Chapter 336 Is False Earth Immortal Level Amazing?

Chapter 336 – Is False Earth Immortal Level Amazing?

The Gu household was rather different from what he expected. He thought that the hidden Gu family home would be some rural place in the middle of nowhere. Yet, the reality was contrary to his expectations. The Gu family was like all other mundane families, and the household was situated right in the middle of a crowded city.

Outside of a huge Chinese courtyard house, several buff men looked around vigilantly.

Gu Tian stopped the car in front of the gate. When the hulks saw him, they all nodded slightly, then set their gazes on Ye Zichen.

“This is an important guest that I invited!” Gu Tian said towards the hulks.

One of them slightly frowned, “Little Young Master, you should clearly know what time it is for the Gu family right now. Just bringing an outsider to our home like that isn’t actually good, right?”

“I never heard that the campaign for the junior family head does not allow us to acquire external aid. Didn’t my brothers do that?” Gu Tian squinted his eyes and scanned the hulks. “What? Could it be that you want to cause trouble for me?”

“We naturally do not dare,” the hulk shook his head, then looked at the sickly Ye Zichen. “However, the other young masters have all found capable people, yet you…”

“It seems like I’m being mocked?” Ye Zichen spoke plainly, then curled his lips and shrugged. “Them finding capable people is their matter. Gu Tian asking a frail person like me is Gu Tian’s choice. If you guys are worried that outsiders will cause a threat to the Gu family, then you should watch over the people that Gu Tian’s brothers brought. If you guys are worried about the person that Gu Tian brings not being of help to him, then you guys should let me in without even asking!”

“This…” the hulk hesitated.

Gu Tian also raised his eyebrows, “Cut the bullshit. Let us in!”

“Let them in!” the hulk waved his hand, and stepped back from his position in front of the gate.

Seeing that, Gu Tian and Ye Zichen got in the car, and slowly drove into the courtyard.

As they drove, Ye Zichen noticed that the moment their car entered the courtyard, the hulk in front of the gate took out his phone as if he planned to communicate with someone.

“Is that guard in someone’s faction as well?”

“Probably, I’m not so clear about it,” Gu Tian smiled, then shrugged. “This Gu household seems to have been pretty much split up by my brothers already. Nobody is really certain about who is actually in whose faction!”

“What a complicated family!” Ye Zichen twitched his mouth.

“Yeah,” Gu Tian shrugged.

After they parked the car in one of the various courtyards, two elders walked out of a room towards them the moment they got out of the car. One of them was the Elder Hua that Ye Zichen had seen in Bingcheng, while the other two…

As Ye Zichen looked at their slightly sullen and unsmiling faces, he could not gather up any good feelings towards them.

“Young Master Gu, do you know how tense everything has been recently? You actually went out,” the old man who dressed like an old daoist in green clothes frowned, then set his gaze on the sickly Ye Zichen. “And who is this?”

“He is someone I brought to help,” Gu Tian said with a smile.

That old daoist squinted his eyes, then spoke with slight disdain, “Him… help?”

“Mhmm!” Gu Tian nodded seriously.

“Young Master Gu, although it isn’t very possible for you to win the election for the junior family head, there is no need for you to abandon yourself like this,” the white-clothed elder on the side raised his eyebrows. “We old men are all trying our best to help you find a way out. Even if we don’t succeed, at least you will be able to stay well. But you… Just who is he…”

“Elder Li, you better be more respectful,” Gu Tian’s expression suddenly grew dark. “Apologize to Brother Ye, otherwise, you can leave here. I won’t welcome you here anymore!”

“What did you say?” the white-clothed elder frowned, then looked at Gu Tian’s determined eyes in shock, before laughing. “You’re telling me to apologize to this invalid? Just who is he… You actually asked this old man to apologize. Do you know how strong this old man is? I’m a mid-stage False Earth Immortal! Although I’m not at the peak of the Gu family’s power level, I do have the position of an elder. Just who is this brat? He’s so sickly like he’s about to die. You actually told this old man to apologize to him!?”

“Hehe…” Ye Zichen suddenly pursed his lips and laughed. He glanced at the old man. “False Earth Immortal… is that really that amazing?”

A faint pressure begun to emit from his body. Although he was unable to gather any celestial spiritual energy, at the very least, he could still emit the pressure of his power level.

The old man’s face instantly turned green when he felt the pressure building around Ye Zichen…

“You’re merely a False Earth Immortal at such an old age, and you’re still so cocky? If I was your age and didn’t reach the level of a Sky Immortal, then I would just go and f*cking commit suicide!”


Elder Li pursed his lips silently. He clenched his teeth, look at Gu Tian and Ye Zichen with a cold snort, “A mere False Earth Immortal level cultivator. No matter how amazing his talent is, it does not belong to you, Gu Tian. Even if it comes, he cannot turn the tables for you. Fine, since the little young master doesn’t need this old man, then this old man will leave!”

Then, he turned around and walked out.

The squared-faced elder in green clothes frowned slightly, “Old Li!”

“No need to talk me out of it. There is no need to stay here. I’ll be far less stressed if I don’t get involved in the competition for the junior family head,” the old man squinted his eyes sullenly, then glanced at Gu Tian. “Little Young Master, sooner or later, you will come crying to beg this old man to return!”

“Take care!”

Contrary to his expectations, Gu Tian did not give him face at all.

Elder Li’s expression stiffened, then left in anger.

Both Elder Hua and the green-clothed elder let out long sighed, then the latter spoke up, “Little Young Master, our being strict with you is a good thing. Old Li did it for your…”

“You want to say that it was for my own good?” Gu Tian squinted his eyes. “Did you guys know that he’s someone my eldest brother sent?”

Gu Tian smiled faintly, then looked at the green-clothed elder’s stiffening face, “I’m still not sure who exactly sent Elder Li, but you should speak the truth quickly. If I really do find out…. I don’t have a particularly good temper.”

“Don’t speak outrageously, Little Young Master, how could this old man do that sort of thing!’ the green-clothed elder said frantically.

“That’s for the best,” Gu Tian smiled.

At this moment, Elder Hua also walked over to Ye Zichen’s side with squinted eyes, “Little brother, I hope you can full-heartedly support Young Master Gu.”

“I will return the exact sentence to you,” Ye Zichen smiled faintly at the elder who has been with Gu Tian for ten years. “You had better full-heartedly support Gu Tian. If you do anything strange, let me remind you that my temper is even worse than Gu Tian’s!”

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