of we brothers. In terms of ghost-capturing abilities, he’s also the worst… Oh yeah, how are the things I asked you to do going?”

“It’s already being done. The tribesmen of three of the hidden families have already been killed by us. We have their souls right now…”

“Very good. Make sure that the blame is shifted onto my brothers. Understood?”


“Mm, then hurry up and leave. If other people notice, then this game will lose its meaning,” the young man smiled faintly, then stretched lazily before walking over to and sitting down in a wheelchair. “My time of being crowned king will be in just a few days!”

Following Gu Tian’s departure after a chatting a bit more with Ye Zichen, Ye Zichen stretched lazily, then laid down in the room.

Although his body had been turning for the better, it still did not allow him to walk around for extended periods of time.

Ye Zichen laid weakly on the bed, exchanged a Spring-Returning Pill from the Treasure Shop, then glanced at his Moments.

What caught his eye was something that Su Yan posted.

“The reason to continue…”

Underneath those words as a picture of an anime guy and girl. The guy had his back to the girl, but the girl held the corner of the man’s clothes tightly…

Ye Zichen didn’t quite understand the meaning of it, but he still liked it.

After Ye Zichen finished checking out all of the new Moments, he returned to the chats, and noticed that the Heavenly Court’s group chat was unusually busy.

Heavenly Soldier A: My damn kid was extremely disappointing. He was actually the tenth worst in the entire class!

Heavenly Soldier B: Yeah, my kid is worrying as well.

Barefoot Immortal: Haha, you guys should be like me. Turn over to Buddhism, and stop being troubled over all those common matters.

Immortality Peach Fairy: Is the Barefoot Immortal going to start preaching in the group again? How much of a salary is Great Deity Shakyamuni giving you this time?

Third Prince Nezha: This baby isn’t going to get married. If I get married, then it’ll be with Immortality Peach-jiejie. @Immortality Peach Fairy.

Immortality Peach Fairy: I’m shy.

God of Thunder: Zeze, from the looks of it, are you guys going to publicly announce your relationship?

Mother of Lightning: Lighting firecrackers to congratulate you in advance. When you have the marriage feast, be sure to invite us over.

Third Prince Nezha: Wait for me to grow up. Immortality Peach-jiejie, can you wait for me?

Immortality Peach Fairy: Probably not. If there is any good person, then jiejie is going to get married!

Third Prince Nezha: Then I have to grow up quickly!

Immortality Peach Fairy: Then hurry up and grow up.

What the hell?

The Third Prince is actually interested in the fairy of the Immortality Peach garden? Weren’t they talking about how their kids are doing academically? Why did they go off topic?

Wind Catching Ears: Hahahaha!

Immortality Peach Fairy: Great deity, why are you so happy?

God of Thunder: I heard his son got number one in the test, he probably came to show off! Seriously, my disappointing son actually got the last place!

Mother of Lightning: It’s all your fault. If it wasn’t for you taking him to the female bathhouse all the time, then the kid wouldn’t have no time to study!

God of Thunder: Why is it my fault?

Mother of Lightning: It’s all your fault! It’s all your fault!

Wind Catching Ear: Everyone, stop being so rowdy.

Third Prince Nezha: Uncle Wind Catching Ear, what did you come to the chat for? Don’t you need to patrol at the South Heaven’s Gate?

Wind Catching Ear: I got All-Seeing Eye to help me watch over the place.

All-Seeing Eye: …

Barefoot Immortal: Then what did you come to the group for? To show off?

Wind Catching Ear: Don’t say that. As the father, I naturally am happy about my kid doing great on the test. That’s why I came to the group to spread some wealth.

Immortality Peach Fairy: Spread the wealth, spread the wealth!

God of Thunder: I’m so jealous. If my son can get first place, then I will spread some wealth too!

Mother of Lightning: You actually still have some private money?

God of Thunder: …

Wind Catching Ear: Everybody, calm down for a moment. Can you let me send the red packets in peace?

Immortality Peach Fairy: Then send it. Nobody’s stopping you!

Barefoot Immortal: Yeah. Just send it!

Wind Catching Ear: Seriously, you guys… Fine, the red packet rain is coming. Catch.

It was not Ye Zichen’s first time snatching red packets in the Heavenly Court’s group, so he had gotten ready to snatch up a red packet the moment Wind Catching Ear said that he would spread his wealth.


Congratulations to my son for getting first place in the test!

Seriously, Wind Catching Ear’s red packet… He actually had to advertise how his son got first place in the test using the name of the red packet as if he was worried that others wouldn’t know.

But Ye Zichen did not have any spare effort to care about all that…


You received Wind Catching Ear’s red packet.

Wind Catching Ear x1.

Look, I’m amazing at snatching red packets. I directly snatched one up, and am even quicker than those guys with the support apps.

But I seemed to have gotten a Wind Catching Ear… Please no. Could I have snatched Wind Catching Ear’s ear?

F*ck this, stop messing around.

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